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August 12, 2017 18:08

Working with an ax and chisel

Working with an ax and chisel photo Rules work with the ax and chisel

Types axes

There axes with round and straight edges.Axe having straight blade, suitable for cutting wood, an ax with a rounded blade is essential for finishing.An important part of the ax, namely ax, made of hardwood, such as maple, ash, hornbeam, birch.The wood must be free of knots, cracks, mold and rot.Ax carefully fine tuning first coarse and then fine sandpaper.Then cover with a layer mixed with 11-12% strength ocher varnish.To increase the length of service ax, it should be covered with varnish.

In order to cut down the hole, cut the wire and some metal bands use different types of chisels.So, made of special tool steel plumbing chisel oval cut steel, having a thickness of about 1 mm.Chisel Kogan with wide enough cutting is often used to cut through steel sheets with thickness up to 1 mm.

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Small details pre-clamped in a vise, and cut down on the planned lines, and parts having large dimensions, also cut in the planned line

s, but only covered 13-15 mm steel sheettable.When felling in the grip you need to ensure that the cutting edge of the chisel is flush with the jaws of the vice.For this purpose, the item is clamped so that the risk of the grip aligned with the edge of the insert.Details of steel having a thickness of 1.5 mm, chop in one reception, and having a thickness of 1.6 mm - 2 doses.

Rules for working with chisel

During harvesting it is important that the movement of the cutting edge of the tool is strictly for the intended line.With his left hand hold the tool at a slight angle to chop off parts.Hitting the hammer on the chisel.After the ice-hole on one side of the part of its turn over to the other side and do the same thing, and then the item is breaking open arms.When cabin parts necessary to ensure that flying off towards the small pieces do not hurt bystanders.Grind chisels exactly the same as a pair of scissors.