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August 12, 2017 18:06

Ventilation in the apartment with his hands

The apartment was too stuffy, the windows began to fog up, and the typical kitchen and bathroom odors for a long time remain on the premises?The cause of all the troubles one - lack of effective ventilation.

Ventilation in the apartment with his hands

ventilation in the apartment with his hands

This problem requires a speedy solution.Otherwise you risk goodbye to wallpaper, furniture and other objects in the apartment design that simply will rot in conditions of excessive humidity.

To equip an effective and reliable ventilation system in the apartment can be its own.To have some specialized skills to perform such work is absolutely necessary - just need to have a basic knowledge of the execution of the activities and be able to work with elementary building tools.

Poor ventilation in the apartment

Poor ventilation in the apartment

poor ventilation

Poor ventilation

Discover presented by management, do everything in accordance with the instructions, and you will forget all the problems that arise in a lack of effective ventilation apartment.

Requirements for ventilation in the apartment

Article Contents

  • 1 Requirements for ventilation in the apartment
  • 2 Check ventilation before starting work
  • 3 Shoe channels
  • 4 for the Development Guideventilation system
    • 4.1 Mounting air vent valves
      • 4.1.1 order of arrangement of the supply valve
      • 4.1.2 Installation exhaust fan
    • 4.2 Video - Ventilation in the apartment with his hands
The scheme of ventilation of the apartment

scheme of supply and exhaust ventilation

apartment in accordance with the current sanitary standards sufficiently considered such ventilation at which each room exhaust air is completely replaced by fresh at least twice per hour.

Initially ventilation is brought in each apartment of the total ventilation duct.However, in some situations, the power of such a system is not enough to provide the desired level of ventilation.

To test the effectiveness of the ventilation system does not necessarily cause the experts.You can use the basic techniques and to draw conclusions about the quality of air on their own.

Typical apartment ventilation system

Typical scheme of ventilation of apartments

Check ventilation before starting work

Proceed to checkout the current ventilation system.As a result, you determine why ventilation is not working as it should.

Start by drawing a unit test using paper.To do this, take a strip of newsprint width of about 3 cm and a length of about 15 cm, hold it at a distance of 5-6 cm to the ventilation air vent and watch the behavior of the paper.

Check ventilation

Check ventilation

Under normal conditions, the paper will be tilted in the direction of the exhaust hole.

is strongly not recommended to test the effectiveness of ventilation lighted candles or matches, asin ventilation ducts can accumulate combustible gases.This happens very rarely, but it is impossible to ignore such a probability - Rough handling can lead to catastrophic consequences.

If the paper is not rejected or the faintly stirring, vented something wrong.

Next you need to determine what exactly the problem is.Open windows and doors, and then repeat the test using a paper strip.If the paper is beginning to deviate significantly in the ventilation outlet - with moves all right.In the absence of any changes can be concluded that it is the blockage in the channel.

Checking ventilation via the paper

Check ventilation using a sheet of paper

From blockages need to get rid of.With the channel cleaning can also cope on their own.This will help guide further reduced.

Shoe channels

On cleaning of ventilation necessary

before cleaning ventilation

Proceed to check each individual vents.If the paper will behave differently contamination present in the inner boxes.

To eliminate such trouble enough to arm a dish common with the brush attached to a flexible and thin steel cable, and walk like design on the ventilation course.

Cleaning of ventilation in the apartment

Clean ventilation in the apartment

Get rid of trash residues can use a vacuum cleaner with a long pipe.For example, you can connect an ordinary long piece of flexible hose for watering.Such a product has the required flexibility and is, thus, quite rigid.

If as a result of the above actions you will not find any blockages, then the problem is at the level of the main ventilation stroke.Its cleaning is performed in already familiar to you order, just need to take a larger ruff.Additionally, you may need other tools, for example, a fiberglass rod, metal or wooden rod, hook, etc.

Cleaning of ventilation

Shoe ventilation

Be extremely careful when cleaning the main ventilation stroke.They often build their nests wasps and other dangerous or extremely unpleasant animals.

Ventilation cleaning from fat

Ventilation cleaning from fat

Consider the fact that most of the residents of apartment buildings is prohibited on their own to go into the main vent move - its maintenance is the responsibility of the organization, on the balance of which is the structure or the homeowner.Therefore, it is better to submit an application to the appropriate place to avoid further unpleasant proceedings and not to engage in unnecessary work is not included in your duties.

Guide arrangement

ventilation system in the manual will be considered a separate order of the simplest arrangement of the ventilation system, consisting of the supply valve and exhaust fan.With experience, you will be able to mount and more sophisticated air exchange systems, and is read the instructions and follow the step by step all the items.

Mounting Air vent valves

Natural ventilation valve

natural ventilation valve



Traditionally valves are installed on the heating batteries in the space to the window sill.

valve work is based on the simple scheme: through the tube into the valve is supplied outside air.Due to the valve arrangement close to the fan air is heated by the passage of a battery to a suitable temperature.

valve design is configured such that the air in the room falls without the dust particles.

order of arrangement of the supply valve

first step. drilled in the wall of the hole diameter of the order of 60-70 mm.Drill so that the hole had a slight slope down into the room otherwise would fall outside moisture.

Drill a hole in the wall about 60-70 mm

drilled in the wall of the hole diameter of about 60-70 mm



open the window before you start.Otherwise only through a hole created in the room begin to tighten the dust.

second step. Insert the finished hole appropriate size tube.The outer end of the tube must be positioned flush with the wall surface and is already inside the room to speak about 10 mm.

Monobloc installation of the ventilation system does not take a lot of time

monobloc installation of the ventilation system does not take much time

third step. Fill the space between the walls of the drilled hole and the tube with foam.

fourth step. Attach to the wall of the box set.To fix, use dowels.

fifth step. Insert box sound-absorbing material in the kit.

The order of arrangement of the supply valve

order of arrangement of the supply valve

The order of arrangement of the supply valve

order of arrangement of the supply valve

The order of arrangement of the supply valve

order of arrangement of the supply valve

sixth step. Close the valve mounted front cover.

To ensure adequate and uniform inflow of pure oxygen, such valves must be fitted in every room.One valve is able to provide a supply of fresh air in an average of 30-45 m3 per hour.One person is necessary for normal functioning of 30 m3 of air per hour.

Owning the above data, you can set the required air flow and the desired number of valves specifically for your property.

The exhaust valve , the view from the street

exhaust valve, street view

Installation exhaust fan

To maximize the efficiency and productivity of the ventilation system, install in the bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans today.Today in specialized stores available a large selection of devices with different characteristics.

exhaust fans

Exhaust fans

To determine a suitable exhaust fan power you need to multiply the amount of space on 7 bathrooms, kitchen multiply by 10.

to install in the bathroom it is best to buy the machine, equipped with a humidity sensor.This device will automatically start when the level of air humidity exceeds the allowable index.

exhaust fans

Exhaust fans

For toilet exhaust fan is well suited to pre-timer.Thanks to the timer unit will turn off automatically after a certain time after the start.

Marking exhaust fan installation

Partitioning Setup exhaust fan

to install in the kitchen, try to find a model of the fan equipped with a grid.Thanks to the grid will be excluded the likelihood of penetration into the room all sorts of insects and debris.These nets can be easily removed and washed with ordinary water.

Exhaust fan

Exhaust Fan

If you can not find in the sale of exhaust fans or else if you can not buy them as described above due to the lack of sufficient funds, purchase ordinary model.In the bathroom fan is recommended to connect directly to the switch - as a result of hood will be run together with the inclusion of light.

Drilled holes around the circumference

Zasverlennye holes around the circumference

Processed hole for the fan

Processed hole for the fan

Unit installation is performed in accordance with the instructions, nothing complicated about it.Usually it is sufficient simply to attach the housing and related parts to the wall with screws.In general, follow the guidelines of the model you selected the fan manufacturer.

mounted fan

Mounted fan

Fan Panel

panel for fan

To further increase the efficiency of ventilation is recommended to create a 1-1.5-centimeter gap between the floor and the lower edges of interior doors.Such clearances are needed everywhere, except in bathrooms.To hide the gap can set a special decorative perforated plate or grid.

Installation on the inner side of the fan

Installing the fan from the inside

fan off limit switch

Limit to switch off the fan

Installation of the wires in the cable channels

Mounting wires in cable channels

Now you own the information they need for self-arrangement of simple ventilation.Follow the receipt of the recommendation, and you forget all the problems associated with poor air exchange.

Installing an exhaust fan

Installing an exhaust fan

Successful work!

Video - Ventilation in the apartment with his hands