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August 12, 2017 18:08

Stained wooden floor with their hands

Stained wooden floor with their hands If you have decided on their own to paint the floor, then for this, it must be very carefully prepared.Eliminate the gap between the boards, repaired potholes, align the deflection of the boards and so on.The smoother fitted and aligned with the floor, the beautiful and practical surface will look like in the end.

Stain necessary to completely dry the floor.Prior to the ready-to-use paint to be mixed thoroughly and make a test on a piece of dry board, it is necessary to apply a thin layer.The sample should be kept for about two days.If it is after this deadline will not stick to your fingers, then it dries well.Before you mix the dough and varnish paint, they should check beforehand separately.If they are not completely dry for two days, it is not suitable for use.

When using paint made according to modern technology, these methods of testing fall away as the manufacturer guarantees the specified drying time.

Plank floors should be painted necessarily in two or three layers.The first layer must dry

for about a day, the second - about two.And a very important detail - the top layer of the substrate, the direction of movement of a brush or roller, should the maximum coincide with the direction of fibers of wood.

Painting can be simple, improved and high-quality.

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Simple .Applied to the first layer, the consistency is not very thick and after two days second layer is applied.In the worst case, if certain areas of your floor shine in a couple or three days, the third layer is applied.If the coating was done using varnish, its spoke residues washed with hot water, without the use of soap or soda, because they destroy the surface and reduce shine.

The paint should be applied very thin layers, blending thoroughly.Thick layers are applied to wince, long dry, have an uneven surface and usually unattractive.The thinner layers are applied and the better they are allowed to dry before applying the next layer, the higher the quality.

Coloring improved quality .In 1 liter of linseed oil, add 100 - 150 g.dry or grated paints, and a thin layer of carefully proolifte floors.Two days later, putty, completely eliminate all the defects.After drying putty, you clean the entire floor medium-grained sandpaper, and then a good grind.Then, apply the first coat, diluted to a liquid than the one which is prepared for the application main layers.Once dry, apply the final couple of layers.

High painted wooden floor.It is performed, as well as improved, but the floor surface completely puttied twice.Fillers recommended color by adding a dye of the same color, what will be painted floor.Thus the result will be a beautiful, invisible joints of boards and the surface itself is very similar to linoleum.

The hands you can not only correct to paint the floor, but also to make repairs on their own apartments, and our website can help you in this.Stay with us.