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August 12, 2017 18:08

Calculation of battery charge time


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How much time you need to charge your phone, laptop or other machines where batteries are used?Would you like to know, and in fact it is possible to calculate very quickly and simply online kalkulyatoromSkolko same should be charged at the time of the battery? Battery capacity is measured in milliamp hour, its manufacturers write on the package of the product and the charger has ukazanydannye of the current generation according to this device (Jr.. a).If we divide the capacity by the charging current, you get the time in hours.But this is still not final results, because the need to take into account the efficiency of the device, that is, multiply the result of dividing by 1.4.

rechargeable battery charge calculation will be as follows: T = 1,4 C / I.There are indicators of the charging time, and the current capacity of the charger.In practice, these data may differ naprotsent

ov 20, because during charging of rechargeable batteries depends on the quality of products, a correct format and ambient temperature.

The easiest way - to use the device with automatic control, but in this case, the pre-charge current can be slow, because it is not necessary to leave the battery on the charger after full charge.

Each such product has its life time which is determined by the number of recharge cycles.This value depends on the battery type.Because if you constantly underload device, it is possible to significantly reduce the time of the product.To maintain its integrity, and use for a long time is necessary to make the right timing the charging of rechargeable batteries

Effective calculator online

Battery capacity mAh
current charger mAh
charging time (h)

worrying matter how many hours you need to charge the rechargeable batteries, there is a logical and simple answer.Thanks to a simple formula calculation result can be a few seconds to get the necessary data.To do this, enter the parameters in the capacity of the battery charger and the current table.Press the "Calculate" button and take a ready answer.

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Warning: the value obtained should be multiplied by a factor greater than 1, because of the energy is converted into heat and lost, especially when the temperature is below zero.When calculating the time of charging the batteries of nickel suitable percentage of 1.4.

battery discharge voltage should not be less than 0,9v regardless of the discharge current.In most devices the threshold is determined automatically.

You can interrupt the charge, but the total value should not be less than raschetnogo.V charging process can heat up the housing, the maximum temperature - 55 degrees.When the device is switched from the main charge regime dozaryadnoe.The temperature is reduced and the process of being updated.

How much should I charge the rechargeable batteries after the acquisition?

When buying a new unit charge carried by half, and because the first three times you need to fully discharge the device until it is completely off, and then charge to full power about 12 hours, following the enclosed instructions from the manufacturer.A fully charged battery for 3 to 4 hours, and in time there is a slow charging current up to the full limit.After three full cycles of recharging the device enters into operation, and no need to wait for it to complete discharge or charge.

Online payment battery charging time on our website will quickly get the desired result, which will prompt each user how much to charge the rechargeable batteries, so that they function smoothly for a long time.