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August 12, 2017 18:08

Repair mechanical punch Makita 2450 and 2470


  • 1 order of dismantling of perforator
  • 2 procedure for disassembling the cartridge punch Makita
    • 2.1 order of assembly of the quick chuck
  • 3 Parse reducer
    • 3.1 Video quick disassemblyMakita rotary hammer

due to dust, dirt, moisture over time, internal lubrication becomes hard and does not fulfill its purpose.Punch starts running is noisy.Getting to repair the gun, be sure to read the attached instructions for disassembly, lubrication, assembly components punch Makita 2450 Makita 2470. Driving the gun in 2450 and 2470 will help to disassemble the faulty nodes, find defective parts.And also tell you how to disassemble punch Makita 2450.

Dismantling punch Makita 2470 begins with the removal of the handle of the mode switch.

order of dismantling of perforator

Place the hammer on a clean surface.

examining the mechanical part of the punch Makita Makita 2450 or 2470, it is necessary to always remove the handle of the mode dial.

At the beginning of the handle

is set to "Beat" (far right in a clockwise direction) mode.

podkovyrivaetsya on the handle and lifted the latch with a screwdriver.
2450. view mode switch to drilling png
After removing the latch handle is transferred to the left, in the "Drilling".
cranking anticlockwise to position drilling
Sandwiched fingers handle is removed from the grooves of the housing.

Video instructions for dismantling the handle mode switch punch Makita 2450

To install the pen mode
To set the mode dial to the body, it is necessary: ​​
• insert the switch to the "drilling" into the mounting slot until it clicks into place;
• turn the selector switch clockwise to "blow";
• transfer switch with a click counter-clockwise to the position of "boring";
• insert spring-loaded and the red button;
• insert the top cover until it clicks.
Mode switch is assembled.

view mode selector 2450

The second step should be quick to disassemble the cartridge and the cartridge to repair the punch with their own hands.By the way, the cartridge requires disassembly only Makita model 2470. The device holder is simple enough, and its repair will cope anyone who owns a little bit locksmith skills.

procedure for disassembling the cartridge punch Makita

Repair punch cartridge installation begins with the gun vertically on the back cover.Correctly perform the work on dismantling the gun hrmakita help scheme.Do
replacement cartridge is necessary punch Makita 2470?The answer can only be obtained after a complete disassembly of the cartridge with your hands.
Use a screwdriver or a stripper boot removed, the cartridge is released from the retaining ring, clutch housing, a metal ring 20 pos.4.Then it is necessary to carefully control the ball poz.20, remove guide pos.5 washer and conical spring pos.6, supports it.Cartridge dismantled.

spare cartridge
The diagram below shows the device punch cartridge.

basic malfunctions perforator makita 2450, causing defects in the chuck are:

  • wear protective rubber boot item 1;
  • relaxation of the retaining ring position 2 or its partial wear;
  • wear poz.20 ball;
  • loss of elasticity of the conical spring pos.6 or stretching.

Repair punch cartridge is not a complicated procedure and is usually easily accomplished by anyone who can hold a screwdriver in his hand.

If replacement of the rubber boot, the locking ring, a conical spring is not difficult, the replacement of the new bulb requires attention.The new ball should have a size in diameter of 7 mm ± 1 mm.
as lubricants recommended special lubricant developed for punch Makita.
Grease has an index Makita P-08361, Makita 183477-5 SDS-PLUS 30g for gear.For shank drills recommended lubricant Makita 196804-7.

collecting cartridge, a conical spring mount narrow side to the punch.
Do not forget to repair the gun cartridge with your hands requires care from collecting.

assembly procedure for the quick chuck

Assemblage is made on a clean surface.Details of pre-washed, dried and lubricated with a thin layer of the recommended grease.

SMEARED gear shaft grease Makita 183477-5 SDS-PLUS.On the shaft in a particular sequence collects all incoming chuck parts.
grease and cartridge assembly
installing conical spring pos.6, put the puck pos.5 guide and fix it poz.20 bulb by inserting it into the groove of the gearbox shaft.

pos.4're put on the ring, the coupling guard position 3, to fix the details of locking a ring item 2.In the last step, insert in position 1
repair punch Makita 2450 cartridge cartridge protective tip end this is over.It remains to verify its quality, inserted in the drill chuck.When properly assembled chuck holds the drill against inadvertent falling out.
cartridge collected.

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Parse reducer

To reach the mechanical parts need to remove the plastic casing.

order of dismantling of the mechanical part of the gun Makita
First remove the protective plastic case in black.The body is removed after you remove the four screws holding the case with butt.
push down on the shaft end you squeeze out of the gearbox housing.

removing the body, it is necessary to separate the rotor from the gear.Geared called general mechanical part.
Separated rotor of the mechanical part (reducer) is simple.
right hand, it is necessary to clamp the gearbox, rotor clamp left.
Shaking, pull both sides in opposite directions.The rotor is held in the gear by friction bevel gears.
punch Makita basic malfunctions occur in the mechanical parts of the instrument.

most characteristic fault for the mechanical part, the failure of the impact mechanism.

impact mechanism Dismantling
firing mechanism is assembled on the inner housing and consists of a shaft gear and intermediate shaft.
The rotary movement is transmitted through the helical gears on the intermediate shaft.
removal of the intermediate shaft

gear shaft is a hollow shaft, in which the cylinder moves freely.

hammer mechanism with the barrel

fitted on the intermediate shaft a small spur gear transmits the rotation of a large spur gear reducer shaft, which is mounted in the hammer mechanism.
A translational movement in the percussion mechanism gear shaft simultaneously transmitted through the transfer of the rolling bearing of the intermediate shaft to the cylinder, move the gear in the trunk.

proceed to the dismantling of the intermediate shaft.

Dismantling countershaft

general view of the intermediate shaft

On poz.40 planted shaft helical gear poz.42, which is transmitted from the rotation of the rotor gear, rolling bearing 608zz poz.41 which transmits the translational motion in the joint poz.34 piston pos.32.
On the other hand poz.39 shaft mounted clutch, spur gear 10 poz.80, compression spring poz.38, lock ring S-7 poz.37, bearing 606zz poz.36
Particular attention should be paid to the condition of rolling bearings.
imported bearings installed in the punch.Allowed to install domestic bearings.
606zz bearings can be replaced by 80016, bearing 609zz changed to 80019.

proceed to disassemble the shock shaft mechanics

impact mechanism shaft Dismantling
impact mechanism shaft
Dismantling stem punch Makita 2470 is a simple process if we use the circuit device punch Makita.
shaft is poz.21 trunk in which the impact mechanism is assembled.
On the trunk mounted gear poz.19, which is pressed by a spring poz.18 through poz.17 washer and fixed lock ring pos.16.
The trunk moves poz.32 cylinder, acting on the firing pin poz24.On the reverse side of the striker is fixed a metal ring poz.27 transmitting impact on the drill.
And when the need to replace the gun barrel?

Most often comes down the metal ring.
Wear shock bolt housing
shock mechanism defect
cylinder with drummer

With disassembly we understand.
Change details on the healthy and ready to collect.For more information on lubrication and the punch assembly.

See if there are problems with the electrical part of the gun.

Video fast disassembling the gun Makita