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August 12, 2017 18:08

The calculation of the pump power to the well


  • 1 How to choose a deep well pump?
    • 1.1 Independent calculation of pump capacity
  • 2 Tips operating specialists pumps

In suburban homes connected to a central water supply is almost impossible.What to do?Carry your own water supply system, do well or borehole.The second option is more convenient, but requires addressing the masses of different issues.

How to choose a deep well pump?

Thanks to our Online - Calculator power pump wells, only a few minutes to solve the question, taking into account several parameters to determine the accuracy of the response.This will be true for submersible and surface

pumps for wells.

well Parameters:

  • depth;
  • water quality;
  • the volume of water pumped per unit of time;
  • distance from the water level to the ground surface;
  • diameter of the pipe;
  • daily volume of used fluid.

Yes, this thing is very troublesome, requires precise engineering approaches, as well as the study of many formulas for calculating power submersible and surface pumps and tables to help determine exactly with the required parameters.

Independent calculation of the pump power

As without the professional help pick up the pump for the well in the parameters of the unit?This is possible in the first place must be considered the pressure and flow rate of the well.Consumption - the amount of water for a certain amount of time, and the head - the height in meters, at which the pump is able to pump water.

To calculate pump power for the well need to take the average, the rate of water per person per day 1 cubic meter, then multiply that number by the number of people living in the house.

example calculation for calculating alluvium power for a small home:

It turns out a three-person family consumes 22 liters per minute, but it should take into account the force majeure, which will increase the water requirement per person.Because a median will be 2m cubic per day.It turns out 5 cubic meters - daily water consumption.

further defines the maximum pump pressure characteristic for this house height in meters increased by 6 meters and is multiplied by the pressure loss ratio in the autonomous system of water supply system, which is 1, 15.

If payment is at a height of 9 meters of the house, we dopower calculation operations cause the formula like this: (9 + 6) * 1.15 = 17.25.This is the minimum feature, now to the design head is necessary to add the distance from the water table in the well to the surface of the earth.Let be the number 40. What happens?40 + 17.25 = 57.25.If the water source is from the house about 50 meters, the pump must have the force of pressure: 57.25 5 = 62.25 meters.

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That's the power of the pump independent calculation formula for a well in kilowatts.Exactly the same numbers can be accessed by online calculation, using simple table, in which the user must enter data about the depth of the well, a mirror of water, the area, the number of people living in the house, as well as provide additional information on the number of showers, sinks, bathroomroom, sink, there is a washing machine, dishwasher and toilet.

calculations are made for a single click of a mouse.They are reliable and valid for the duration of the data obtained from the consumer.

pump power calculation Calculator well

depth of the well, m.
Water Mirror, m.
Land area, ar
number living
The house is set

Tips operating specialists pumps

Whatelse you need to know a person, in order to establish a high quality water supply system in the house?Pumps of several types are: immersion, the surface in the form of stations.

  1. Surface - have a low price, are designed to work without immersion in a liquid.Recommended for up to 7 meters, otherwise water will be dirty and poor quality.
  2. Submersible - centrifugal, reliability and performance, helping to effectively purify water from sand.Today it is the most popular and sought after models.Screw - work not only at home but also in open water.
  3. Pumping Station.

Important: inadmissible to save on the pump power is thus an autonomous system will not be able to wash quality filters, dirty water running home.Also keep in mind that some manufacturers of products in the passport indicate the maximum characteristics of the product, and the need to pay attention to the nominal values ​​- work, that performance was normal, without pitfalls, and other troubles.

Before you do the calculation power of the pump for the well, you need to take care of as a system of pipes that will pass water at a certain pressure.This metal and polypropylene products.The last - much more frequently used in everyday life, but have low stability under extremes of temperature and pressure in the system.

Attention: pump is chosen for a long time, and therefore it is important to well-acquainted with all Rynkova proposals, choosing well-known brand with a presence service centers for repair and maintenance of your system.

Council : better to take a pump with automatic if the motor overheats, the system automatically stops, otherwise - fail.

Do capacity submersible pump and surface calculations for wells on our site, and save time with the installation of a water unit.