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August 12, 2017 18:08

Replacing the cartridge , and solutions to problems


  • 1 Mechanical faults
  • 2 way to remove keyless chuck with drill or screwdriver

In the household the most popular tool is an electric drill.Lately, especially popular electric drills, rotary hammers called.
This tool allows not only to drill a hole, but with the use of nozzles to tighten the screws, screws, screws.Electric drill is a reliable tool and rarely, but fails.How to troubleshoot an electric drill.The basic malfunctions in electric drills are divided into mechanical and electrical.

Mechanical faults

For frequent mechanical failure can be attributed the failure of the chuck.
How to remove a cartridge with a screwdriver and replace it with?
Just note that the replacement cartridge to an electric drill, screwdriver, punch exactly the same.Exit Reason
chuck often wear in the gripping jaws.This is the most serious failure of an electric.can not do without a complete replacement of the chuck.How to remove the cartridge from the drill will display video.
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way!Driven how to replace the cartridge suitable for all current models are not only drills, and hammers, screwdrivers, as all the above design provides just such a method of attachment of the cartridge.

But in drills Soviet-made cartridge keeps on morse cone and turn the screw.How to remove the cartridge from the cones?You can use a bearing puller or knock down with a hammer.

Attention!Having bought a new power to the cartridge, be sure to remove the cartridge and thoroughly lubricate all the contact details and carvings.

1. To replace the jaw chuck of an electric
To disassemble an electric cable, check it off from the mains.
With special key dilute chuck jaws to the highest possible position.
If you look inside the cartridge disclosed, the more often you can see the screw for fixing the cam holder to the motor shaft.
As a rule, the screw is unscrewed using a Phillips screwdriver.
Remember!Carving from the left fixing screw, and unscrew it clockwise rotation of the screwdriver.
Loosen the screw, insert the cartridge into place drill L-shaped Allen key and hold it.

If the screw cap is erased, and you can not unscrew with a screwdriver to do so.
Take the second drill, insert the drill diameter of the screw cap, and proceed with the drill-screws.It's over the fact that when drilling a screw wiggle.

Insert the open-end wrench on the motor shaft at the bottom of the chuck.There are models in which the gap between the chuck and the body is very small.We'll have to pick up the key or sawed in thickness.Key is required to lock the motor shaft.
models have earlier releases turnkey slots on the shaft no.In this case, it is necessary to disassemble the drill body, remove one cover.Tighten both driven gear chuck shaft and cooling fan and a sharp movement counterclockwise try to unscrew the cartridge.

But back to the option with the key.
Now, putting a drill on a wooden plane and fixing the shaft by means of the key, hit a wooden or rubber hammer on the tail protruding hex key counterclockwise.
cartridge is mounted on the shaft along the thread.
Rotate chuck counterclockwise to remove it with an electric drill.
If not L-shaped hexagon wrench, you can use a drill of suitable diameter, which vtravlyaetsya in one of the three holes for the clamping key.

Inspect the cartridge.At full output cams of the system, replace the cartridge to new drills.Install a new chuck to drill, performing all operations in the reverse order.
Remember!Setting the chuck, make sure to lubricate all moving parts.This is particularly true of threaded connections.

This we considered the case where it is necessary to replace the jaw chuck.But power tools are available with keyless chuck.

keyless chuck allow a few seconds to replace a drill, without using any additional tools or accessories.
keyless chuck divided into odnomuftovye and double box.We design
odnomuftovogo cartridge establishes a special mechanism that locks the shaft at the time of tool change.The operation can be performed on replacement of one hand.
have double box cartridge tool change is carried out with both hands.One hand holds the first clutch, the second hand is twisted the other clutch.
But quick-constructions are not securely hold the tool, especially the shock mode.And the use of plastics to make them often leads to breakage of cartridges.
jaw chuck is more reliable, and used parts in it are made only of metal.To attach a special tool chuck key should be used.

way to remove keyless chuck with drill or screwdriver

cartridge is mounted on the threaded axis is stopped and the clamping screw.
Keyless chuck is removed by the same algorithm as the jaw chuck.
first unscrewed clockwise locking screw.If there near the flats on the shaft of the cartridge under the key, having got into the slots key chuck clamped in any lever, try to loosen the chuck by turning it counterclockwise.
Installing a new cartridge in the reverse order.

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But you can repair the cartridge and
To view the details of the chuck, it should be dismantled.
offers proven and reliable method of disassembling the chuck electric drill.

Take an ordinary hammer, remove it and insert the adapter boot.The adapter can be drawn from the failed percussion drill.The adapter is a shank drill with drill cropped part.
on shaft adapter slide holder and press it with a rubber shock absorber or a wooden board.
Before you install the cartridge onto the adapter, you need to have the cams inside the cartridge to complete their dive.

assembled structure, include hammer in the strike mode.After 3 ... 5 seconds cartridge should understand.
immediately necessary Marked fists and place of location of a different color.
are now ready for inspection and Troubleshooting cartridge.
cams can be replaced if necessary for new ones.However, can not do without an additional bore jaws on the lathe.
remaining parts can be easily replaced if any.

But there are other mechanical problems
There are cases where the refusal of work caused by an electric failure of the gearbox or the poor performance of the bearing.

2. How to Work with an electric gear
To reach the gear, it is necessary to disassemble the plastic body electric drill.
removing the housing cover, release the chuck shaft and remove it.On the driven gear shaft is fixed a larger diameter.
on the motor shaft mounted helical gear leading small diameter.
The gear housing has a bronze bushing, often resulting in the failure of the drill.All is due to its considerable wear.Ask
sleeve sizes and make turner.The material used bronze, but is allowed to use and caprolon.
When replacing the bushing in the gearbox, be sure to check bearings and planting density and stuffing them with grease.
At high gear tooth wear and tear, they need to be replaced.The teeth of the gears wear out in case of failure of the bearing sleeve.
Most often wears a conducted gear wheel of greater diameter.Her replacement is simple, it is only necessary to remove the retaining ring and key.
Old gear must be removed from the chuck axis.You can take advantage of a stripper, but you can just gently bring down the hammer, exposing the wooden supports.

Electrical faults
Now let's consider the typical fault of electric part of the drill.
most often an electric work is interrupted due to brush wear.

1.Zamena brushes in electric drill
To replace the brushes, remove the side cover of an electric housing by removing the screws.There should be no less than 7 pieces.
housing removed carefully with a screwdriver poddevaniem its edges.
opened access to the motor, you will see two boxes, which are installed and brush.
In order to get the brush, it is necessary to release the boxes, holders, and bend to get the worn brush.Similarly proceed with the second brush.
a seat insert new brush, clean around the contact area with a clean cloth dampened with mineral spirits.

2.Remont an electric cord
One bad fault is to stop the periodic electric drill during operation.Most often it is due to random failure of electricity supply.And the thing is that when you log in the drill housing supply cable experiencing various loads, which leads to breakage of wires.

To remedy the problem, it is necessary to remove one of the side covers of the housing.With the help of a tester to check cable integrity.
If the cable entry location in the body damage is detected, but the cable is cut from the failed piece on the cable is put a piece of 20 cm rigid vinyl chloride pipes and cable set into place and then connecting.

to replace buttons with speed regulator enough to remove the housing cover, disconnect the wires from the regulator.The new controller is installed in the same place and connected according to the scheme.If the scheme is not, then before removing the old controller, you must sketch the wiring diagram.

3.Vnutri body appeared sparks
The appearance of sparking inside the body often leads interturn circuit armature windings.
second reason causing sparks contaminated surface lamella collector.
Winding short circuit can only be determined by a special device.
But dirt from collecting parts can be removed and independently, using fine sandpaper.After cleaning it is necessary to carefully remove dust from the slots between the contact plates, called lamellae.It is best to do it with the old saw blade.Upon completion of work necessary to check the anchor device CSP.

Here, perhaps, the main fault drills of any brand.

Good luck to you!