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August 12, 2017 18:08

Hand cultivator garden - variety, price , selection


  • 1 Varieties of hand garden tillers and the principle of their action
  • 2 How to choose cultivators Garden
  • 3 prices Hand cultivators
  • 4 Pros garden cultivators

Handmade garden cultivator Photo Hand cultivator - your assistant at the summer cottage.That came a time when the cold season is gradually coming to its logical conclusion.Soon the time will come when all the summer residents sent their strings on land, to hold the first cultivation of the land and plant vegetables.The huge help in loosening the ground, her weeding and preparing furrows for planting your favorite vegetables you will have a garden cultivator - hand tools, able to combine several functions, which usually cope with a few items of garden tools with great physical effort.Today we consider the basic criteria, variety, reasonable prices, before you choose and buy garden cultivators.

Varieties of hand garden tillers and the principle of their action

The simplest kind of garden cultivator is a steel nozzle with respect to a long handle,

which consists of a fifteen- or go direct tridtsatisantimetrovyh the closed metal teeth.Their number may vary from three to eight.With such a cultivator you can easily loosen the soil or weed the weeds.It should be noted that working with such a device there is standing, you hold the handle with both hands, and then pulling the nozzle with teeth toward you, loosen the desired land.

Handmade garden cultivator Photo

If you use a regular hoe, then the processing of the earth you have to spend 2 times more time than if you resort to using a hand cultivator.

There are even more convenient varieties of garden cultivators.The so-called walking tiller for cultivation, which is usually still called hoe with wheels.This device has a much more complex structure than the previous instance of the cultivator tines.It is equipped with 2 sets of wheels, a handle, the length of which can be changed at your convenience, as well as a few feet-nozzles with asterisks, which, strictly speaking, and treated soil.This garden cultivator help you in plowing the land, as well as the cultivation and weed control.Note that each type of work you need to install wheels of a certain type.So large wheels, thus achieving a sufficiently high speed of work will be needed to open areas.But weeding should take care of the installation of small wheels, for accurate work near your planting.

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The main advantages of this cultivator are sufficiently high speed cultivation, as well as the possibility of cultivation of the land, both in forward and in reverse.It should be noted that in comparison with the usual hoe, you will be able to save up to 6 times longer.

But be careful, on colossi cultivator is suitable only for ground plots which do not contain a huge quantity of stones, otherwise you may have some problems in walking beam cultivator.

How to choose garden cultivators

Hand cultivator must have a removable handle-cutting.Its height may be adjusted depending on the growth of human who uses it.Also, the handle can also be used when working with other garden tools.When buying a hand cultivator should carefully examine its metal star-shaped knives.The highest quality of them are made of special steel, which makes them resistant to fracture.The scope of the purchased device two sets of wheels should include, at least 4 stellate nozzles work the land to a depth equal to four or five centimeters.It should also pay attention to the fact that it was possible to remove the central axis of the star-shaped wheel that allows weeding for weed control on both sides of the beds.

prices Hand cultivators

Today, the market can offer customers cultivators domestic and foreign production.But it is worth considering that the cost of imported hand cultivators will be several times higher.Depending on the model, the cost of domestic cultivator can vary from three hundred to five hundred rubles, but the price of foreign production units will cost you two or three thousand "wooden".

Cost walking cultivators having stellate nozzles range from four hundred to two thousand rubles on the domestic models and from a thousand to three for imported models.But a lot will also depend on the size and configuration of the model.

What distinguishes imported models from domestic, since the price is so dramatically different?The fact is that the difference lies in the quality of production technologies, and you will have to pay a premium for the name of the manufacturer.

Pros garden cultivators

cultivators to use the manual can both adults and children.Even pensioners will be able to master this instrument.This tool requires much less physical effort than using other tools, such as hoes and shovels.Stellate legs can boast efficient weeding flower beds, by damage to the root system of the weeds, and then they are removed from the earth.Applying manual garden cultivator, you will greatly reduce the time required to weed the beds.This means that more time can spend a relaxing holiday.