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August 12, 2017 18:08

Sheet roofing materials

Sheet roofing Photo Sheet roofing materials

sheet metal roofing materials are quite diverse.These include common and asbestos-cement sheets (slate) and wood fiber cement boards, and advanced sheet metal roofing materials such as Ondura and ondulin.

starting material for them is regular or colored cement with the addition of asbestos fibers.

qualitative characteristics of asbestos-cement sheets are durability, strength, water resistance, fire resistance and high resistance to alkalis.

flat asbestos cement sheets are manufactured from undyed raw materials, in which the pigment is added.They can be mild (unpressed), heavier (pressed), smooth, colored enamel and embossed.Asbestos sheets are characterized by lightness, fire resistance, durability, water resistance, resistance to alkaline attack.Asbestos fibers contribute to giving extra strength product.Flat

asbestos sheets may have a length of 1200, 2500, 3200, 3600 mm, thickness - 4, 5, 8, 10 and 12 mm, a width - 800, 1200, 1500 mm.

When the device roofing sheets l

ay on a solid crate diagonal overlap - a so-called Russian method.

When necessary, cover the slopes and edges of the sheets can be cut into pieces of desired size.To the roof was more reliable, often under the asbestos cement sheets lay roofing felt or asphalt.

Corrugated asbestos sheets of usual profile may be normal, having the following parameters: weight - 8.5 kg, thickness - 5.5 mm, the area - 1200 x 686 mm, or reinforced with a thickness - 8 mm, an area of ​​1000 x 2800 in heightwave - 50 mm.Corrugated sheets compared to flat possess much greater strength due to the cross-section due to their rigidity.

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main features of the installation of sheet roofing

Sheet roofing Photo In the construction of the roof covered with a material becomes optional device is solid sheathing.

standard size corrugated sheets with a thickness of 5.5 mm is 1200 x 680 mm.

Weight usual slate is 8.5 kg.In addition it has produced and amplified, products from which more durable and strong.

industry, in addition to sheets, are available grooved elements to cover the ribs and the roof ridge.

There is a slate-based plastics.Differences roof made of it - easy and varied colors.

Made compression plate have great strength thanks to its corrugated undulating surface.

plate dimensions are 1000 x 1095 mm, its weight - 11.5 kg.In the production process, it is painted in the standard colors: black, brown, red, gray.

Roofing materials Ondulin Ondulin

- made in the form of corrugated roofing sheets.

This material is durable, durable, economical, and has a relatively small labor intensity.

one sheet parameters: weight - 5.7 kg, width - 950 mm, length - 2000 mm.Ondulina lifetime long enough - 50 years.

One of the main advantages of this material - ecological purity, since it does not contain asbestos, and the negative environmental impacts of sustainability.

Roofing Ondura

Ondura - sheet, which are used in the manufacture of bitumen and cellulosic board.From the outside Ondura sheets covered with a layer of special paint.When mounting is required to build an additional waterproofing layer of rolled materials.Term Ondura service, compared with the usual slate, smaller, and artistic and decorative figures are much higher.

They are made of polycarbonate or poly-vinyl chloride.This material is characterized by relatively high decorative properties, but its life is relatively small - 10-15 years.

site repair apartments with their own hands.