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August 12, 2017 18:08

Ventilation in the bathroom , the right choice

Ventilation in the bathroom today will address the important question of ventilation of the room.Ventilation in the bathroom requires careful consideration, especially in the frame house where the wood elements and insulating materials, though protected from moisture, but may begin to deteriorate over time.This is also true of the hardwood floor.Of course, the right choice of ventilation equipment and installation, is an essential requirement for the construction of all types of buildings, whether stone, panel, panel and others.

Selecting ventilation

Perhaps you have seen a situation where after a visit to a bath or showeron the walls accumulate a lot of moisture.Misted wall tiles, mirror.But if your tile does not have moisture resistance, then the passage of time there is a fungus, mold.All this leads to rapid repair because the fungus affects plumbing, pipes, furniture, suspended plasterboard ceilings, electrical wiring.When a cluster pair in the shower, the steam going to the bottom, and you can slip on the wet floor and


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to live in peace and not have to worry about these troubles, trapping us in our home, all you need to properly design and carry out an installation.After its devices, it is important to check the draft in ventilation ducts, for example, with the help of a candle, which brings to vent.If the candle goes out and starts to veer toward the entrance, then everything works fine, but if the flame is lit, then you should refer to specialists or to take measures to increase traction.This will help avoid the accumulation of moisture in the bathroom.

The exhaust fan for the bathroom You can also install exhaust fans.They provide an exceptional effect in the elimination of moisture.Such fans are protected from moisture in them, and is protected against short-circuit wiring.That is, they will serve you for a long time, high quality and your household appliances, furniture, pipes and electrical wiring will last you much longer without repair.The cost of a small fan - within 50-60 dollars, and the choice is huge.Much higher costs will be saved designs a house or apartment.You can also buy a fan that controls humidity bathroom.If you exceed the permissible norms wet vapor, it will automatically remove the moist air out of the room.Ventilation in the bathroom a required element, especially if the toilet is in one room with a shower.In future articles we will deal in more detail with the fan assembly and touch on the topic of design.The site of the apartment with his hands Repair wish you "good weather" in the house.