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August 12, 2017 18:08

Radiant floor with his hands.The device mount technology


  • 1 device water underfloor
  • 2 Mounting water underfloor heating own hands
  • 3 Polystyrene system of water underfloor heating
  • 4 Wooden system of water underfloor heating

Radiant floor with his hands photo to feel the charm of coziness and comfort of your apartment, the room you need a warm water floor, you can easily set their own hands.It's not as easy as it seems at first glance.If you are not good at this kind of work, you'd better address to the professionals.Well, if you decided to own it all to do, then this information for you, we shall understand what device stacking technology and installation on their own and photo instructions.See also how to choose the right floor heating.

First we need to create a project, and then make all the necessary calculations related to the heating system load, and, for each room separately.Optimally to calculate the contours of the water floor.All these works should engage people with experience of design of the device.

Experience shows that the device of warm water floor,

the best choice for a country such as buildings.In urban buildings before you line up a number of problems with the connection to the central heating system.It is prohibited by law.

The advantages include the fact that exploiting the warm water floor, you significantly decrease power consumption, which means that cash costs will be reduced.In addition, the electromagnetic radiation that we receive in large quantities, you and your loved ones will bypass.

Properly designed water floors have an advantage over the electric floor, as the heat in the room will be distributed evenly.

device water underfloor

Each room should be selected optimum underfloor heating system.And they are known - three.

  1. installation with concrete screed.
  2. Installation without concrete screed - grazing technology.Here are a few more difficult as flooring (linoleum, tile, laminate, etc.) are placed through additional waterproofing (polyethylene foam, cardboard) to aluminum sheets.
  3. latter type - a wooden one.This installation of warm water on the floor slabs or blocks of wood - logs.

Fully equipped warm floor is as follows: flooring insulation material, metal or plastic pipes, fittings, fastener, set sleeves, lock nuts for the connection of the pump that creates pressure and circulation, and the enclosing element - concrete screed and the floor itself.

Mounting water underfloor heating own hands

first technology - concrete.It is most commonly used among all other species.As experience shows, warm water floor with their hands man can do, even a little versed in plumbing and building, and having at hand instructions.Let's understand this installation technology.

What you need to do.First of all do the layout of our room.Sector must be roughly po40 sq.m.In this case, the parameters affecting the temperature characteristics of the concrete screed, will be compensated.

Then slabs laid penoplex foam or as thermal insulation material.Thermal insulation is needed in order to avoid heat losses.To compensate for thermal expansion of the screed, the walls are paving the special tape.The next step is the layout of wire mesh, which is bolt and locking element for pipes.

now proceed to the distribution and installation of pipes.Many are concerned about how to make the water warm floor with your hands so that the heat is spread evenly.It's simple.The pipes can be installed as you like, but basically they are placed in a spiral or serpentine, shifting the center shell.The photo below shows the main options for laying the floor of the water pipes.

Radiant floor with their hands

Radiant floor with their hands

After laying the pipes pass to their attachment to the reinforcing grid, using special clamps at a distance of 90-100 cm., Clamps can not be tightened strongly To avoid deformations.As the body expands when heated, therefore, are easily damaged and our tubes.

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For reference: on the tube technology are stacked to each other at a distance 10-35sm, from the walls, the floor of the water pipe must be at a distance of about 7 cm

Assembly... The supply manifold insert and fasten the first end of the pipe.Then, on the basis of the project, should be laid over the contours of the pipe and fasten them to the above method.helix length should be approximately 50-60 meters.When you are done with the first loop, insert the end of the pipe into the return manifold.The collector must have as many outputs as you want to put contours.

To avoid problems in the future, the installation of warm water floor should be carried out according to the instructions.At the intersection of the pipes expansion joint located between the contours, to apply the corrugated hose or corrugated pipe.

finished works related to the assembly and mounting hardware, check the system for leaks.To do this, fill the tube with water and create a pressure above normal by 1.5 times (0,6MPa).It would be better if this test will be engaged professionals.

When warm water floor unit is complete, you can begin to work with a coupler.There are many compounds that are used specifically for underfloor heating, for example, Teplolux-GLIMS - one of the recommended.When the device screed pressure in the pipes must be working.As a result, your floor will rise by 5-7 cm.

Polystyrene water floor heating system

This system is designed for rooms with low ceilings, consisting of polystyrene plates, in which grooves the heat distribution plates are inserted.

Polystyrene system of water underfloor heating

The photo shows the phasing overlay layers, depending on the topcoat - laminate, parquet or tiles.

1a. Finish (parquet, laminate) 1b. Finish (tile)
2a. substrate (polyethylene foam, cardboard, etc.) 2b. Team screed (GVL, DSP, etc.)
3. Laying of floor heating pipes 3. Laying of floor heating pipes
4. Mounting plates of aluminum 4. Mounting plates of aluminum
5. polystyrene insert with slots for pipes 5. polystyrene insert with slots for pipes
6. basis 6. basis

Thus, the installation of the thermal water the floor with their hands will be executed on the following technology: It is placed on the thermal insulation of the floor slab.Laying must begin from an angle, and in accordance with your plan to evenly distribute all polystyrene boards in place.Further, these boards are mounted heat-spreading plate.On completion of the laying of slabs, pipes contours gently inserted into the landing nests.Now they will be flush with the tiles.The test can be carried out without ties.And if all goes well, we remove temporarily laid floor finish, and making tie.

Wooden floor heating system water

This technology is well suited for a wooden house.In such a house a warm water floor with their hands do not difficult.Between the wooden logs stacked mineral wool or polystyrene, performing the function of thermal insulation.

can apply a modular type of system.This DSP design with the already prepared tube channels.

Or rack system, incidentally, is also not difficult.Between the plates of chipboard, pre-screwed to the base with screws, plates and fit the contours of the pipe.The width of the chipboard strips should be between 150-300 mm.The picture described in detail the technology and device laying wooden floor water system.In principle, nothing complicated, with your hands, you can do everything exactly - the same.

Wooden floor heating system water

Finishing flooring laid over the aluminum sheets for waterproofing material.Before laying linoleum or laminate on the aluminum plate is laid gypsum lining.

So you know the device of warm water floor and its installation can be done with their own hands, without resorting to professional help if you have knowledge in this area and use these instructions from the site repair apartments with their own hands.Stay with us and learn a lot of useful information on repair.And what heating costs you?