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August 12, 2017 18:05

Forged fence with his hands

Forged fence with their hands can make 3rd methods:


  1. Methods of manufacturing
  2. Tools Required
  3. Step by step instructions for the manufacture of wrought fence
  4. Photos forgedfences
  5. Videos manufacture forged fences with his hands

manufacturing methods

  1. using welding.This method is the simplest and least costly;
  2. using forging.The manufacturing process can not be called simple.It will require more time, so you need to just be patient;
  3. combined way.This method is more suitable for professionals, as the previous two combined.Do not turn out well do without the appropriate equipment, but even an inexperienced master will be able to get it, he can simply not cope with the work.

Tools Required

To perform fence forging their own hands, you need to prepare the following tools:

  1. grinders;
  2. device (longitudinal or transverse) twisting in a spiral;
  3. sprayed with a compressor;
  4. vise;
  5. electric arc welder;
  6. small tool.

Step by step instructions for the manufacture of wrought fence

If the tools already available, consider the stages, how to make wrought fence with their hands:

1. Perform desired drawing fence on paper and affix to the size of thumbnails.Developing drawings, first of all, it is necessary to determine whether production of this embodiment, from a technological point of view, as well as whether there is a metal used in the project on the bases that sell this material.

2. Perform calculation of the required material.First, it is necessary to mark out the territory of the pillars, as well as to calculate the required number of sections.Measure to be extremely accurate, it is not necessary to add extra centimeters because forging simply can not fit.Produced calculations better record.

3. Now you can buy the materials.But do not forget that the material will have to stick to their own, so it's best to buy the average thickness of metal.It is also possible to buy small-sized balls to weld them to the endings of curls.

4. Set up a twisting device.It should be very careful, because the marriage is subsequently difficult to fix.Material using grinders cut into blanks.

5. You can begin the pattern.When the curls in the process of tightening is better to dwell in the same place for the same diameter of curls.The cross-section made using a twisted twister long rods will increase, so if you need to decorate them further forgings, as illustrating this photo, this fact must be taken into account by selecting an inner diameter.First, better to make the rod, measure the diameter, and then have to buy forgings.

6. Each section should have its own frame.Make it should be of metal sheets.Cooked frame can be placed in it all the elements harvested.To build the best to choose a lengthy flat place that hands do not get tired, and the elements are not in limbo.The diagonals of the frame should be carefully measured and verified that their sizes were equal.This will prevent it straight.

7. The assembly should be carried out on a flat surface, placing the frame in the horizontal position.Welding is best to start with twisted rods, then sticking to them, and other elements.It will help to collect forged fence with their hands out the video below.

8. carry out the cleaning of welds with a wire brush.Then degreased, gruntuem.

9. Perform fence installation in a previously prepared a shallow trench.Place the frames legs, performing at the perimeter fence of the base concrete.You can also further oblitsevat its stone.

Now you can paint the fence and enjoy the work done.

Photo Wrought iron fences

Videos manufacture forged fences with his hands