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August 12, 2017 18:08

Renovation of the old wooden floor , plank , hardwood , tile , linoleum

Renovation of the old floor Flooring, tend to be plank, hardwood, tile, cement, sheets of pressed and linoleum.Site Repair apartments with their own hands will tell how quickly to implement the restoration of the most popular floor coverings.

Repairing a wooden floor

After some time, such a coating of wood begin to crack and, as a consequence, to creak.Appeared gap complicate cleaning and detract from the appearance.The cause of the squeak is usually the breaking crest grooved connections.Repair of these defects is rallying and replacing boards.For rallying remove baseboards, with an ax, carefully lift the board, spoke pull nails.Before re-lay boards should check once more laying lag, the presence of leveling pads.

splachivanie begin with, nailed to the wall nearest the board, after which it is pressed against the board 3-4 with a gap less than 1 mm.

boards nailed to 2 times greater than their thickness.Nails should be drowned by 2 mm.

If available plywood, the surface can be repaired very quickly.Her customize and chamfe

r angle of 45 degrees.The surface coat with oil paint or adhesive layer of 3 mm and placed sheet.See also the article stain wooden floors with their own hands - discussed in detail the stages of preparation and painting.

repair parquet floor

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Formed in the parquet covering the gap, first cleaned with wire, and then sealed with putty, which is made up of wood chips (mainly oak or birch) and wood glue.Spoiled strap should be carefully removed, the vacancy clear, pour the glue and to set a new benchmark.After installing the strips align a plane, cleaned with sandpaper and cover the parquet floor varnish.

Repair linoleum

laying linoleum on the floor with their hands using an adhesive, it is much safer to nailing.The base and the back of the linoleum should be primed, and allow the primer to dry.Spreadable base mastic, leaving 2 cm from the edge.Put the sheet and smoothes it, say, a bag of sand, laid on a bed.Next to the painting is put two-centimetric overlap.The edges should add on a few days when linoleum engages with the base.Cut with a sharp knife should be at an angle of 90 degrees.After trimming the edges are folded, the base is smeared with mastic and stick the edges.Speaking mastic wipe seam close the paper and put the board with the load.A week later, the load is removed from the linoleum.In principle, this is done on their own is not difficult, as you can see.

Repair tiled floor

Broken ceramic tile is removed along with the solution.We should be careful not to damage entire tile.The purified base tile floor is washed with water.The new tile is laid upon the slurry (1: 2) at the floor level and humidified for several days.In other words, just replace the broken tiles.