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August 12, 2017 18:08

Dry floor screed your videos hands.GVL technology floor covering, installation and device


  • 1 Dry screed floor with their hands in the apartment - the introduction
  • 2 device dry floor screed
  • 3 mount technology dry screed on the floor with their hands
  • 4 Mounting dry screedGVL
  • 5 Fast dry floor screed a video lesson

Dry floor screed with his hands photo .Installation, gypsum fiber technology and the device dry screed floor screed - certainly, an essential condition for the preparation of smooth floors.Dry floor screed with their hands hiding communication, creates a perfectly flat surface for laying the finishing flooring, ideal for laying laminate flooring with your own hands.The usual process using cement - a very laborious, time-consuming.It is difficult to produce a single person, and, in addition to the cement has dried, to prevent cracks in the floors have to moisturize every day is good for two weeks.Stack coverage is possible only after 20 days.Website renovated apartment with his hands on a daily basis continues to delight its readers with new and good articles with photos repair materials, and in the end you will find an example of video editing technolo

gy screed.

Dry floor screed in the apartment with his hands - the introduction

To reduce this time to a minimum to reduce the work, but leave the tie as reliable, was invented a new material - plaster-fiber sheet, or GVL.

This material is based on two long-known materials - hybrid fibreboard (MDF) with a plasterboard panel (GCR).It is prepared using dry pressing of the dissolved cellulose with a binder composition based on plaster.A homogeneous, environmentally neutral material rugged construction.The finished fiber is fully compliant with the firemen, doctors.GVL has hygiene certificates, fire safety.

Sheets gipsovolokna GVL for dry floor screed .a photo These elements have a rectangular shape and one side polished, recommended the creation of a dry screed floor at the device, for facing of wooden walls.They go perfectly with any type of flooring, reduce the risk of fire.

gipsovolokno may be a conventional or a moisture-proof, therefore, its scope is practically unlimited.Especially because there are different sizes of sheets.More common desyatimillimetrovye size meter and a half.Sometimes the market can meet dvenadtsatimillimetrovye workpiece with a width of twenty meters.The most convenient - ready panel with seam and groove glued factory method, as shown in the photo.Such panels significantly accelerate the process of dry screed floors with their own hands.

GVL hardly conducts heat, the material is always pleasantly warm to the touch.Moreover, the fiber at elevated humidity draws in excess moisture out of the room, and then, when it becomes too dry in the room, sets it apart.

Technical features gipsovolokna, its light weight make it possible to create floor screeds do not process interruptions that very shortens the time of construction.Very light, gypsum fiber sheets do not increase the pressure on the load-bearing structures, as does a conventional cement.Fiber - an excellent heat - sound insulator.Since the light yield excellent cutting sheets, they can be used in areas of irregular or complex shape.It is indispensable to create curved ceilings, curved walls.

Tests carried out and creators, and customers have shown that it is very easy to drive nails, but they are very difficult to pull into the walls sheathed with such a material.

gypsum fiber technology creates excellent dry screed, but in order to comply with all flooring requirements of strength, are reliable, you need to mount them, strictly observing technology.

device dry screed floor

algorithm works is as follows:

• With the old floor is removed linoleum, tile, any other cover.With the exposed concrete floor is cleaned debris swept away the dust.Possible old cracks carefully sealed with cement, bearing in mind that the higher the number on the stamp of the solution, so it is safer.Also thoroughly shpaklyuyut joints between walls and floors.Instead, you can use ready-made cement masonry or dry mounting mixture.

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We put the tape and attach an edge tape on the perimeter, before backfilling dry floor screed photo • Along the perimeter of the premises fit cut from mineral wool skirting tape (picture shows packing tape, after the coating film).Its optimum thickness / width - 10x10 cm, and the task - to absorb the noise, not to give flooring "walk", to prevent cracking.

• Since the overlap sometimes too wet, and insulation from moisture spoils on overlapping laid waterproof layer (polyethylene) film.If the width is not enough that you have to watch carefully to ensure that the cloth was laid lap.Otherwise, moisture will wet the insulation, it will lose its quality.

mount technology dry screed on the floor with their hands

Mount Technology dry screed on the floor with his hands photo came the turn insulation.Dry mix for floor screed can be different, such as bulk.Expanded clay, sand, pumice, fine gravel, blast furnace slag simply poured on the plastic film, then well leveled.Typically used for creating horizontal predetermined beacons.The video below shows an example of how to align dry mixture.Bulk compositions are very cheap, but to create a more or less good insulation they need to fill very thick - they do not hold heat.

Foam polystyrene insulation a lot safer keeping you warm, are not afraid of no water, no mice, no fungus, no time.They cost more expensive than bulk, but their practical.

very similar properties are mineral or fibrous insulation: glass wool, basalt wool.They are produced from molten glass or natural mineral is added thereto sometimes toxic formaldehyde.This wool for residential buildings can not be used.

Foam polystyrene insulation or fiber cut for the size of the room, stacked on top of the waterproof film.Be sure to stack several layers, otherwise the insulation will very fragile, unstable.

Mounting dry screed GVL

Now you can do with your hands dry screed from gipsovolokna, installation is simple.If the builders used the bulk insulation, the installation in advance raskroennyh given space and edge tape sheets GVL starts from the door.If the insulation is another, better job lead from the window.Plates

Gypsum fiber sheets for dry screed coat with glue Photo first layer thoroughly coat with special glue, as shown in the photograph at the left and at the bottom on the video, then it is already placed over the second layer of gypsum fiber board so that the layers abut one another.For greater reliability sheets are attached to each other with screws with anti-corrosion coating.Then the floor is cleaned all superfluous: gaps, traces of bindings smeared with putty, cut off the excess tape edge.For greater reliability in areas where there is too humid, on top of the plates on the floor joints with walls, you can pave the waterproofing tape and then make GVL isolation from any of the bituminous composition.

That finished dry floor screed video below shows all in an accelerated form.Under certain skills installation takes less than one day for each room that does not go in any comparison with the installation of "wet" screeds.GVL dry floor screed technology will significantly reduce the time until the final flooring.This option will not work of course, if you want to make the installation of electrical floor heating, or install radiant floor heating with his hands.

Fast dry floor screed a video lesson

Video installation instructions from Knauf - from the beginning of manufacture, prior to installation.