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August 12, 2017 18:08

Select cordless screwdriver


  • 1 cordless universal tool - the advantages and disadvantages
  • 2 Overview Professional screwdrivers
  • 3 How to choose a cordless screwdriver correctly
  • 4 cordless screwdriver Makita 8281DWPE
  • 5 Cordless screwdriver Hitachi DS12DVF3
  • 6 Cordless screwdriver BOSCH GSR 12-2 Professional
  • 7 Cordless screwdriver METABO BSZ 14,4 Impuls
Select cordless screwdriver

How to choose the right cordless screwdriver.

Practically the majority of construction tools users prefer to have the farm-purpose tool.Motifs such aspirations are quite natural: to have more rational in the economy is one tool that is able to replace several.Save money and space in the closet shelves obvious.However, all things exist as its own advantages and disadvantages, and versatile tool with battery does not constitute an exception to this general rule.Site apartment repair on its own tells how to choose a screwdriver properly and that it is better to pay attention.Share your opinion and leave some feedback.

Therefore, the user sh

ould keep in mind that choosing a universal tool, he deliberately allows the averaging of some characteristics, according to which the quality of the instrument is estimated, for example drilling rate or impact force.Moreover, some characteristics of the instrument are simply incompatible, such as hammer drilling and drilling small diameter holes.Instead, the user enjoys all the benefits inherent versatility such as:

  • tool with battery provides a battery life of household electric
  • multifunctional tool provides ample opportunities of its application
  • simplicity and accuracy

And this is a partial list of the universal instruments features.Currently, manufacturers of a wide range of different models of rechargeable universal tools such as: screwdrivers, sanders, planers, and more.This tendency displace conventional network tools cordless tools, not only in use but also in the production and in industry.In the article, given the urgency of the issue, the correct choice of instrument, examines in detail the features of the cordless screwdrivers.Our choice is the online store price available all the tools that work in many cities and showed the authority to work.

cordless universal tool - the advantages and disadvantages

It is obvious that the optimum tool selection is primarily determined by the tasks, the solution of which the tool should provide and, of course, the conditions of its future operation (operation in a domestic environment or the decision of professionaltasks).A clear understanding of the future operating conditions is even more important when you consider that the cost of multi-functional household tools is not much different from the cost of the professional cordless screwdrivers.Logically the question arises - what distinguishes a professional tool of domestic models.The main difference is manifested in the fact that a professional screwdriver can withstand longer load and less careful handling.

These settings and features professional models from simple, so many manufacturers in the data sheets indicate that their product does not lose its efficiency after a fall from a certain height.It should also be noted that even in the repair tool designed for domestic use, operated less intensively than in a production environment.However, such high resource strength and reliability provided by the functionality.For this reason, a professional tool is less functional than the household.

For a clearer understanding of the subject matter, it is necessary to analyze the situation by considering a specific example.Suppose that in some furniture shop received a batch of universal cordless screwdrivers QUATTRO brands, each of which represents a 4 screwdrivers in one of the brand Black & amp; Decker KC2002FK.

Screwdriver Black & amp; Decker KC2002FK photo

On the surface, it seems that the production of furniture equipped with excellent technique, produced by well-known brand, and thus saved quite a decent amount of money (the cost of a set of 6000 p., Whereas the standalone tool does not cost much cheaper).But this judgment is rather superficial.Let us consider the question thoroughly.In production practically always of time necessary to perform the same operation or planing wood, or to engage in the installation of the finished product, or solve problems of packaging products.It is not difficult to guess that only requires one tool (eg, jig saw, planer, screwdriver, etc.) to perform the same type of functions.All will become clear if we compare the characteristics of the screwdriver with nozzles Black & amp; Decker KC2002FK and characteristics of the individual instrument.Choose this versatile cordless screwdriver those who do not so often used the individual components, and indeed this tool.

For greater clarity, it makes sense to consider all products of the same brand Black & amp; Decker at a bargain price, namely screwdriver Black & amp; Decker CR12K, the value of which is 3.5 thousand rubles..In screwdrivers KC2002FK type is used battery capacity of 1.5 ampere / hour and a voltage of 14.4 V, while in no universal model used battery capacity of 1.5 ampere / hour and 12 V, but the value of its torque is 16 Nm, while the more powerful universalscrewdriver just 10.5 Nm.The first significant sacrifice to ensure the universality of the device.

versatile tool can be used as a jigsaw to which, of course, impose special requirements does not make sense.Jigsaw same firm KS999EK has 600 watts, and the adjustable frequency canvas strokes varies from 0 to 3200 strokes / min.

nozzle universal device demonstrates the same stroke frequency (3000 strokes / min), but it can help to cut the material to a depth of 38 mm and a specialized fret tree is cut up to 65 mm.

Who better to choose this instance?Universal screwdriver with nozzles Black & amp; Decker KC2002FK is an ideal tool for use in the home in which it is used only when necessary, that is quite rare.Its use in the production of meaningless, and therefore in a professional environment are widely used specialized tools, equipped with the same type of the battery pack and perform well-defined, standard features.

Overview Professional screwdrivers

rational approach saves money, has demonstrated firm BOSCH released the model line tools, powered battery screwdriver brand GSR 18 VE-2-LI Professional.Note that the cost savings is very significant when you consider the high cost of modern type of battery Li-Ion.Thus, acquiring an additional tool of this company, there is no need to acquire more and battery.

Screwdriver BOSCH GSR 18 VE- 2 -LI Professional

How to choose a cordless screwdriver correctly

After considering the basic properties of the universal cordless tools will focus in more detail on selecting a cordless screwdriver, and consider options that will use a tool, not only at home, but also for commercial purposes.

Our consideration restrict products equipped with the brand of NiCd batteries, which are present in high demand, since, in spite of all their advantages, battery type Li-Ion because of its high cost, very popular not enjoy.The main parameters to be brought to your attention when choosing tools include:

  • Staffing Tool 2 batteries with a voltage value of not less than 12V
  • presence of the charger is able to restore performance model 1 hour
  • Facilities instrument a large number of stages (effortpuffs) with the aid of which the torque frequency adjustment
  • High torque
  • cartridge type, which is equipped with a tool
  • Having multiple speeds

Recommended closely acquainted with the warranty card, as some manufacturers do not provide warranty for batteries.It is desirable that the additional equipment included a set of nozzles, 3 batteries and a flashlight.

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Armed with all the necessary knowledge to evaluate the merits and disadvantages of the following models of famous brands:

  • Cordless Screwdriver brand Makita 8281DWPE , whose price is 5.8 rubles and equipped with the type of battery.Li-Ion and strike option. Buy screwdriver profitable.
  • Cordless Screwdriver brand Hitachi DS12DVF3 equipped with lanterns, value of 3.6 thousand. Rubles
  • Cordless Screwdriver brand BOSCH GSR 12-2 Professional , whose price is 0m 4 th. Rubles
  • Cordless Screwdriver METABO BSZ 14,4 Impuls , value of 7 thousand. rubles and has quite a rare option "impulse┬╗

Unfortunately due to the exchange rate was not the actual costs and is for information

course, all selected for consideration toolsThey are of high quality, reliability and durability.Although all of these screwdrivers are classified as professional tools, at a cost, they are readily available to the ordinary user, is now a closer look at the characteristics and decide which one to choose the best.

cordless screwdriver Makita 8281DWPE

source tool is powered by a new generation of battery Li-Ion type with a voltage of 14.4 V, which is undoubtedly an advantage.

Cordless Screwdriver Makita 8281DWPE

tool comes with 2 batteries and a charger, which restores the device performance in just one hour.Rotational speed of the screwdriver is divided into two ranges: the first range of velocities includes speed value from 0 to 400 rev / min and a second range from 0 to 1300 rev / min.

screwdriver is equipped with a keyless chuck (10 mm), equipped with 16 stages of installation torque (36 Nm maximum), and the tool weight is 1.7 kg.In addition to standard operation tool it is equipped with the option strike, and able to perform from 0 to 18 thousand. Per minute.

as tool deficiencies, you can specify the following:

  • For instrument equipped with shock function, the manufacturer has supplied its rather weak cartridge
  • Low battery capacity (of 1.3 Ah), which is not enough for intensive work
  • There is a chance the hand overlapair vents designed to cool the motor during operation in the impact mode, the ventilation holes are so unfortunate that necessarily overlap in the case of wide palms user
  • gear housing screwdriver equipped with shock function, preferably made of metal.

Cordless Screwdriver Hitachi DS12DVF3

tool is made with a slightly exotic appearance.This design is not accidental.First, the fake tool body simply is not economically feasible, and, secondly, exotic pads protect the tool from falling.Besides lining also provide the necessary ergonomic handle screwdriver (the user's hand is protected from vibration and does not sweat with heavy use).

Cordless Screwdriver Hitachi DS12DVF3

The screwdriver is supplied with a flashlight, battery charger ensures the recovery of health products in 1 hour and a battery capacity of 1.4 Ah.

screwdriver has two speed ranges: a first range of velocities includes speed value from 0 to 300 r / min, and a second range from 0 to 1100 rev / min.

screwdriver equipped with a keyless chuck (10 mm) and 22 stages of installation torque.

Please note when selecting on the main instrument disadvantages:

  • outdated, although very reliable chuck
  • Failure to mount interchangeable bits on the bracket (bits often clings to clothes)
  • small size of the reverse button, although the location of her selfquite convenient for the user. Buy this screwdriver for 4999

Cordless Screwdriver BOSCH GSR 12-2 Professional

tool is widely known in our country, and apparently made in the traditional style of the BOSCH company.The range of speed of rotation of the product consists of two sub-bands, namely:

  • first sub-band from 0 to 400 rev / min
  • second sub-band from 0 to 1200 rev / min

includes keyless chuck (10 mm) in the technical equipment of the tool,stick coating product cushioning pad 25 and torque the installation steps, the maximum value of which is 27 Nm.The package includes 2 battery capacity of 1.5 Ah and charger, which restores the performance of the product for 1 hour.

Cordless Screwdriver BOSCH GSR 12-2 Professional

screwdriver main disadvantages are:

  • lack of pads on the rear of the tool body
  • several unsuccessful cartridge location, which may cause inconvenience when replacing the replaceable tool

Cordless Screwdriver METABO BSZ 14,4 Impuls

equipment is equipped with enough rare option "impulse", which eliminates the need for core drilling, and maximizes the use of a torque whose value is 55 Nm.The range of speed of rotation of the product consists of two sub-bands, namely:

  • first sub-band from 0 to 400 rev / min
  • second sub-band from 0 to 1400 rev / min

tool comes with a charger and two batteries.

Cordless Screwdriver METABO BSZ 14.4 Impuls

main disadvantages of the screwdriver are:

  • Several dimensional body
  • Large-sized battery module lock button, which may cause some inconvenience during
  • unsuccessful location of ventilation holes at the bottom of a tool that will quickly become clogged inconditions of high concentrations of dust

After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the models summarize our analysis in the final conclusions.Power Tool METABO BSZ 14,4 Impuls, equipped with the useful feature of "impulse", offers the user a great opportunity, but its high cost and weight (2 kg), clearly not contribute to the popularity of the instrument.Features screwdrivers BOSCH GSR 12-2 Professional and Makita 8281DWPE approximately the same.Note that a lower torque screwdriver brand BOSCH fully compensated battery capacity and, therefore, longer operating time.Maximum comfort at work, apparently, is able to provide screwdriver Hitachi DS12DVF3, despite its exotic design.Excellent ergonomics tool contributes to feelings of security and confidence, and a flashlight and anchorages model on the belt only increase the ease of operation.The most important advantage of the model is its fair value and is at high quality of the instrument's performance.The disadvantage of all three models is "Memory┬╗ NiCd type batteries: Batteries may be recharged only when they are completely discharged.Now draw your own conclusions as to choose the right cordless screwdriver You know better than anyone else, select the appropriate option from the above written, and do not forget about safety when working with the instrument.Good luck in the operation, as well as being to leave your feedback!