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August 12, 2017 18:08

protective equipment when working with tools


  • 1 How to protect your eyes from injury with a dangerous work
  • 2 Safety of our working with high-risk instrument depends only on us
  • 3 One measure of the quality of the tool is its passivesafety
  • 4 Personal protective equipment and innovations in their design, stand guard your health
  • 5 human protection against electric shock when working with tools
  • 6 respiratory protection against harmful substances
  • 7 Proper use of the tool for other purposes will allow to work without injury
  • 8 in working clothes, too, must be order

protective equipment when working with tools In everyday life, we often have to use different tools, and it may be a passive or an increased danger.And when it begin to forget the danger immediately begins to show his grin, causing sometimes fatal wounds.Even professionals who use the tool almost daily, sometimes forgetting about vigilance, immediately begin to feel his insidiousness of dismissive attitude.
And when this tool is in inexperienced hands, it becomes a terrible weapon, and can pose

a threat not only for those who have it in their hands, but also to others.Who watched comedy "Operation Y", one could see as a "shot back" Shura of a jackhammer.This is a prime example of the use of tools is not ponaznacheniyu.But to each instrument manufacturer's instruction manual for the competent and safe working with him.That's what it is now and will be a conversation.

How to protect your eyes from injury with a dangerous work

purchasing tool, people hardly read the accompanying instructions or read a part of it, believing that everything is clear, and their ability to perform well enough for the intended job.They are more interested in the page with the stamp of guarantee.This disregard for the careful reading of the instructions may cause damage to the purchased instrument or consumable will be spoiled.In addition, the user can sometimes suffer.

Working with a drill, sander or puncher, admit that you never use protective goggles.And just for your eyes people manufactured these glasses.Apparently they are more worried about your vision than you.When working with tools produced a huge number of tiny particles and pieces that scatter in different directions with a fairly high speed, and it is enough one of them to ruin your eyesight.The disadvantage of that is the use of safety goggles when working with the instrument, it is far-fetched opinion, excuse, and talk about the economic costs for the purchase of glasses is inconvenient in comparison with the possibility of eye injury.Of current eyewear can be worn even on top of ordinary glasses.Among them are "Ekolyuks" glasses having lateral protection and the ability to push the arc, making it universally applicable.These glasses are made of transparent polycarbonate, which is resistant to impacts of flying particles generated during processing of products.And the speed of the emitted particles in the processing of products from metal or concrete can reach 45 meters per second and received eye injury at such a rate can be fatal to humans.

our safety when dealing with high-risk instrument depends only on us

Possible Cause eye injury when working with the instrument can be an elementary non-compliance with safety regulations.So, careless attention to the place where you put off but still continuing to rotate the tool may result in raising a cloud of fine dust, which is also not safe for your eyes.

In any electric tools for cooling has special air vents and if they get at the garbage careless attitude to the instrument, this debris can cause damage to the instrument when it is turned on, which in turn can lead to injury you.

One of the indicators of quality of the tool is its passive safety

passive safety , the circle on the grinder broke All the known world producers tool constantly working to create safe products, carrying out numerous tests in laboratories and on construction sites.And if we apply the terminology of the automobile, the instrument security can be divided into passive or active.So patented by «DeWalt» black - tool yellow color, it is not only a corporate color, which should be more recognizable for branded products and protect it from counterfeiting, but also creates its passive safety.In view of the sharp contrast of yellow tools and usually gray colored building site it is not possible to miss on the way.And as usually such a tool is plugged in, it may be the possibility of electric shock from the attack on the cable with which it is connected.

to innovations by applying passive safety tool change the power cord color can be attributed to the previously used black to red.Change the color, which does not comply with any protective function, but the red color in the human mind has always been associated with danger and, therefore, the opportunity to step on the cord sharply reduced.Changing the color of the power cord for the first time began to conduct company «METABO».She also belongs to the innovation in the use of non-standard solutions for passive safety tool, ie the equipment of his «METABO CODE» system, which encodes a tool against unauthorized use.The basic idea of ​​this system was - the inability to include work on the tool left unattended while the owner, and, consequently, injury curious.

Personal protective equipment and innovations in their design, stand guard your health

Another way to increase the safety of the tool is the method implemented by «BOSCH» for angle grinder «GWS 24 - 230 LVL».Applied in the machine system «Kick Back Stop» allows automatic and immediate shutdown of the motor during its disk jamming during operation.A jamming working grinding wheel in the machine is the biggest nuisance, since it can lead to rupture of the circle and shrapnel injury to his working with this tool, as well as those who are nearby.Another one of the types of protection of personnel from possible injury is the inability to turn on the instrument without pressing an additional button before starting.This protection makes it impossible samovklyucheniya tool after tripping when the voltage is lost on the network.All these increase the cost of protection produced by the instrument, but this price can not be compared with our health, they are preserved.

And a special place in the prevention of accidents at work is mandatory shlifmaschinkami angular setting guard before starting work on it, which can save a person from injury possibly even incompatible with life at break of the grinding wheel.The pieces, break the cycle, fly with great destructive speed.Therefore, the use of protective equipment such as goggles, special gloves and shoes, and possibly helmet builder will help to keep your health when working with high-risk instrument.

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Of course, the use of helmets for protection against head injury when working with tools in the home can cause sarcastic smirk from your family, but you certainly know what is protectedit is your head, and not someone - that someone else, and so on, these smirk, do not pay any attention to what.

application of specialized shoes can protect your feet from injury when operating a jackhammer or a hammer, when fallen off a large chunk of concrete falls to you on your feet.This is not to say that such cases allow safe, but to prevent possible injury, because these shoes have special socks that can withstand the shocks and considerable pressure on them to protect their feet.To all this we can add that some firms involved in the production of specialized footwear, equipped with its puncture pads that have increased resistance to high temperatures.In addition, they seek to shoes was easy and convenient.Perhaps the use of these protective devices at home at short-term performance of work on the tool is not so necessary to, for both working professionals engaged in every day and almost no issue from his hands.

protect a person from electric shock when working with tools

Protecting people from electric shock During the execution of various construction and repair work becomes necessary the use of electrified instrument.During the mixing of liquid materials such as paints, solutions, adhesives, various mixers.They may be specialized, and sometimes use conventional electric drill with clamping chuck in its mixer metal.This is where you can trap dangerous, because not everyone knows how to protect his class drill.Although it is listed in the tool passport, but it usually passes by your attention, as if it were written for someone else and not for you.And it is necessary to know, as the drill CLASS 1 protection is in the power cord into a third grounding contact and work with this drill ground, and without personal protective equipment (gloves, dielectric) is strictly forbidden.With a drill that has a 2 and 3 protection class, it is possible to work without gloves, and in any case it can not be grounded.As we can see that the basic human means of protection against electric shock of his defeat is grounded when it is provided in the data sheet and insulating gloves.They are not too expensive to yourself to experience the force of the current.
Special attention should deserve the power cords and cables that connect the electric tools.This is a more sensitive tool accessories, since they are under the constant influence of the environment.On it can occur, something to put or drop something heavy, and this may cause a short circuit and the consequences of which are not predictable.While causing damage is quite difficult, as the wire there are double insulated and nylon braid to protect against rupture, which allows you to pull it.However, for long term use of wire in the cord may break from the frequent bends or be killed, although external examination can not detect it.And if it does not work when connected to the power network, it may be the case when the cord is defective, not the tool.In case of failure of the power cord power tool manufacturers do not recommend twist on a faulty cord, and insist on a new replacement cord.Made twisted as if she had not been performed qualitatively, can not replace a holistic cable.Therefore, for the purpose of electrical cord with a twist should soon be replaced by a new

Respiratory protection against harmful substances

Respiratory protection from exposure to hazardous substances performing works such as cutting sander ceramic tiles, work with the hammer on the punching of holes in concrete or punchingGrooves in the wall for concealed laying electric wires, we see clouds of dust are formed and if there is no protection against it, then a large amount of it may be in our respiratory organs.World famous company started to produce tools at work which happens to collect dust and fine particles in a special container with subsequent purification.These containers are mainly equipped with grinders and drills and impact drills equipped with special suction devices.For example, the firm «BOSCH» began producing hammer drill «PSB 650 RA», which is equipped with a microfiltration system.This system allows you to remove the area of ​​the punching holes the dust and fine particles, sending them to a special waste bin, and the air is passed through a microfilter.

Well, if you have a tool does not have this protection, you will want to advise buy a respirator or, in extreme cases, to apply elemental gauze bandage when performing dusty work.They are, though not completely, but still will save your lungs from dust.

Proper use of the tool for other purposes will allow to work without injury

very large number of injuries occur when replacing consumables electrified instrument.Trying to forcibly stop the sander a switched off by pressing the lock gears or stopping the rotation of the drill chuck by holding his hand, all of these attempts lead to injury.Also, when changing a drill or a circle you must disconnect the plug from the outlet to avoid the inadvertent inclusion tool.

When using tools connected to the compressor it is also necessary to use only for its intended purpose.Not to use it for cleaning clothes and equipment from dust, which is very often done and resulting in injury to the eyes.

in working clothes, too, must be order

Never operate the tool in overalls, you expose yourself to the risk of being injured, as the old tracksuits, jackets are not designed to protect your body from the hot and large fragments of the treated object.They themselves can cause injury, such as flushing of the metal sparks.Clothes manufactured from a special material, which is impregnated with water-repellent composition.It does not burn and can withstand high temperatures and resistant to chemicals.Of course, at home, such clothing is not needed, but the acquisition of the elementary working suit just need to work with the tool.The above tips can help you avoid major mistakes when working with the tool and maintain your health.