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August 12, 2017 18:08

The roof of asbestos cement sheets - device installation

Roof of asbestos sheets photo home repair roof on their own.Asbestos roofing sheets

To attach the sheathing to asbestos cement sheets, they must be done with a drill hole for 3-4 nails or screws in such a way that they are located on the crest of the wave, and their diameter was 2-3 mm larger than the diameterscrew or nail.

Execution of roofing of asbestos cement sheets begin with a series of cornice, controlling the correct installation cord-prichalku.Sheets are placed in horizontal rows from the bottom up.Neighboring sheets should be lapped on a wave or half of it.The sheets of the second row for 100-150 mm let in on the first of a number of sheets (the amount of puffing due to the fact what kind of roof pitch: what it is, the less overlap).

roofing of asbestos cement sheets

For the convenience of work, before you start them along the eaves boards are fixed on the two anti-wind braces on each sheet to its curved ends of the wave crests are firmly held asbestotse-element-list.After laying the first row on it with a penci

l or chalk line scheduled to overlap, then stack the second row.

Asbestos cement to secure the bottom of having a length of 70-90 mm with galvanized nails or screws, which enclose under the cap washers of rubber, galvanized steel or made of two layers of roofing material lining.

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hammer nails into the crate should be above through al-bestotsementny sheet, or chips and cracks can be formed on the latter.

After the roofing nail heads and all the suspicious cracks should be covered Surikova putty.

Methods laying of asbestos-cement sheets

asbestos roofing sheets stacked in two ways: strictly one above the other or vrazbezhku, shifting them away in each upper row.

most simple and reliable is the first method, since when the sheets are placed one above the other without displacement of one sheet overlaps four adjacent edges.

As a result - the formation of cracks through which moisture can penetrate.To avoid this, the corners of the sheets must be pre-cut.

roof unit has a final stage - covering the ridge, which beat the special ridge bar with a rounded top edge, section 100 x 60 mm.Then close the bar stripes of the web material, after which it is laid ready asbestos parts PAC-1 and PAC-2.The first item is placed in the direction of a wide bell gable.To make the nails holes (two - on the convex part of the axis, two - on a flat lapel).On a flat lapel hole is performed in such a way that they pass through the wave crests of asbestos-cement sheets.

details Ready to skate can be replaced by two whipped angled planks laid over asbestos cement sheets and nailed them with nails.It is important to remember that attach gable boards and cornices hemming convenient to start roofing.

In this case, the bare crate will serve as stairs function and operation can be carried out and from the bottom, and top.