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August 12, 2017 18:08

Repairing electrical wiring in the apartment - the basics

Repairing electrical wiring in the apartment Question check wiring often arises in the case of acquisition of property.

How to do without an electrician and do everything yourself?

It's no secret that a person under the force of all, there was a desire and time for training.An explicit example of this - the site itself Electricians, which briefly and clearly explains how to do the wiring in a house, an apartment or a country house with their hands.In addition, the project provided useful tips for lighting the organization, as well as the installation cost of electric heating.As a result - many visitors have already learned how to service and repair the wiring from the replacement of sockets to create a ground loop on the plot.Another useful areas of the site - home appliances.After all, we are often faced with such domestic problems as the poor performance of the TV, the kettle or the washing machine.If you do not warm microwave, refrigerator freezes or bad is not clear for what reasons did not warm iron, you can pose a problem in the comments,

and then experienced specialists will give you useful advice.

Want to learn more and will not be spent for the services of an electrician?Then stay tuned site samelectrik . ru and take an active part in the comments.After a while, and you will be under the power of any work associated with the electricity!

Before starting the repair of an apartment with his hands, should think about the state of the wiring.If you are inclined to believe that her replacement is needed, start with the question of the election shall be held.As a rule, older homes use aluminum wire, with all its pros possessing brittle and prone to microcracks.For apartments and houses should give preference to copper wires.

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Immediately replace the electrical wiring in the house cost to start with determining the estimated load.Summarize the capacity of all electrical appliances and do not forget about those that you only plan to buy.Knowing the number of consumption, easier to choose the section of the wire.Wire cross-section 1 mm come to power 2kW, if copper and 1kW if aluminum.Proposed power better calculated for each room, for some of them to build a better power lines separately, given their maximum load.

For the construction of the wall cables have "Stroebe" punch or make cuts hand-held circular saw.

But before you start such a responsible "event" should not forget the basic rules :

- Replace the wiring if the repair needs to be done completely and accurately.

- Decide on the number and location of all fixtures, outlets and switches to create a competent project with estimated power consumption.

- Select the material for the work, to save, should not be here.If this cable - that VVGng3 * 2.5 * 1.5 or VVGng3 if wires- the copper if the sockets and switches - is a ceramic or other heat-resistant base and nickel-plated or chrome-plated contacts.On every single line to be your machine in an electrical panel.

- Connection wires must be done correctly, and terminal boxes must be in easily accessible places.Always provide backup box, machines, sockets.

- Working with electricity requires compliance with safety regulations and qualifications.Therefore, if you do not own neither the one nor the other, trust their security specialist.

apartment wiring changes involve compulsory drafting and approval of the project, and the implementation by qualified specialists who have permission to do so.

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