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August 12, 2017 18:08

Correctly pick roller means to perform high-quality painting


  • 1 Types of paint rollers
    • 1.1 What is important in the selection of roller

Among the huge number of tools for painting surfaces of different types should be allocated especially rollers.These simple tools are fairly large list of benefits and enjoy the sheer popularity.They are known for a long time, but not everyone knows how to choose the roller apartment walls correctly.But it will depend on the quality of the work performed.

Types of paint rollers

Classification modern rollers can be made on different grounds.In addition, you should know that Russian manufacturers are doing it very differently than their foreign counterparts.For example, the domestic product is possible to see such characteristics as name, material and purpose.With the title is clear.By the use of the material for the coats rollers are classified either to products made of natural fur coat, or a product of the artificial turf.By the method of appointment, they are divided into:

  • Universal;
  • Special;
  • For simple operations;
  • For certain types of paint.

That is, this all is clear and difficulties, how to choose a paint roller from the Russian manufacturer, not causes.But with foreign goods confusion, as most countries have their own, the individual classification.For example, choosing a roller from Finland, will have to choose from the seven types of goods.

completely different approach to the classification of its products using Swedish company ANZA, one of the leading companies in this field, highlighting only three types: mini, midi, maxi.

What is important in the selection of roller

Among all the known parameters, the main feature of the tool is its coating.It was from him will depend on the quality of the performed painting and the finished appearance of any surface.coat material - is an extremely important aspect, and before you choose a paint roller to the ceiling, you need to learn useful information.Of course, you can rely on the advice the seller in the store, but if it is true, there is no certainty.

The more surface roughness has, the longer must be the pile.

For making "clothes" for the roller, modern manufacturers use the following materials:

  • artificial (polyurethane foam, polyamide, polyacrylate);
  • natural (rubber, velvet, felt, fur animal)

The variety of materials used points to another important feature of the tool - the choice of pile length.There are certain standards of length, and on the basis of which the roller is applied to the pile:

  • to 5 mm is used as a rule for painting, flooring, wood, metal;
  • from 5 mm to 10 mm are used for painting shpaklŃ‘vannyh walls and ceilings in the apartment;
  • from 5 mm to 20 mm is used for the coloring of porous concrete surfaces, untreated wood and plaster with a rough surface;
  • from 20 mm to 30 mm is used, if the surface is made of concrete blocks, bricks, plaster with strong roughness.

Experts say simply: smooth and even walls and ceilings painted with a short nap roller, and much rough and porous surfaces - paint roller with a long nap.

doubt the usefulness of the roller hard.With it, the repair process is much faster and more comfortable.But this is only the correct choice of instrument.So disregard the information is not necessary.

Choosing a roller with a long nap you should remember that it will absorb a large amount of ink.It's not quite sparingly, but, on the other hand, the surface will be covered with a thick layer of thorough.The disadvantage is that the long pile is strongly deformed, bent, glued villi, leaving bald spots at painting.Modern technologies allow to avoid most manufacturers use special metallic threads.They are woven into the pile and make it more stable and durable.The tool is much longer, though, and it costs more.

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Important!when painting the ceiling are well primed surface that you will be able to save the paint and will cause unnecessary extra layers.

-Based lack roller with a long nap is that if they paint the ceiling a thick helmet, the surface turns more rough.The advantage of that is gaining more paint roller and paint them quickly.Especially if the area is large, and the paint dries quickly.

roller with a long nap

short nap roller has its own small thread and creates a thin layer of paint.It absorbs a smaller amount of paint, which is enough economically.It can be used for decorative surface finishing, painting pictures and smooth plaster.It can be used with a glossy paint, which is very capricious.

hardest thing to paint the ceiling, so choose the right roller for painting the ceiling is extremely important.It does not fit any tool with a long nap or short.It is better to stay in the middle.And, accordingly, pay attention to the manufacturer.

roller with rounded edges with high performance.Suitable for interior ceilings.It creates a coating medium roughness.


thick rope roll with an excellent covering power.Suitable for interior works with walls and ceilings in rooms where you want to smooth and undemanding in care coverage.It creates a coating with a fine texture.


Judging by the reviews, this cushion is the leader.It is ideal for painting the walls and ceiling of the apartment.

Important!The smaller roughness wall you want to get the shorter the nap should be ideal for ceiling from 5 to 10 mm.

Define a manufacturer of rollers can only be tasted better tool in action.The leader among the producers of paint products and tools has long been a company ANZA.Swedish rollers very high quality and are very popular.They have undoubted advantages over other brands.

Thus, choosing the right cushion, you can save yourself a lot of problems and perform very high quality painting different surfaces.To learn how to choose the video roll story tells very accessible and intuitive.

Preparation roller to work