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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to sharpen tools


  • 1 tool sharpener
  • 2 tool bar
  • 3 tool whetstone
  • 4 tool file
Sharpening tools Photo sharpening is performed with the help of tools such as a bar,sharpener, whetstone and file.

In order to work efficiently and do not require significant physical effort, it is important to monitor the status of all instruments was performed.The first thing to keep track of their sharpening, which is carried out with the help of tools such as a bar, sharpener, whetstone and file.

tool sharpener

This tool is intended for sharpening blades of cutting tools.Available in different shapes and sharpener grain.Using coarse sharpening causes the sharpened tools that remain scratches and nicks.Fine-grained winepress are removed, making the blade smooth and sharp.When sharpening chisels, chisels, planer with a round whetstone he was sent towards the blade.At work it is important to monitor the position of the tip.It should be on the grinding stone completely.When you sharpen avoid annealing steel stone tool should be r

egularly moistened with water.Once the tip is sharpened, it must be a little round with a view to working with the tool was able to avoid chipping on the treated surfaces.

Sharpening of axes is carried out on a round winepress.Chamfer tool is pressed against the winepress and honing follow, not to change the angle of sharpening.This ax middle stick with one hand and the butt tools - other.Sharpened should be directed towards the ax.From time to time the ax sharpener and must be cooled with water.Sharpening the ax is held on both sides.Blade circular motion is brought on fine-grained bar or touchstone.

tool bar

Made of sandstone block used for coarse sharpening the blade tools.He removes metal quickly enough due to large grains.Before sharpening the bar, as well as sharpener, moistened, and then fixed.Then pressed to the bar and chamfer tool, carrying the pressure, drive through it forward or backward.After sharpening the blade bar is brought to the touchstone.

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tool whetstone

TOUCHSTONE for sanding blade after sharpening.Moreover, it is used for burr removal tool with a blade.On oiled machine oil or soaked with water touchstone lead blade, carrying out a circular motion and turning the blade alternately one or the other side until it is completely smooth and acquires a shiny reflective surface.

tool file

There are several types of files that are used for grinding of various tools.For example, a triangular file for sharpening saws.The size of a file in this case is determined by the dimensions of the saw teeth.Prior to sharpening the saw teeth are bred, in order to have the same height and the same width of divorce.This is accomplished or adjustable pliers or a special tool (wiring).

Before sharpening the saw is clamped in a vice so that the teeth on the jaws were about 20 mm.Sharpening the saw blade to the right toward the left.At the same time her teeth appear enhance cutting ability burrs tool.When sharpening you need to make sure that all the teeth had the same number of a file motions.Before sawing damp wood saw teeth are sharpened on both sides.Properly and carefully sharpened drill contribute to obtaining accurate and high-quality holes.Typically, the drill hones with the necessary specialist knowledge and experience.To this end, it uses the file or broach, and final finishing performs on the touchstone.

Designed drills for metal sharpening on corundum or sand bars and round grinding disc.In that case, if the drill bit dull, it is necessary to undermine having a small incision knife file.This is done lightly in the direction of clockwise.

scissors blade sharpening is performed at an angle of 70-74 °.With the aim of significantly reducing the friction on the blades of knives made equal to 2-3 ° relief angle.To extend the life of cutting tools, they should be protected from dust and moisture.Now you know how to sharpen tools - an ax, a saw, a knife blade cutting tools.