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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to make brushes for electric punch Makita


  • 1 signs of wear brushes
  • 2 order of execution of works on production of coal from other brushes
    • 2.1 process of making carbon brushes to punch Makita
  • 3 Homemade electro

As you know the main source code to punch are brushes.It is important to monitor their condition and cleanliness of the collector.The rotary hammers Makita 2450 and 2470 used carbon brushes CB-419 art.191962-4.Factory recommended carbon brushes replaced after 80 hours.Both brushes must be replaced, regardless of the degree of wear.

Signs of wear brushes

Do not confuse ordinary small spark is present when working with partial overshoot sparks in a circle, it is permissible under load and the new tool is not got used to the brush.

first manifestations of brush wear is sparking strong and strange sound.Immediately stop the work!

Timely replacement of carbon brushes prevent the failure of the more expensive parts of the gun.Price of carbon brushes is not comparable with the cost of the rotor or stat

or of any power tool.Do not skimp on the little things, you do not lose more.The conclusion is simple: most change coal electro.Do not forget, when a malfunction of the brush, the other should be changed automatically.

critical length of the carbon brushes Makita rotary hammer can not be less than 8 mm

When replacement should pay attention to the anchor and which generation collector.When a marked deepening of the collector should be sanded to a smooth state, if you do not even original new brushes will spark that will lead to even greater burnout collector.

After installing new brushes necessarily to get used to idle without load for at least 10 minutes.

Set the new carbon brushes Makita 2450 and 2470

set new carbon brushes Makita 2450 and 2470

order of execution of works on production of coal from other brushes

Coal electro can be purchased at almost any store power tools.But there are times when there are no nearby shop and to work.There is a solution: we must make their own brushes of brushes from other power tools.The important point is the selection of electro, similar in its characteristics.A wrong carbon rod will lead to severe arcing or to anchor the development.

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Option homemade punch carbon brushes for Makita 2470

Option homemade carbon brushes to punch Makita 2470

process of making carbon brushes to punch Makita

work begins with a preparatory phase.It is necessary to choose the right cross-section of the carbon rod blank.Here are the dimensions of the carbon brush factory CB-419A mm (6h9h12).Pick-carbon rods must be larger in cross-section or the same size as used in Makita perforators.

If you picked up the workpiece larger cross-section, they saw round needle file or use sandpaper.But it is possible to use a relatively simple device.The electric drill is clamped special device called "fungus."This device is practically at any master.It is used in the process of grinding poverhnostey.Prisposoblenie is a circle with Velcro, which is mounted grinding wheel the right diameter.

Try electric securely to a workbench or table.Drill can be secured by clamps, cable ties, or a temporary fix.The drill chuck insert the fungus, it fix the circle of sandpaper №100.

Drill with a nozzle

drill with paddle

include a drill, adjust the speed of the bullet.It is preferable to start grinding at low revs.This will allow you to properly control the grinding process.

Grinding coal rod batteries

coal grinding rod of batteries

constantly monitor the size of the carbon brushes.Especially important are the cross-sectional dimensions electrobrushes.Brushes should be included in the brush holder is tight, but move freely.

Homemade brush to the punch

Homemade brush to punch

Homemade electro

find the right material, trim it to size with a margin of 2 mm.Then we bring in the sandpaper to size.As the top contact on the wire is recommended to use old brushes contacts, solder them to the contact wire if it is.

If there is no contact group, to secure the wire in electro drilled hole of smaller diameter than the diameter of the copper braid.The braid is twisted, is inserted into the drilled hole and wedged on the opposite side of copper wire.Everything is ready, set and check on sincerity.