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August 12, 2017 18:08

Costing and heating costs calculator

correct calculation of the heating system of a private house - is a guarantee of quality space heating, and comfort all guests.The more accurately and more efficiently performed the function of heating the entire space, the fewer problems will arise in the operation of the house.

do exactly Thermal calculation alone is difficult to carry out its specialists in the design of the heating system.To count you need to know some information:

  • of the room, where radiators are located;
  • type of battery (steel, cast iron, bimetal, aluminum);
  • thermal power unit (one watt is equal to 0.86 calories of heat);
  • room type of glazing, the form of window frames;
  • type of material from which built the house;
  • features attic (insulated or not);
  • availability of additional heat sources.

and much more that is so necessary for the accurate determination on the calculation of heating capacity of the boiler data.

Online calculator for a quick solution to the problem of expenditures on heating garden

To date, there is a universal calculator for heating private houses.This simple table where you want to point out some important data, and according to them will be made operational counting heating power (kW).

Calculator private house heating allows to choose the optimum power boiler, which will perform uninterrupted warming up the house without unnecessary fuel and energy consumption.To use the online system, you need to specify in the table view of the glazing of the window, the type of insulation of walls, windows and the ratio of the area of ​​the floor, the temperature level outside the building, cover the house, the height and area of ​​the room.After you click "payment" for a few seconds the user receives the data of heat loss and the required power rating of the boiler (kW).

Warning: heating system calculator gives the result with minimal deviation from the norm.In view of the minor bugs with the introduction of your personal data.

Heated floor area sq (enter a value, for example - 200 and press Calculate button below the table). You can also change the price enorgonositelya.

Name Propane-butane Natural gas Electricity Diesel
price energy source per liter per m3 per kWh per liter
Calorific value 6,9 kW / l 8,9 kW / m3 0,95 kWh 9,4 kW / l
cost of 1 kW * h
Nominal consumption of energy at 1 l / h m3 / h kW l / h
heating cost for 1 hour
annual cost energy source l m3 kW / h l
heating costs per year

What should I look for when calculating the heating?

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  • windows retain heat better than wood, and therefore reduces heat loss.
  • The higher the height of the room, the heat loss will be greater.
  • Corner apartments need to heat more heat than the outer.
  • When installing radiators, there should be 20% higher than estimated, so they provided a full capacity of heat transfer when unexpected breakouts, extreme frost or other juice majeure.

to payment brought the desired results, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for sealing the premises, eliminate all kinds of cracks, put plastic windows, insulate the walls.Spending for central heating calculation, the calculator you need to account for minor deviations from the data obtained in order to accurately project the installation of radiators with possible heat losses.Different climatic conditions also influence the result of the efficiency of the heating system.

Note on heat transfer in a standard counting using the following indicators: cast iron radiators have a 145 watt bi - 185 W, aluminum - 190 watts.

heating power calculator is very convenient because it does not need to spend hours to paint complex formulas, delay in the construction of the system.The main thing is to properly measure and provide the requested data in the program, in order to get the most accurate results for your dachnog home.

Use the online calculator heating do not be afraid of upcoming frost!

Calculation of cost and consumption for heating

Costing and consumption for heating