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August 12, 2017 18:08

Tools for performance and handling of holes

Tools for performance and handling of holes photo Using tools like drill, countersink, countersink, punch

tool drills

holes were made by drilling.For this purpose, use the drill in the form of spirals, gimlets, electric and hand drills and so on. D. See the useful article how to choose the drill for metal, concrete, wood correctly.We have drills are divided into cutting and cylindrical working part, the shank is placed in the spindle (rotatable shaft having a device for fixing the drill and so on. N.) Of the machine and foot.To chips fly off during operation in the direction in the cylindrical portion of the drill is performed with two helical grooves ribbons at the edges.The ribbons are intended to reduce the friction of the drill hole edge.

cutting part of the drill made in the form of a cone.On it are three edges, one transverse and two cutters.Depending upon the metal from which the item is made, the angle of the drill sharpener operate within the 110-150 °.drill shank can be conical or cylindrical.Shank cylindrical shape fixed jaw chuck

in the machine spindle.Shank having a conical shape, is held in the spindle due to the friction between the cone of the shank and the conical transition sleeve.Foot drill is designed to stop the extraction of the drill out of the socket or socket.

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When the drill rotates, removes chips from the metal surface and gradually delving into the details, is moving along the axis of rotation.If the corners of the drill cutting edge quickly become dull, it is an indication that the rotation speed is too high and must be reduced.It can be done only after the drive will be completely stopped.

work with electric drill should be wearing rubber gloves or standing during the drilling of one foot on the rubber mat.In addition, the need to constantly monitor the state of an electric wire.Upon completion of drilling operations should be carefully collect the chips with a broom and discard.

countersink tool

This tool is intended for finishing grooves conical or cylindrical shape, and chamfer drill holes under the head of bolts, screws and rivets.Countersink can be tapered and cylindrical.Consists of a cylindrical reamer shank working portion and the teeth 4-8 with the guide pin, which is lowered into the bore hole, whereby the bore axis and aligned recesses obtained by countersinking.We also have a tapered countersink shank and a working part.In most cases, used with a cone angle of the countersink 60, 90 and 120 °.

countersink tool

Zenker for finishing obtained in various ways (for stamping, drilling, forging or casting) holes.Zenker looks like a drill.But in contrast to having two cutting edges of the drill, countersink them in 3 or 4. The shank countersink is clamped in the chuck.If the hole is drilled using a drill, and then communicated countersink, the drill diameter must be smaller than the diameter of the finished hole.

tool punch

punch is used to make holes of different diameters.

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