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August 12, 2017 18:08

Calculation of materials on the floor screed in the room online

Before you mount the flooring is necessary to align all the floors in the apartment or room.For floor screed is mainly used cement-sand mortar.To save the budget must be properly and accurately calculate the necessary amount of material for a future solution to the floor screed.The calculation can be made using the online calculator for calculating floor screed.

values ​​given in meters, pay attention to the thickness.Specify in this format (0.00 meters)

premises Width
premises Length
Height ties
Cement kg.
Sand kg.
Water l.

Example of calculating the amount of materials needed.

To calculate the required volume of

solution we use the formula:

S × h = V


  • · S - area of ​​the premises;
  • · H - the height of the required tie layer;
  • · V - the required volume of the solution.

According to the formula above, we can calculate the required volume of dry mixture.An important point in calculating the required volume of the solution is the fact that the volume of the solution of cement, sand and water is less than the total amount of all ingredients.So from one kilogram of cement-sand mixture, after the addition of water is obtained 0.7 kg.solution.So we get the formula volume required solution:

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volume dry mixture / 0.7 = Volume of solution required

cement and sand is sold in bags with pay per kilo, sowe need to calculate the number of ingredients in kilograms.

Based on the fact that:

  • one cubic meter of cement-sand mixture weighs 1540 kg
  • cement cube is 1300 kg substance
  • cubed of sand - 1625 kg
  • cement ratio to the sand in a solution of 1 to 3
  • You can create a generic formula of the individual ingredients.

M n = (S × h / 0,7) × 325

M n = (S × h / 0,7) × 1220


  • M n - mass of cement necessary;
  • M n - mass of sand required;
  • S - surface area;
  • h - the height of the layer.

Outcome.Using the online calculator on the floor screed can practice, you can avoid the additional costs and the amount of material to learn.