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August 12, 2017 18:08

Calculation of the required cable cross-section


  • 1 How to use the calculator online?
  • 2 Calculation of power loss in the cable under the school formula
  • 3 Why do the calculation of voltage loss in the cable?
  • 4 reduce power losses Ways cable
    • 4.1 transfer calculator watts values ​​in amps
  • 5 Video on the correct choice of the wire section and the typical errors

How to properly and accurately to make a cable cross-section calculationfor loss of voltage?Very often in the design of power supply networks require competent calculation of losses in the cable.The exact result is important to select the material with the required conductor cross-sectional area.If the cable is not set correctly, this will entail multiple material costs, because the system will quickly fail and cease to function.Thanks to sites assistants where there is already prepared a program for calculating cable and losses section on it, it can be done easily and quickly.

How to use the calculator online?

The finished table is necessary to enter the

data according to the selected material of the cable, the load capacity of the system, the supply voltage, the temperature of the cable and its method of installation.After you click "calculate" and get the finished result.
The calculation of voltage drops in the line can be safely used in the work, if you do not take into account the resistance of the cable line under certain conditions:

  • Pointing power factor cos phi is equal to one.
  • Lines DC network.
  • AC power at a frequency of 50 Hz made conductors with cross-sections up to 25.0-95.0.

The results should be used according to each individual case, taking into account all the errors of cables and wires.

sure to fill out all values!

line length (m) / Cable material:


Load Power (W) or current (A):

network voltage (V):


1 phase

power factor (cosφ):


3 phase

Permissible voltage drop (%):

cable temperature (° C):

cabling method:

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cable cross section of not less than (mm²)

current density (A / mm²)
wire resistance (ohms)

voltage across the load (B)
voltage losses (/%)

calculation of power loss in the cable under the school formula

Get the necessary data can be as follows, using a combination of indicators such calculations: ΔU = I * RL (voltage drop in the line current consumption * = cable resistance).

Why do the calculation of voltage loss in the cable?

Needless to energy dissipation in the cable may result in a significant loss of power, excessive heat and damage to cable insulation.It is dangerous to human and animal life.When a substantial length of the line is the impact on the cost of the light, which also adversely affect the material condition of the premises owner.

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addition, uncontrolled loss of voltage in the cable can cause failure of many electrical appliances as well as their complete destruction.Very often, tenants use the cable cross-sections less than needed (to save), which soon causes a short circuit.A future costs of replacement or repair electrical wiring are not worth wallets "thrifty" users.That is why it is important to select the right cross-section of the cable laid wiring.Any wiring in a building should be started only after a careful calculation of losses in the cable.It is important to remember, electricity - does not give a second chance, so all you need to do initially correctly and efficiently.

reduce power losses in the cable Ways

losses can be reduced in several ways:

o increase in the cable cross-sectional area;

o reduction in the length of the material;

o decrease in load.

often with the last two points is more difficult, and therefore have to do it by increasing the cross sectional area of ​​electric cable wires.This will help to reduce the resistance.This version has a few expensive things.Firstly, the cost of using this material for many kilometers systems are very noticeable, and therefore must choose the correct cable cross section in order to reduce power loss in the cable threshold.

Online payment allows the voltage loss to do it for a few seconds, taking into account all the additional features.For those who want to double-check the results manually, there is a physical and mathematical formula for calculating voltage loss in the cable.Certainly, it is the perfect companion for every designer of electric systems.

power and wire size

transfer calculator watts values ​​in amps

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Video on the correct choice of the wire section and the typical errors