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August 12, 2017 18:08

Stator Repair punch Makita


  • 1 Getting Started
  • 2 disassembly algorithm and manufacture of stator punch Makita 2450,2470
  • 3 Everything in order
    • 3.1 Option stator winding, the disposable
    • 3.2 Production strips adaptations
    • 3.3 process of winding
    • 3.4 How to Book stator windings
    • 3.5 process of impregnating the stator windings

If you have determined that your punch has failed stator, and meansthe next you do not have, or have a desire to make repair parts with your hands, then this guide is for you.Dismantling the gun Makita so simple that makita repair 2450, 2470 does not cause much difficulty.The main thing is to stick to the advice in this article.

Repair punch can independently perform every user with a locksmith skills and knows how to handle the diagnostic devices.


Any repair begins with a visual inspection of the faulty.How to find fault stator punch Makita 2450?On the stator fault often indicate the presence of traces of burnt insulation and odor of burning.This is

the first sign of a short-circuit the stator windings.

Option to parse the stator

Option collapsible stator

But break can be defined only through the continuity circuit winding.

burnt stator coils

disassembly algorithm and manufacture of stator punch Makita 2450,2470

That sequence in the manufacture of stator punch Makita 2450:

  • Extract from the stator housing assembly;
  • Removal old coil winding direction determination, the wire diameter;
  • new coil winding according to data collected from templates;
  • Preparation insulation new coil;
  • insulation of new coils;
  • Installation finished coils into the slots of the core and winding coils in the core;
  • solder terminals to the ends of the coils;
  • Reservation new winding coils;
  • impregnation wound coils;
  • stator assembly.

a stator housing in the analysis

Everything in order

Stage I

To disassemble the stator use a wooden mallet or a bar.Tapping on the end face of the stator frame, remove the stator from the casing.By the way, to get the stator, it is necessary to disconnect the stator housing from the body of the mechanical part.

Do not forget to disconnect the lead wires from the terminals of the stator, facing outward in the reservoir area.One end is attached to the brush holder and the other end to the power supply cable 220.

It's time to split it into two halves.

Stage II

Option collapsible stator

Two halves of a collapsible wound stator coils

Two halves collapsible wound stator coils

Both halves of the stator glued together with a thin layer of glue.To separate one from the other, it is necessary to hit mallet on the stator core.If you have not got a collapsible stator, the dismantling of the wire being cut through from one end all turns clippers.Cutting, disassembled, remove the wire and measure the wire diameter and number of turns.To measure the wire diameter, only use a micrometer.Pre-wire it is necessary to burn the flame matches, wipe soot and cool, measure.

Most often coils are impregnated with insulating varnish, which does not allow split wires.

Using a hot air gun heat the coil to disintegration into separate postings.Heat the wire can be impregnated and gas oven above the stove.

New coils

New coil

Analyzing the stator, it is necessary to make measurements.We need to measure the wire diameter, number of turns in a coil, stator slot fill rate, the material of which the wire.It is recommended to wrap the copper wire only.

coils wound on the template before installation in the stator

wound on the template before installing the stator

wires are classified by section.Measure the diameter of the wire, count its section by the formula S = ηr ², where r = ½ d .

And now clear language: the cross section is equal to 3.14 multiplied by half the diameter squared.

Laying insulation and connection terminals

insulation Installation and connection terminals

Why all this garden.If you find that you have a different diameter wire, no calculations can not do.If there is a thin wire, the winding can be carried out in 2 ... 3 wires, as long as their total cross section was no less than the initial one.

If there is a slightly larger diameter wire, and can be wound them, provided that filling the grooves was old drive incomplete.

Stage III

Option stator winding, the disposable

for winding the stator coils is necessary to prepare the wire passing diameter Insulating or pressboard, an adhesive tape, shrink-tubing of the desired diameter.

If you do not folding stator, then it is necessary to make the grooves of pressboard cartridge by cutting the workpiece by the stator width.

Blanks on the insulating sleeve

blanks on the insulating sleeve

Billets cut from pressboard width equal to the width of the stator and the same length as the inner groove.Incidentally, the width of the stator must be added to 2 mm on each side.The die cut blank, seal the edge of the wide tape.Makita stator perforator suitable adhesive tape 50 mm wide.

on strip of adhesive tape stick the blank on one side, cut.On the second strip of adhesive tape stick the workpiece by the same party, but the other edge.Your task is to close the edge of the blanks from the gusts during winding.

Production strips adaptations

To facilitate the process of winding manually fabricate simple devices, which are strips of soft metal up to 0.8 mm thick.This may be galvanized steel, copper, aluminum.The strips are z -shaped plate 10 mm wide and 70 mm long.

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Billets devices

Billets devices

On a smaller hook accommodate wear and heat shrink tube over the flame tip crimp plate.

These plates secure with adhesive tape on the stator housing.

Securing devices

Securing devices

process of winding wire

prepared plate attached device, data on the number of turns by hand.Forward!

Put on knee stator, we start end of the wire, put on him shrink tubing red (it marks the beginning of winding), anchoring sleeve on the outside of the stator and start to shake.By the way, the color of cambric can be any, you only need to select a different color for the beginning and end of the winding.

Winding by hand

Winding manually

winding process is a large supply of wire with your finger in the groove, the institution of the wire hook plate devices, pulling out wires and the institution of a hook plate with the other hand. Most importantly, make sure the number of wound turns. Weight winding process is repeated for the second coil.

It can be clearly seen on the video proposed.

All!The stator is wound.It is necessary to carefully align the winding, perform reservations.

Stage IV

How to Book stator windings

reservation calls tying stator coils, protects them from destruction during theoperation.At high speeds to affect all parts of the different vibrations, which leads to destruction of the integrity of the windings, the friction of each other and impaired insulation.

Reservation or linkage of the stator windings

reservations or alignment of the windings of the stator

It's time to do impregnation.

Stage V

process of impregnating the stator

winding main objective of impregnating the stator coil, get a monolithic structure without collapsingover time from vibration.Before starting the impregnation inside the stator inserted wooden struts that secure the coils.Work should be done carefully and accurately.

Under ideal conditions to impregnate need a transformer.The impregnation of the coils is recommended under stress, the wires vibrated and heated.This enables impregnation zatech into all the cracks.Voltage is applied to the coils is small, to the onset of vibration.It can be easily detected, screwdriver leaning against the inner surface of the rotor.

Connection of the stator windings to Latro

connection to the stator windings Latro

Ideally, use a special paint and apply several layers.You can also use ordinary paint for interior painting in the premises of the brand PF-115.Low tide 50 g of paint in a separate bowl, dilute it with solvent to some water consistency.

What can be impregnated

What can be impregnated

Using a syringe, dial and enter the paint in small portions to the stator coil to full penetration into the middle of the coil.The stator in this case must be warm and connected to AC power.As a source of better use of the transformer primary winding is energized through LATR.

Voltage for impregnation through LATR

voltage for impregnation through LATR

Do not forget to monitor the stator temperature.At the touch of the hand is difficult to withstand the temperature of the body.Higher temperatures reduce the supply voltage to the transformer using Latro.

paint supply by syringe

paint supply with a syringe

paint Consistency depends on the diameter of the wires.The thicker wire, the thicker the paint.The impregnation lead to the appearance of the paint underneath.Turning a stator, continue impregnation.The stator is under the direction of leave to dry completely.Stator

impregnated, and after deinking traces on the inner surface of the stator, ready for assembly.

The stator is impregnated

stator impregnated

impregnation and stator winding

Now you are ready to assemble the gun Makita.Ate you think it is difficult, then work on rewinding Entrust better professionals.