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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to deal with mold and mildew on the walls of the apartment , removing means


  • 1 How to get rid of mold and mildew on the walls - the causes of
  • 2 start to deal with mold in the apartment
  • 3 effective means of removing the mold on the walls:
How to get rid of mold and mildew on the walls Apartments photo

fight against mold and mildew on the walls in the apartment.Effective removal means.

On plaster and wallpaper appeared black spots on the walls carries both the school doormat and look to the other side just disgusting.Well - it's time to declare war;tuck your sleeves and move furniture.Fighting fungus and mold in the apartment is not momentary and rarely occurs without violating the usual order of things.

How to get rid of mold and mildew on the walls - the causes of

first step is to determine the possible causes of the fungus.For knowing the source of the problem, then you can prevent the occurrence of mold.The first probable cause of the fungus - is excessive moisture.This is especially important during the cold period of time when the windows going to the condensate.The moisture accumulating on the windo

w sill, fill cracks and joints, and steaming - get on the slopes and walls of the edge.In addition, the emergence of the fungus may contribute to uneven heating, poor ventilation, and even an excessive amount of house plants or aquarium.Thus, it is necessary first of all to provide a set of measures to eliminate the above drawbacks, and only then deal with mold and mildew on the walls and ceilings of the apartment or house.And the first thing to do - to ensure unhindered circulation of air in places where there was mold: First move the furniture away from the walls and regularly aired.It is advisable to open the windows several times a day for five minutes.This is especially important after hand washing or prolonged cooking.In the winter-autumn period is necessary to ensure that the heat from the radiators to the windows freely received.Perhaps it will have to make a small grille in the window sill.If the mold appeared in the kitchen or bathroom, you should first check the functioning of extracts of house and do not leave for a long time the closed bathroom door.As for the electric hood, then if there is a drawing, it is strongly recommended to provide additional ventilation.

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start to deal with mold in the apartment

Mildew photo Fighting fungus on the walls is complicated, difficult and not always ending unconditional surrender.However, not all that bad.Only need to carefully find out the possible causes of fungal mold and outline the further plan of action.First we need to determine the size of the "kill zone."If it is a small area of ​​the wall or the window of the slope, it is possible to restrict treatment with hydrogen peroxide or a bite.As a low-cost method of struggle can be applied to all known "White" or "Domestos".This is the most simple folk funds from the mold on the walls .In addition, the popular water-soluble compounds and preservatives, with white spirit or turpentine as a diluent.Sometimes produce removal of mold from the walls using creosote and copper sulfate solution, but in recent years these methods are considered to be ineffective.If all else fails, and the fungus appeared again, so we need more decisive action.Here it is a simple treatment can not do.

effective means of removing the mold on the walls:

One means of removing the mold on the walls Photo first step is to carry out drying of the walls of the affected area.With a large lesion focus, you may need to dry the wall.To do this, remove the wallpaper.Then with a stiff brush, or brush to clean metal, remove the mold in all the places where she appeared.Stripping should be carefully, so you do not repeat the whole process again.If gypsum shtukaturkamestami loosen or fall off - there will have to clear the wall to the ground, walking up to the entire affected area.Only you can start drying of the wall after a thorough cleaning process.To do this, it will fit any blowtorch (to remember about fire safety) or hair dryer building.Then you can begin to process antiseptic walls or other special compound that kills fungi and bacteria, the benefit of their choice is now very wide.If the walls are cleaned from stucco completely, it is possible to carry out a wider range of works to eliminate the fungus.First, you need to put on the wall for removing mold.Then primed with a primer of deep penetration with antiseptic properties.Then prepare a waterproofing composition (prepared from the waterproofing mixture) and the roller or brush, apply it to the wall, providing thus protected from moisture.Then, you must primed the wall again, using a primer of deep penetration, and only then start plastering.As can be seen from the above, anti-fungal mold - this, in essence, a set of works and activities, the implementation of which allows quite successfully cope with this trouble.

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