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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose a warm floor right

How to choose a warm floor right photo electric floor heating now very popular floor heating, which gives extra warmth room.Warm floors are of two types: thin heating mat, heating cable under the screed.If you can not raise the floor or screed is already done, the heating mats are suitable.If the floor can be raised, the heating cable is installed.The heating cable mat is cheaper, but the difference is not very high.

Making the right choice of heating

for warm floor there are two types of temperature controllers: programmable and controlled manually.Their difference is that the programmable divide may day, week, can raise the temperature in the desired time.Manual thermostat maintains a constant temperature at the same level.electricity savings in programmable - 50 percent, the manual - 30 percent.

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As there is water and floor heating, which is mostly used in suburban homes.When assembling the floor of the water is not permitted connection tubes, i.e. in the same room has to be one pipe, such a system requires careful calculat

ions.It is better if the calculations will be dealt with by professionals.But also by the understanding of the arrangement of the floor will not be superfluous.

Do not run the cable under the furniture tightly adjacent to the floor.On the whole area of ​​the room laying step must be the same, contact, crossed cables should not.It is impossible to cable took place in areas with a risk of fracture through moving joints near fireplaces and stoves.The same system can not be used in areas with different conditions.Very carefully to do the installation topcoat to avoid damaging the cable.floor coverings with low thermal conductivity need to breathe, so you need to leave small gaps under skirting along the edges of coatings for the air outlet.See for yourself what kind of supply, electric or water floor, better guided on the basis of the needs and the situation, it will be correct.

good manufacturers of water floors: wirsbo, rehau, nereus.Manufacturers of floor heating cable systems: devi, nexans, «TEPLOLUX".

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