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August 12, 2017 18:08

Tips for Choosing the linoleum as determined with the choice of coating


  • 1 Choosing flooring for the purpose
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most popular and convenient of allflooring is linoleum.At first glance, it seems that and choose something it is not difficult, just need to determine the color and pattern.But it is not so.It is necessary to carefully study the technical characteristics of the coating.They provide strength and long-term use.Itself is quite complex polymeric material, generally made of natural materials.All linoleum is divided into several subtypes, of which it is said in this article.

Choosing flooring for the purpose

One species - PVC linoleum.Low cost, high performance variety of colors make this type of the most popular.The cheapest in this form will be groundless linoleum, a little more expensive - on the basis of artificial materials, the most expensive - on the basis of natural materials.But we must understand that the price depends on the service life and the

level of sound and thermal insulation: the more expensive the better.

The greenest of all linoleum - natural.Most often it is used in hospitals, orphanages, places where need constant hygienic cleanliness.

For rooms with high humidity suitable rubber linoleum (Relin).It is resistant not only to water but also to chemical agents, and generally has a high strength.Use this form can be in laboratories, production facilities.

in production and transport can be seen on the linoleum with jute-based (alkyd).It is characterized by an excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing.

There is another kind of coverage, but it is currently little used - nitrocellulose.Less linoleum in such poor fire resistance and ease of ignition.

addition to the basic types have linoleum with various additives: anti-slip, sound-insulating, anti-bacterial.

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linoleum thickness varies from 1.2 to 6 mm.When choosing the thickness of the floor is important to consider the type and level of use of the room.If the room is visited frequently and many people, the thickness should be at least 3 mm.In the less popular a room is enough to 2.5 mm.For a floor of wood would be enough for a thin linoleum, but for concrete - at least 3.5.It insulate the floor and hide its roughness.

Do not neglect the choice of color cover.If monotony is not even considered, it is best to choose a small abstract pattern.Close drawing suitable only large non-residential premises.Laying lenoliuma requires training base and the necessary instructions for its stowage .Send to the store should be the plan of the room in the arms and clear measurements.Buy linoleum need of one party and a little more than the required amount.It is also important to examine it carefully, so that it did not crack, dent, peel off the film, the strong odor and oily shine.For the availability of low-quality linoleum is characterized.Conveying his best to roll inside out.

Video on how to choose linoleum correctly

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truth about the dangers of lenoliuma

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