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August 12, 2017 18:08

Infrared film warm floor

Infrared film floor heating device photo Warm film floor consists of heating elements with a copper core, which both sides laminated film.

In the cold period of time the main task of all the owners of private houses, apartments and offices, to provide comfort indoors means of temperature control.No one would argue that achieving the best conditions it is possible thanks to the central heating or the use of portable heaters.However, as practice shows, even the use of additional devices can offer comfort and warmth, especially in large rooms.Attention is drawn to the fact that heated air radiators necessarily rises to the ceiling and the floor at this time remains cool.Everyone knows that if the feet are cold, the discomfort is felt throughout the body.This problem is easy solution: The device of warm floors, which appeared on the market is considered to be the most efficient heating "device" any premises, because the coverage area of ​​the film is not equal sex.

modern floor heating is electric and water.

Mounting water underfloor heating

means laying pipes with the coolant in the form which appears in a design the floor water.By heating the coolant warmed air rises, thus heating the room.

Warm electric cable floor works on a different principle.Electricity is converted into heat, the apparatus is provided by thermostats, making it possible to set the required temperature underfloor heating.

Among existing types of heating, warm film floor stands a new constructive solution, devoid of drawbacks of water and electrical systems.When installing it using a surprisingly thin polymer film that maintains the level of the surface.

Infrared film warm floor photo Warm film floor has distinct advantages, among them, is dominated by the ease of installation.Just imagine how much manpower, material resources and time required for the laying of pipes, which are equipped with a pump for circulating the heat or cable systems that require practically a new cement screed!You also can not forget about waterproofing, especially if the installation is carried out under the wooden beams as well as the most sophisticated technology is used.

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water heating system requires coordination of different instances, since its use requires continuous provision of water.Warm film floor mounts without making major repairs, with no extra hassles and approvals.Furthermore, users can save a good idea, to lay only eighty percent of the total surface area, but the heating quality will not suffer.

Water and electric underfloor heating at the time of operation imposes certain restrictions that apply to the premises.Simultaneously, the layer systems are the most versatile and compatible with various types of flooring - granite, linoleum, laminate, parquet.It has a maximum temperature thermo-heated to 45 C, for a voltage of 150 W, because its use does not lead to deformation of wooden and laminate flooring.Calculate power floor heating for space calculator online, you can click on the link.

film Warm floors have excellent flexibility, the system can be installed even in areas that have a non-standard layout of a complex internal architecture - this is an important fact of the universality of the imaging film.The structural features of the system helps heat the both horizontal and vertical types of surfaces, including some elements of the interior: mirrors, stairs, walls, ceiling, place a pet.Film

floor resistant to mechanical damage due to the different properties - in case of failure of some sections need to be replaced, but the breaking element can stop the entire system.

Consumers appreciate and power consumption of the floor.To some extent, it seems to be more economical to buy a water system, however, should take into account all the factors, which also include a lot of installation costs.Huge floor heating costs are not solely demand when used in small rooms - hotel lobbies and conference rooms impractical to heat by means of such a system.And in the case with film floors, just enough to choose the best settings thermostat supplied, which will lead to a significant reduction in energy consumption.Underfloor heating systems, by the way, is based on the principle of warm objects in the room, by far infrared rays, and has a surface and interior elements heat the air in the room.

Leave your comments about this kind of heating, it will install itself or do you have a happy owner of this new product.