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August 12, 2017 18:08

Wiring of electrical boards

Connecting electric stove with his hands photo Today we look at the cooker outlet, as well as being the correct connection of the electrical boards with their own hands.

Appliances and especially stoves consume significant amounts of electricity, which requires mandatory grounding body.Components of domestic plate in the sale of most of the connectors is RSH-HS - a pair of electrical sockets and plugs.This type of connector has been created in the Soviet times.By way of installing sockets it relates to products exposed wiring, but in our time it was modified, and flush.

Electrical outlet for electrical cooker photos

Elekrorozetki for electric kitchen stoves

constructive solution pairs eliminates the possibility of incorrect wiring during use.The maximum declared operating current - 32 amps (average power of 7 kW).However, the total power of the heating device of modern electric stoves is an average of 8-10 kW and above, which is unacceptable for this connector.Simultaneous inclusion of all devices will fatal outcome connector.Today, the production of RSH-HS Ukraine, price and produ

ct quality is not high.

pretty good pair of plug-socket in Belarus.They have a modern design and are more suitable for the import of electric cookers, in which a set of cords and plugs are not included.

Belarusian connectors photos

Belarusian connectors

Belarusian connectors can withstand large amounts of electrical power than 32A, easy-to-use and installation.Installed in two versions, both hidden and open for wiring.For the price a little more expensive than Ukrainian, but much cheaper than in Europe.

Jack French sample photo

Jack French model

for electric sockets are installed the same way as ordinary power outlet.When installing flush hollow recess in the wall, which is set with a special solution to the gypsum-based box-podrozetnik any form.Towards podrazetniku wall Hollow Stroebe, and it laid the leads connecting them to the terminals of the socket.It is important to attach the ground wire to the terminal is strictly labeled.Grounding sign

then socket mechanism is fixed with special screws to Enclosures in shutdown puts the lid.Installation with open wiring is accompanied by a fastening mechanism outlet directly to the bearing surface of the walls without any additional Escutcheon.Be sure to connect the ground wire.

The apartments are newly built ground wire is visible immediately, its isolation green (yellow-green).In older homes all wires plain and usually white.To find the correct wire, first in an apartment completely cut off electricity.Then take an ohmmeter and one of his probe cling for radiator or water pipe, and the second in turn relate to all the power supply wires.If the grounding wire, the ohmmeter show little resistance, not more than a few tens of ohms, the resistance would be infinitely strong in the rest of the wires.Thus, the ground wire is marked detected marker or electrical tape for further simplicity in contrast.To connect the remaining wires is not important.See the article about the old and new ways of connecting electrical wires, it will be useful for everyone.Now consider how looks wiring diagram of electric stoves in the photo and a description of the examples.

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How to connect the electric stove correctly

to connect the electric stove will need:

  1. connectors.If you have a socket, you need only the corresponding plug.
  2. Hank wires PVA 3 * 4 mm2.Flexible, three-core, length of 1.5-2 m.

The rear panel underneath the plastic cover electric stove is the connector, which has several copper jumpers.Opening the lid, you can see the picture next to it, usually depicting the 3 options:

  1. three-phase mains - L1, L2, L3.N.PE.
  2. two-phase mains - L1, L2.N1, N2.PE.
  3. single phase mains - L1.N.PE.

suitable option - the third, on it we will be able to connect electric stove correctly.The jumpers are set according to the figure.Then the wire on both sides of the PVA is removed the upper shell 75 mm and the insulation from the ends of the veins of 30 mm, buried their ring.Conductor with insulation green fastened to the ground connector PE, left turn to the terminals L1 and N (phase and zero).It is preferable to attach the wires to the phase conductors insulated with brown or white, and blue to zero, but it is not critical.

Stripping and wiring photo

stripping and wiring the electrical plate.

After joins the electrical plug.The wire with green insulation is attached to the earth terminal, the rest - to the phase and zero.

Connecting socket plug electric cookers and terminal Photo

Wiring plug sockets and electric cookers terminal.

multimeter checked connection is correct: the resistance between the earthing contact plug and the metal furnace casing shown zero.The obvious is the coincidence of the grounding contacts plugs and sockets.If everything as it should be, the terminals close the lid.See how to install the correct outlet.

is recommended to remove from the wall outlet voltage before you insert the plug into it, turning off the machine in an electrical panel.By doing this, check the touch display screwdriver metal surface no phase plate body.If the procedure is carried out further checks in all operating modes.

Kitchen electric stove in somewhat stationary device, as the years have not shifted from one and the same place.And in fact, there is an option to connect it without outlet.He is represented in the figure below.Electric stove is connected via a ceramic terminal block or karbolitovy, located in the junction box.

Connections email .plate through karbolitovy or ceramic terminal block photo

Wiring electrical plates through karbolitovy or ceramic terminal block.

If there is a three-phase power line to connect the electric stove is best for her.This is necessary especially at high loads on the slab, such as in small cozy restaurants total capacity of devices is much higher than 10 kW, single-phase socket can not afford long endure.The three-phase connector RSH-HS is designed for a maximum current of 25A, and allows you to power the device up to 15 kW.And it will be enough copper cable with 2.5 mm2.To calculate the required wire size, use our free online calculator.

Connecting the electric stove to a three-phase power line photo

Wiring cookers to three-phase power line.