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August 12, 2017 18:08

Laying plywood on the floor , installation , alignment device


  • 1 How to lay the plywood on the floor.The glue, attach
  • 2 Installation of plywood floor with their hands
  • 3 Flooring plywood

Laying plywood on the floor photo .Installation plywood - the best basis for rough sex.It is durable, not subject to deformation, always warm.Made of wood, it is able to maintain a comfortable indoor climate and healthy.Site Repair apartments with their own hands today to tell you how things are done laying on plywood flooring, installation and alignment technology.As a result, you will learn all the apparatus of the process.

How to lay the plywood on the floor.The glue, attach

Attach to the bottom of the plywood should be with dowels and glue.Water-based adhesive is almost odorless, but it dries several days, which could cause undesirable slowing construction.

adhesive solvent-based dry much faster, but it fills the room a sharp unpleasant odor.Although with good ventilation the smell evaporates, many masters do not like that part.Therefore, you can choose a third option: fastening the plywood

to the base using the two-component adhesive.Most often, this method is used, if the screed has dried inconclusive, and in the concrete have communication.

begin work on laying of plywood on the floor with the right screed.Dry or wet screed is made - no matter how important that it is perfectly horizontal, and the work was done efficiently.If the tie is done correctly, waterproofing, insulation made in accordance with technological requirements, substrate moisture content does not exceed 1%, it is possible to count on the fact that the finished floor will last for many years, will be warm, dry and comfortable.

basis under a parquet usually are plywood sheets FC 4/4 or higher.Typically the thickness is chosen to 1 centimeter, 12 occasionally millimeters.Such thickness of the material makes the best of a strong, but at the same time, a moderately flexible, which is very important: because the glued sheets are subjected to heavy loads, when people walk the floor, arranged the furniture.Thickness over 12 mm is impractical, becauseIt does not affect properties and is more expensive.

Since plywood - laminate, it can delaminate at elevated humidity.Before starting her deck need to check how moist concrete slab.It is simple.During repairs, removed the old topcoat.During the construction of the overlap just released.

On peeled from the old plate coatings spread a large sheet of waterproof film (polyethylene).Its edges are pressed tightly and carefully load to the floor so that the center remained free.If after a week on PE does not appear condensate, so it is possible to lay a wooden substrate.The emergence of moisture indicates that the room is too damp, and require additional waterproofing floors.

Installation of plywood floor with their hands

Installation of the floor made ​​of plywood with their hands photo first carried out a preliminary cutting of sheets on a pre-shot measurements of the room.When cutting is required to take into account that the damping joints between the bunting should be about a centimeter, while the walls - one and a half or two centimeters.Flooring should not come into contact with the walls.Distance is necessary to change the size of the change of humidity or heat level is not "vspuchilis" finished floor.In addition, small-format blanks reliable, more stable than large.

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When cutting is finished, you should check to see if the ends are split on-site cutting.Such use can not be blank.After this adjustment is performed to the floor panels.The sheets are put on the floor so as to be attached to it.Important: do not put a joint in one place four sheets!Therefore, the cloth is placed with a shift as in masonry.

When fitted plywood, all items are numbered, drawn their locations, the workpiece removed from the floor of the device.Base under the flooring carefully aligned first: clean up the traces of the solution, paint stains, and other signs of construction work.Then overlap dedusted.It is best to do a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner.If the cleaning of dust, debris carried out in the usual broom, then it absolutely can not be wet - moisture will spoil the wood material.

Now you need to cover the base primer.This type of primer is prepared from the same composition, which is glued plywood, but highly diluted with an appropriate solvent.Tasks have several primer.It deeply penetrates into the pores of the base, sticks to it remaining microscopic dust particles and provides a solid surface for bonding.Such dedusting enhances adhesive property, glue and plywood, greatly increases the adhesion of dissimilar materials.The primer strengthens the concrete surface, it does not collapse to form new dust.In the large room where the flooring will be carried out in parts, the primer is applied in the same parts.In a small room, you can prime the base as a whole.In any case, treatment is carried out immediately before laying the plywood, you can not walk on the primer.

Flooring plywood

Flooring plywood photos On primed substrate with a notched trowel to apply the preselected mastic.Desired layer thickness is indicated on the package, but usually no more than two centimeters.On mastic keeps a numbered list, which by means of screws with plastic plugs attached to osnovaniyu.Vazhno: Mount produce diagonal and perimeter.The distance between the dowels - 20 cm, the distance from the edge to the dowels - 2 cm, screw length - three times the end face veneer sheet.

To preform is not split by hammer blows, fixing is carried out so.Directly across the base of the tree is first drilled drill, the diameter of which corresponds to the dowel, and then Zenko drill a larger diameter.The resulting hole is easy to hide the cap screws.

Fixed deck left to prepare for parquet.This requires resurfacing.It is best to hold it with a special grinding machine, but if it does not, have to work first big, then fine sandpaper.The resulting surface must be perfectly smooth, without chipping, burrs, roughness, elevation in the joints.

Cover properly laid parquet wooden base or other material will not be difficult.Such plywood floors will not "walk", act as insulation, keep the room is excellent and favorable microclimate.