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August 12, 2017 18:08

On the floors of laminate and wheezing


  • 1 Why creaking floors in the apartment
    • 1.1 irregularities base
    • 1.2 Invalid gap between the walls and laminate
    • 1.3 Changes humidity
    • 1.4 sand and dustunder the laminate
    • 1.5 Low quality laminate
    • 1.6 voltage castles
  • 2 Tips for Fixing floors creak laminate

Almost every person in his life faced with creaking floors and laminate, andHe knows how annoying.Especially annoying creaking of the laminate when the house is small children or sick people.
Any, even the cautious movement on the floor involuntarily leads to creak, to interrupt the peaceful sleep of the child, causing irritation to the patient or an elderly person.
Meanwhile, there are ways to lay a laminate so that it does not gritted.
Well, if the floor is already laid and began to creak, it will help you eliminate the creaking floor of our recommendations.

Why creaking floors in the apartment

laying laminate This article deals with all cases of creaking floors made of laminate, laying methods that prevent the

emergence of a squeak in operation, troubleshooting tips for creaking in the already laid floors.When
creaks laminate how to fix this flaw, it is the most demanded task.

consider in detail all the options and establish the occurrence of squeaking, creaking floors is why in the apartment.

irregularities base
uneven ground under the laminate

main reason why creaks laminate is indented base, on which are stacked or laid flooring.
The most common causes are deepening squeak or pits over which laid laminate slack.And if you come to this point, the material sags, causing an annoying creak.
Exclude appearance creak can only be careful alignment of the base surface.

There are cases when the laminate creaks after installation.
already stacked in the floor laminate squeaky seats removed by partial disassembly of the laminate above the recess.Align recess is made by means of the solution and checking the flatness of the site.

sure provertet evenness of the floor and a large rule urovnem- is the main cause of squeaking.
After complete drying of the surface of the laminate can be laid on the floor.

If the whole floor squeaks have all the laminate removed.

Attention!Before disassembling the floor laminate necessarily number all die.This will greatly simplify the process of assembly.

Freed from the laminate base is leveled by brandy floor.After complete drying of the soil surface, the substrate is laid on it.The thickness of the substrate can not be more than 3 mm.

substrate thickness is selected properly
underlay for laminate
This is a characteristic mistake for inexperienced parquet floor.To align the surface irregularities are frequently used substrate of large thickness.And it becomes the reason why creaks pol.Prichina banal, at high substrate thickness, in the recesses Metakhim laminate slack that causes squeaking.The recommended thickness of the substrate material of up to 3 mm.For more information on the substrate and method of installation.

By the way, choosing a laminate substrate, prefer substrates, providing sound insulation, smoothing irregularities, moisture protection.

Invalid gap between the walls and laminate

clearance under the laminate To eliminate the squeak of a laminate floor between the surface and put out by the walls of the gap is maintained, the amount of which shall not be less than 7 mm.
gap regulated area put out by the surface.The larger the area, the larger gap is required to withstand when laying laminate.
To eliminate creaking laminate, necessarily expose the gap when laying on the perimeter.The presence of the gap allows the laminate to hold a comfortable position, prevents stresses in the tool joint.Since
laminate expands with increasing temperature, with a small gap in the wall abuts laminate.A walking coating rubs, causing a creak.

How to get rid of the creaking of the laminate, if the clearance is not maintained?
necessary to remove the plinth.If located near the walls of the laminate against a wall or pulled out of the substrate, it is necessary to remove the stops and set the clearance.To correct the gap formed will need to remove the board and cut it out to places that rest against the wall.If this is for technical reasons it is impossible to do what you can do this, you can either cut Dreamer laminate or punch deepening wall.
Revised, vacuum cleaner and set plinth.

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Changes humidity
humidity and laminate

The cause of creaking laminate can be increased humidity in the room.
Attention!When you return the moisture to the original state, as a rule, sex is no longer squeak.
When laying laminate, try to measure the humidity in the room and keep it consistent throughout the year.
But how to fix the creaking of the laminate when the room humidity is constantly changing?
In this case, you only need to withstand time to laminate mastered the differences, remembered them.Over time, the creaking and crunches leave.

sand and dust under the laminate
remove sand and dust

Flooring must be carried out on a clean surface.The substrate laminate board, a vacuum cleaner base carefully and wiped.They should not be traces of dirt and dust.

Attention!not recommended without laying laminate cleaner.

All work on the laminate treatment is recommended in another room.
Contact with dust castles eventually will necessarily lead to the emergence of a squeak and the destruction of the castle.
way, poorly made screed surface may eventually flake off, causing a creak.Under load laminate As for the basics, components frays ties.

Attention!The top layer of screed is recommended to be sure to be primed in multiple layers.

by this technique reliably protect the base from destruction.If
laminate creaks after laying, and the reason in the sand and dust, it can not do without showdown.
Each die is numbered, understand floors, dust is removed with a vacuum cleaner.
surfaces thoroughly grounded in several layers.A subsequent layer of primer is applied only after complete drying of the previous layer.
on the basis of a new substrate fits the desired thickness, the laminate is laid on top according to the numbering.

Low quality laminate
low-quality laminate

One of the causes of the emergence of a squeak flooring from laminate can be of poor quality material.And even high-quality base, cleanliness during assembly, the right gap correctly chosen substrate lead to the emergence of a squeak, if you stacked laminate lower quality.In low-grade laminate weak point locks are not sustained in size.That's what causes the emergence of a squeak.Scrape
eliminated only full coverage change.Tips for repairing laminate.

voltage castles
tension in the castles

This is the most common reason.Moreover, such a defect can be observed in high-quality laminate, but only in the first few weeks or months.A professional laminate has one quality, he knows how to adapt to the geometry of the room, taking the optimum position.

It is only necessary to provide a laminate gaps, so that he could take a comfortable position.Squeaks disappear by themselves after a few weeks.

Tips to eliminate squeaking made of laminate

And how to fix the creaking of the laminate without disassembly?
Here are some tips, which saves the execution eliminates floor squeaking.

Tip 1

Eliminating local squeak.In order to eliminate the local creaking, it is necessary to heat the paraffin wax svechu.Goryachim need to pour and trowel the seams of the laminate planks creak in places.Grout is best done with a thin plastic shpatelem.Horoshie results are obtained with the help of the old grout plastic card already withdrawn from circulation.

Tip 2
If you do that creaks laminate indiscriminately?

If the floor is creaking at the walls, then by removing the baseboards, zapenivayte joints with foam or fill them with white glue.

the middle of the room is achieved drilling the holes 0.6 mm in diameter and PVA glue injection with a syringe.If

walk thresholds they can be stuck on a transparent silicone.

Tip 3
Another way video.The use of oil as a means of eliminating skirpa.


  • cause of creaking floors made of laminate affects the complexity of the fix the problem;
  • to creak not manifested, it is necessary to make a flat surface, select the desired substrate thickness, to work in a clean room with clean materials, use a high-quality laminate;
  • to eliminate squeaking laminate forever, it is recommended to do a coating of linoleum.

But the decision is always yours and Sdelalremont site will help you.
Good luck to you!