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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose the wall lights correctly


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How to choose wall lights Light sources play an important role in the decor of the room.So, properly chosen lighting can disrupt the integrity of style, in which a room is made.To the choice was made correctly, you must follow a few simple guidelines from the site repair of an apartment alone.

Wall Light

To begin with, it is important to correctly place the light sources.After all, ill-conceived lighting can spoil the whole "picture".And with the help of the correct lighting, even ordinary room in Khrushchev able to attain the splendor of the imperial palace.

Lighting is very important for the spiritual harmony of man.Soft light lamp and an interesting book in the hands of a lot nicer than relaxing under the "rays" ordinary chandelier.

To create the right lighting, the room must be several fixtures, covering the space from different angles.The lighting in the interior of each room should be selected from the three types of light: soft, oper

ation and illumination of specific elements.

soft light - is the basic lighting of the room.It is best suited for this purpose scattered light, which does not give a blinding shine and visually enhances the space.With this role perfectly cope floor and table lamps.

Work light must meet its purpose, must not "hit in the eye" and to create a shadow.Very easy to use lamps having a structure that allows them to adjust the height - it is better to choose such.

Proper lighting in the study not only highlights the style of the room, but also improve human performance.If the light is picked up incorrectly, and in the office have dark corners, that efficiency is reduced by 30%.In the event of a sharp contrast desktop and ceiling light, eyes facing rapid fatigue from stress.

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The third type - it's the lighting of individual interior elements (aquariums, paintings), aimed at their recovery.Such illumination can not be used in rooms with painted or polished walls.All light sources must emit different brightness of the light and are at different levels.

To illuminate the space next to the mirror, it is better to take advantage of ambient light: use the lamp shades made of plastic white or frosted glass.

To choose the right wall lights, remember:

• for striped interior or in classic style, fit chandeliers and lamps made of bronze, onyx, crystal, marble, wood or gilded metal.

• Art Nouveau style will go well with crisp geometric lamps unusual shape, color or size.

• to create an interior in a folk style, you can find a wicker lampshades and colorful lampshades, lamps, decorated with national ornaments, wooden and wrought-iron details.

• for rooms in the country style is characterized by simple metals: ceramics, wood, vine, stone.This style does not have to be present vivid colors and ornamentation.

• minimalism - is the lack of decor, natural colors, simple geometric forms, purity, austerity and lines properly.

• to place in techno style is best to choose raster fixtures and modular lighting system.This style creates underlined the constructive elements and the use of chrome-plated metal.

If a large and spacious room, you can buy a chandelier made of crystal, which will make the situation more "rich".But in this case you need to make sure that the rest of the contents of the room is also consistent with the impression of luxury and wealth.Otherwise, elegant chandelier just overshadow all the other details of the interior and make the situation miserable and ridiculous.