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August 12, 2017 18:08

Self Repair Bulgarian Sparky


  • 1 Design Features LBM Sparky
  • 2 repair tools bolgarok Sparky
  • 3 Mechanical faults bolgarok Sparky
    • 3.1 gear repair
    • 3.2 How to change gears in thereducer Sparky
    • 3.3 How to replace bearings in the gearbox
  • 4 Faults electrical grinders Sparky
    • 4.1 repair control circuits Bulgarian Sparky
    • 4.2 rotor repair
    • 4.3 How to replace bearingsrotor grinders Sparky
    • 4.4 stator Repair
  • 5 disassembly procedure grinders Sparky
  • 6 Choice lubrication and the procedure for its application in the reduction gear grinders Sparky
  • 7 tips and Tricks.
  • 8 Video repair grinders Sparky

But the Russian craftsman prefers Bulgarian Sparky not only because of the high performance features and ease of repair grinders Sparky, favorable price-quality ratio, the presence of the frequency control device turns antivibration handle, of the original casing.

Sparky Bulgarian firms are available in three classes: small, medium and large.The class is determined by the size.In a sma

ll class is issued fifteen (15) models, whose weight ranges from 1.2 kg to 2.4 kg.The middle class is represented by three models, the weight of which is in the range 2.5 ... 3.3 kg.In a large class produced ten (10) models weighing up to 6.3 kg.Recognizable bolgarok Sparky gives a striking appearance: purple body, bright red or silver color of the gearbox housing.

Design Features LBM Sparky

The peculiarities of the Bulgarian Sparky include:

  • Multifunction switch, which provides the function of blocking the spontaneous start grinders;
  • body is made with double insulation;
  • There is the starter, setting up and maintaining a constant frequency of the rotor speed;
  • brush holder design prevents trapped dust and wedged carbon brushes;
  • The grinder used is automatically switched off carbon brushes;
  • Complete with anti-vibration handle;
  • Application guard with quick installation and removal;
  • gear housing is made of durable, lightweight magnesium alloy;
  • rational system of ventilation holes, which improves the cooling process.

repair tools bolgarok Sparky

To perform high quality repair grinders Sparky any modification, without quality and the right tools can not do.The tool is not imposed, any special requirements.

Because Sparky grinder bearings are used for their removal is advisable to apply pullers.Russian craftsman can do without strippers, but the quality of repair is not performed.

Repair angle grinding machines Sparky is divided on the repair of electrical and mechanical parts.

to repair electrical tester need.If you have the opportunity to buy or rent a device for determining the short-circuited turns, we recommend that you use a simple probe IR-2.This device allows you to find an open or short circuit coils without dismantling the electrical parts.It is indispensable when the rotor repairs, stator grinder.

Prepare a screwdriver in different sizes.Do not do without wrenches.

Of auxiliary materials needed for lubrication of bearings and gears, rags or cleaning material, cleaning fluid.At home, it is recommended to use a mixture of kerosene and gasoline.

If you plan to repair the rotor or stator of angle grinders, for impregnation of windings need to varnish or paint.

Repair grinders with their hands must be performed on a prepared, well-lit workplace.

Mechanical faults bolgarok Sparky

All faults in Bulgarian are divided into mechanical and electrical.

mechanical failure include:

  • destruction of the gearbox, the failure of the gears;
  • jamming or destruction of the bearings;
  • destruction of the gearbox housing grinders.

Sparky M 750E

gear repair

Reducer Bulgarian Sparky is a gear pair enclosed in a rugged housing.On the spindle is driven gear attached a different tool to perform the work with metal, stone, wood.

Most often breaking the gear associated with the failure of one of the gears.At the gear tooth chipped off or licked, destroyed the basic needle bearing.In addition, the failure of a support sleeve or needle bearing.

Support the needle bearing spindle shaft

gear grinders Design Sparky different models differs slightly depending on the capacity.

driven gear in gear grinders Sparky is fixed in two ways: pressed onto or use the key connection.Key connection is most often used in low-power grinder Sparky.As used dowel small diameter ball.

Ball as the key

gear grinders Repair Sparky provides not only the replacement of defective parts, and grease change.

in Bulgarian power over 1000 W driven gear pressed onto the spindle shaft and is removed only by means of the press.But at a certain skill, this procedure can be performed without the use of a press.We need only remember, caution and accuracy - the main factors of success in carrying out this work.

Remove the driven gear in the cellar.It is necessary to promote a body cover fixing screws, pull out the cover with integrated bearing and spindle.Remove the spindle shaft from the bearing.If the driven gear is attached with the key, then, before the gear dismantled, it is necessary to remove the lock ring.In some low-power models as keys used by small diameter ball.

removing the retaining ring, can be neatly dismantled the key and release the driven gear.Changing gears is done in excess cent tooth wear.And it is determined only by the contact patch area of ​​a pair of teeth.Spot contact is the main characteristic of the performance the gear pair.

pinion gear in Bulgarian Sparky shooting even easier.All Bulgarian Sparky drive gears are mounted on the rotor shaft by means of the key and clamped with the nut on the right thread.

option of dismantling the pinion

To remove the pinion gear unit must be removed from the stator housing.Before you get the rotor, be sure to remove the carbon brushes prevent the rotor extraction.The carbon brushes in the Bulgarian Sparky can get low power, removing the lid of the stator housing.To do this, unscrew the screw in the side of the case and pull the handle cover.

At high power grinder Sparky carbon brushes can be removed without disassembling the handle.

How to change gears in the gearbox Sparky

To remove the pinion gear, necessary to release the rotor clamp in claims, pre-paving the protective lining.Laying choose from a soft material so as not to damage the rotor housing.

Using a wrench, S = 12, unscrew the nut that secures the drive gear on the rotor by turning the key counterclockwise.If you unscrew the nut on the first try does not work, pour the liquid into the threaded joint HP-40.Giving fluids affect a while, then try loosening the locking nut.As a rule, it turns out.

When the nut is released, you can pull the rotor shaft of the gearbox housing.The pinion gear is fixed on the rotor shaft by means of the key.

is enough to remove the snap ring, if it is provided for in the design, remove the key, as the gear is simply removed from the rotor shaft.

Remember the golden rule.The gears in the gearbox are always changing in pairs.

way, Sparky in the Bulgarian low and high power provides an opportunity to adjust the gap between the gears in the gearbox by means of special shims.

How to replace bearings in the gearbox

One of gear faults in Sparky Bulgarian manifested by the backlash of the spindle shaft.This can happen in case of failure of the bearing shaft and the support of the needle bearing.The emergence of backlash indicates the destruction of the needle thrust bearing in the gearbox housing.Of particular difficulty is the extraction of the outer ring of the needle bearing from the slot in the gear case.

Removing the hub or opornoo needle bearing using the machine tap

extraction sleeve in Bulgarian

easiest way with the help of a machine suitable diameter and tap the screwdriver to remove the clip from the housing.Hold the tap in the cartridge screwdriver and try to screw the tap in the bearing race.When the tap reaches the bottom of the slot, it will begin to lift the clip.

With the spindle shaft bearings are removed by using a stripper or folk remedies.

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The Bulgarian Sparky low power up to 1000 watts used a needle bearing type NK0709.In some low-power models used mednografitovye sleeve.

spindle shaft Sparky Bulgarians to 1000 W rotates in the bearing type 6300-2RS.

gear unit Sparky Bulgarians over 1000 W are used more powerful bearings: basic needle type TC-1212, such as sliding bearings 6206-2RS.Plugs into a large capacity grinder is not used.

Faults electrical grinders Sparky

For proper operation of the Bulgarian Sparky uptime may be a few thousand hours.

basic rules uptime power:

  • Timely replacement of carbon brushes;
  • Regular replacement of the lubricant;
  • Preventing the use of the tool at high loads;
  • Prevention instrument overheating;
  • Intended use tool.

repair control circuits Bulgarian Sparky

bolgarok different power management circuits have their own characteristics.The Bulgarian power less than 1000W switches are used ARV-2114 Defond, an electronic device for controlling the spindle speed.

Photo schemes

control circuits Control circuits bolgarok Sparky 1000 W equipped KD10-type switches, capacitor, carbon brushes with the contactor forming part of the brush holder.

most often Bulgarian Sparky fail on the electrical supply due to cable breakage.This occurs in the cable entry locations in the tool and plug.

power cable damage

second tool release the reason for electrical parts, wear or breakage of the carbon brushes.The carbon brushes should be replaced when worn out brush length of not more than 5 mm.

rotor repair

rotor grinders Sparky fails due to overloading and overheating, wear or untimely replacement of the carbon brushes, the appearance of an open or short-circuit the windings, the destruction of the collector or the destruction of the bearing, resulting in the rotor rubbing on the stator.

traces of friction bearing falling apart on the rotor

rotor is a complex part, to repair that without certain skills, abilities and Equip easy.It is preferable to buy a new rotor or contact the shop if you first see the rotor.If you want to repair the rotor grinders with their hands, refer to the material already posted on the site.But the failure of the rotor is associated not only with the failure of its electrical parts.The most common reason for his exit becomes the destruction or seizure of bearings.On the rotors Sparky Bulgarians set two bearings.One side of the fan, and the second collector side.

How to replace bearings on the rotor grinders Sparky

On grinder with a capacity of up to 1000 watts per rotor these bearings are installed.

Bearing near 6000-2ZP63LDS18 type collector.

end bearing fan type 6202 ZTNHP63LDS18.

grinder capacity up to 1000 W are equipped with such bearings.

bearings near the collector type 6262ZP6E LDS18 SKF

end bearing 6092ZP63LDS18 type fan.

On failure of the bearing points to the difficulty of its scroll, jamming, change the color to dark, the destruction of the bearing cage.Removed bearings using pullers.Operation is no particular difficulty and can be performed by any user.

rotor doubles AM 2001

Stator Repair

stator design in Bulgarian Sparky is no different from other Bulgarians stators.Repair is to identify the causes of failure and rewinding.To determine an open or short-circuit the stator winding is preferable to use the tester and determining the indicator of short circuit.

Rewind stator repair rotor is much easier and can be done at home.

The stator grinder Sparky

algorithm stator repair simple and repeatedly cited in the pages of our site.To self-wound stator, it is necessary not only to know how to count the number of turns of the winding order, but also be able to properly impregnate the winding varnish.

Disassembly Procedure grinders Sparky

Regardless of the power bolgarok family Sparky order of dismantling virtually the same.

Dismantling begins with the dismantling of the carbon brushes.They are easy to get when you remove the housing cover or protection for the brush holders.

The thing is that for the extraction of the rotor from the stator housing carbon brushes prevent the extraction of the rotor, overwriting on the commutator bars.

The next step disconnects the gearbox housing and stator housing.It is only necessary to unscrew four screws holding the gear housing and stator housing.

dismantled doubles

To disassemble the gear housing cover must be removed by unscrewing the four screws.The cover is mounted gearbox shaft assembly driven gear.Dismantling of the shaft assembly of the driven gear, we've already covered.

disassemble electrical parts even easier, since the number of parts in its structure even less.

carbon brushes mounted in brush holders and fixed with special clamping springs.Pulling brush in the repair, remember the position and direction of their installation.Brushes wear unevenly.And brush wear affects the rotor rotation angle.

Selection of lubrication and the procedure for applying to the Bulgarian reducer Sparky

Manufacturers Bulgarian Sparky recommended for the lubrication of tools used grease Liver T-0-1,00 kg.But it allowed to use and specially designed for the lubrication of gearboxes bolgarok domestic lubricants.At present, the choice of lubricants for the Bulgarians is wide enough.

In addition, high-quality lubricant for gear grinders can be made in the home.

It is only necessary to base the lubricant that adheres very well to metal surfaces and hard grease off at high speeds.Scientifically, the basics of lubrication should be increased adhesion.

As a basis that satisfies the requirements, the lubricant for joints articulated vehicles best suited.Take the CV joint grease-4 basis.
added thereto using a syringe grease TAD-17 and stir until the consistency of thick cream.Stir better lubrication using a drill armed with homemade mixer.

The gear housing should lay so much grease as the gear is placed at half volume.

proper lubrication

gear Grease Lubrication

imposed after careful removal of the old grease.For a thorough and complete removal of the old grease is recommended to use a hair dryer, with which the old grease is heated and easily follows from all the remote cavities

Useful tips.

  • Check the carbon brushes after 700 hours of operation;
  • Any heating grinder body make maintenance tool maintenance;
  • carbon brushes, than to buy a new grinders better to change more frequently;