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August 12, 2017 18:08

The house smells of dampness , proper ventilation , and the issue resolved


  • 1 Natural ventilation in the room
  • 2 Forced ventilation in the room
  • 3 How to choose the device under the hood
  • 4 How to check and arrange apartment ventilation
    • 4.1 online calculator ventilation

If the apartment you have the correct ventilation in the house will never be present unpleasant musty smell, the windows will be collected condensate, and after cooking does not have to open windows for ventilation.It is therefore important to understand what a natural ventilation and forced, as well as how they can be combined.

Natural ventilation in the room

natural air flow is created in the apartment with the help of gaps in window and door frames, gaps under the door leaf, and, of course, due to the air vents.There are several ways to create natural air flow:
• old-style windows.In this case it refers to the old wooden window.In winter, it is desirable to window openings finish foam tapes, one side of which there is adhesive tape.It is not necessary to insulate the

frame by means of a tightly compacted wool over which an additional glued paper tape.Foam despite the fact that the gap closes, actually sufficiently "breathable" material, important to choose a loose structure, only if the outside air will flow into the room;
• But there is a very important point!Climatic conditions in the street (wind and temperature differences) create pressure, which will push the foam, so narrow and curved slits, causing throttling effect.It appears because the air mass in constant motion warmed themselves;
• windows.As for modern windows, their structure implies a tight fit to the frame of the flaps.Accordingly, the insulation does not need this option, but the windows can create natural ventilation.In this case, it is possible to open the door to airing, and its width can be adjusted independently at their own discretion.According to the laws of physics, the warm air always rises up, and cool down the falls.Therefore, the location of the gap at the top of windows structurally correct;
• fresh air natural inflow system is designed that the radiator will be located under the window;

• Supply valve.This device is installed in cases where an ordinary ventilation is not enough, so often it is not possible to meet in the flats, and on public institutions kitchens.
Such a valve can be straight or angled, with both models always have flaps that allow the regulation of air masses.The first option may be forced discharge flow element, such as for example a heater or have an internal structure similar to a labyrinth, that allows to artificially create throttling effect.As for the second, they have a similar operating principle with double-glazed, when they are on the ventilation.Their design has a slope toward the street, then the room will not be exposed to precipitation.

Forced ventilation in the room

This type of system is installed in cases where natural airflow does not cope with the function of ventilation apartment.This option has two ways to solve the problem - the installation of a pumping unit (fan) in vents or mounted separate section with the already built-in electric fan.
But depending on exactly where the system will be installed, you need to know about some of the operational features:

• Kitchen.Special hoods are designed for this room who have a special socket installed over the stove.The quality models are special odor neutralizers, so the flavors do not spread throughout the apartment.Typically, such devices are presented in the form of ultraviolet light.But it is worth noting that they run on electricity, which means that several bills for electricity will increase.But their service life is very long, and they are safe for human health;

Individual attention, those extracts systems that come with converters on chemicals.Some models may contain carcinogenic substances, even despite the fact that their company known European manufacturers.

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• WC.The most optimal option, and the cost, it is considered that a system that is turned on at the same time with the inclusion of light in the room.Since the modern apartments have a common duct, from which each housing is a separate outlet is best to install the valves, flappers.They are a gate which has free rotation of 75-80 degrees, and it is set on the vertical axis.It is designed to block the flow of air from the outside, which is extremely expedient in the winter season.

Since the bathroom - this is the room where most of the vapor accumulates and then formed and condensation on surfaces, the right fan is a must.While many skimp on such details, relying on natural ventilation, ie, when the door is left completely open.And here is the main mistake!A sharp temperature drop (in the bath - hot, and in the hallway - cold) leads to the fact that the finishing material premises deteriorating rapidly.Therefore it is better not to save, and immediately deliver high-quality ventilation system.

How to choose the device under the hood

Today among experts more credible uses this fan model as BH - 2. It has the optimal size, that are best suited to apartment it to the extractor, with an average consumption of electricity init is 22W, and in an hour he is able to drive around 2,5kub.m. airflows.
These designs can be found in the shops for the metal and casting, as they are able to withstand considerable loads.Although in fairness it is worth noting that moment: during operation they produce little noise.If someone is a significant drawback, it is possible to draw attention to the silent model.
If noise is an important criterion, it is necessary to pay attention to the fans, who have low speed and blade-like sword.But then you should know that if you do not take care of them and to allow dust to accumulate, they will be just as noisy as the industrial model.Also it is necessary to be prepared and to the fact that the silent analogues require for their operation a bit more power than the other fellow.
not the last role in the operation as he acts out and the material from which the product is made.From the economy class, you should choose those fans that are made from acrylic or polypropylene.If the instrument selected for bathrooms, it is important to select the material to be resistant to moisture, since it is mounted on the outside of the room.

How to check and arrange apartment ventilation

The first step is to check the serviceability of the duct, which to the opening of the paper strip tray (10cm) and check its fluctuations.Many paper set on fire, but it is not always safe, because in some cases, these mines accumulated gas, which means that there is a threat of explosion.If problems with no air supply, it is possible to proceed.
necessary to know the multiplicity of air, which is conducted supplying payment and withdrawal of air masses.To do this, you need to know square the square, how many people live in the apartment, and is taken into account, someone smokes or not.According to the standards for a man is living in the airflow 70kub.m hour.
If you have a preference for a cool atmosphere, the air exchange rate should be increased to 300 cubic meters \ h.Installing proper ventilation is confirmed by how the apartment the fresh air, the draft should not be.
important nuance is the fact that the volume of supply and exhaust air masses are equal.

This eliminates the effect of drafts.But here, you should know that each room, depending on its purpose and requires a certain balance.For example, the kitchen and the room Bathing should be lower inflow than the air outlet.It is worth remembering, and that cold air is heavier than warm always.
Therefore for quality ventilate the apartment and need to use natural ventilation and forced type of system, since only one slot and the valve are designed for natural current of air masses.And with the help of fans, will occur and the outflow of "dirty" air.And so, the house will always stay fresh and neat.

Calculator ventilation online

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