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August 12, 2017 18:08

Flow Calculation of putty and plaster mix online


  • 1 Online calculator flow plaster.How to use flow program material
    • 1.1 Factors affecting the flow of the mixture at the plaster walls
    • 1.2 Types putty and calculator consumption of putty on the walls and ceiling
  • 2 How to make calculation of the amount of plaster mixture by hand?

Alignment wall plaster is a serious and time-consuming finishing room.Conventionally used cement and lime mixtures, are presented on finishing products market.Making accurate calculation of finishing material calculator for a few seconds.

Before you go to the store for building materials, it is necessary to make a preliminary calculation of their amounts according to the application area.Thanks online - Cost calculator plaster mixture to make it easy.Within a few minutes you'll know how many bags you need to repair, and a car is needed for such a mass of cargo.How to calculate the amount of filler in various ways to calculate the approximate amount that will be spent in the procurement of building m


best to use the flow calculator plaster mixture per 1m2.decorative plaster calculation will be different from the basic cost, of leveling.If you have already decided on the type of mixture and know exactly processed surface area, the calculated flow rate putty on the wall is not difficult.

wall length m
wall height m
average thickness mm
type plaster GipsovayaDekorativnayaKoroedRotbandTsementnaya smesVetonit
weight of the bag of plaster kg

necessary bags: total weight

Online calculator flow plaster.How to use the program material consumption

First you need to enter in the table the exact parameters for plastering the walls of the square, make a dry mixture, and press "calculate".If there are fractional numbers, they must be separated from the integer-point rather than a comma.In just a few seconds, the finished result: how much to buy bags of material and the total weight of the plaster.
to the data fully meet the future costs need to know some basic nuances in the calculation of the product, which can significantly affect the cost filler.Bole to know exactly the amount of material in view of windows and doors will help calculator putty.

Factors affecting the flow of the mixture at the plaster walls

1. If there is a pronounced curvature of the walls, which means that the plaster will need more.
2. Depending on the type of material will be determined by its consistency and flow.It is important to become familiar with the technological standards of product purchased.

3. Gypsum plaster is consumed at a rate of 9 kg per m2, it has a high strength and moisture resistance.

4. Cement - 17 kg per m2.Suitable for exterior and interior decoration, applied a special machine, reliable and durable.

5. Decorative plaster consumed in much the same way as gypsum, used to hand-finishing of high quality processing of walls and ceilings of the room.
6. Bark consumption per m2 - 3 kg.It is used for facades, has a pleasant relief texture, it looks like a timber.

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7. Vetonit - from 50 to 170 g per m2.The exact calculation can be performed calculator construction mixtures based on the desired layer.

Often it turns out that for finishing require more material than happened in the calculation, so you can make the gap in the direction of rounding to the greater number.

Types putty and putty consumption calculator on the walls and ceiling

Modern classification distinguishes several types of plaster, which differ in the composition of the filler, binding elements and the method of application.

Mineral filler consisting of cement and lime, suitable for interior and exterior surfaces.It has a low cost, but not very good quality.It will be ineffective when applied to walls with vibration, as well as in multi-storey buildings.

Silicate plaster more durable and reliable, it is composed of liquid potassium glass.It does not attract dust, long preserved in purity.

Acrylic mix more versatile, suitable for interior and exterior finishes.It is water-resistant, easy to clean and dries quickly when applied.

expensive materials considered to be silicone putty.It is flexible, easy to apply and has a long service life.When choosing a finishing material should be guided by the above-mentioned characteristics, based on the financial capacity of the consumer.

How to make calculation of the amount of plaster mixture by hand?

Take the following indicators:
• 10 m2 is necessary to plaster the wall, which is filled up to 5 m with beacons in three places with a deviation of 4 cm;
• calculate the rate for one square meter;
• look at the package rate, for example, 8.5 kg of the mixture on a 10 mm layer of 1 m2;
• Now multiply by 4 cm by 8 kg.and we get 34 kg, for a square meter;
To determine the amount of material in bags of 34 kg multiplied by 10 m2 = 340 kg, and divided by 30 kg bag and get about 11-12 bags, we rounded figures in a big way and have the number of bags to purchase.

effective payment putty for walls online kalkulyatorom.Tochno such figures can be obtained for a few seconds, using the online calculator filler flow.Fast, accurate, affordable!Now you can safely proceed to the fulfillment of the work.Of course, the insurance can throw 10 percent, that certainly did not have to go to the store twice as much excess plaster will not, it can always be used as intended.

Use, construction calculators on our website and be sure of the reliability and the data obtained.