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August 12, 2017 18:08

electricity wiring in the attic at home

electricity wiring attic photo home wiring yourself.We carry out electrical wiring in the attic

wiring in the attic of the house is usually done for the supply of electricity from overhead power lines to your home visor.Not recommended for installation of a power line in the attic, where there are flammable materials, as well as made of such as attics have a higher degree of fire risk, are often exposed to strong temperature fluctuations.

When equipped attic may use two types of wiring - open and closed.Open electric wiring is routed through the steel tube.The structure consists of open wiring cables with non-combustible shell.This type of wiring can be stretched in any place.

exposed wiring insulation can be located at a height of not less than 2.5 m from the floor.Location fasteners - not more than 60 mm between them, between the wires - 50 mm.Rollers on the boards must be fastened to the rafters.

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Hidden electricity wiring can be made in the walls, ceilings of fireproof materials on an arbitrary h

eight.Open wiring in attics should consist of copper wires, while hidden - of aluminum wires with insulation and installed in a non-combustible materials.

When laying open wiring is necessary to eliminate dust penetration to the wires.This may cause a fire.To eliminate these effects are applied more tight junctions with the thread in junction boxes.Pipes without seals may be used in dust-free rooms.

When installing the pipes need to put them at an angle so that they do not accumulate moisture.The connection wires of different materials is carried out in junction boxes clenching or welding.Devices for tripping, the power should be set at the entrance to the attic, and not in it.Before turning on the devices in the network need to check their ground.

electricity consumption meter is installed directly in the house.It can be equipped with both automatic and manual power off.If necessary, set the switch to turn off the light.This switch serves as a protection against unforeseen situations -. A sharp increase in current, etc.

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