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August 12, 2017 18:05

The furniture in the style of Provence

Quality furniture has always been an indicator of glamor and luxury, and furnished her room exuded comfort.A variety of styles and interesting designs of furniture offered today for the Development of the home, but none that do not bring so much elegance and convenience at the same time in life, such as furniture in the style of Provence.


  1. Distinctive features
  2. Farm sofas
  3. Beds in the style of Provence
  4. Dressers and cabinets
  5. Photos of furniture in the style of Provence

Distinctive features

As yousee in the photo, not only decorative, but also the most functional role played by the furniture in the style of Provence, which excludes minimalism, brightness, presence of plenty of home appliances and other modern goods.

As for the decorative role in the interior, the furniture in the style of Provence will always look unusual and powerful, through the use of natural solid wood or maximum thereto approximate materials in appearance - chipboard or MDF, naturally with an identical imitation wood texture.Clean lines, cumbersome, shabby and worn appearance - Proven├žal style characteristics.

the photo in the article you can see that in the Provence style furniture done in pastel colors - beige, pink, pale blue color, often it is specially dyed imitating worn and chipped, like sofas and chairs with peeling feet aremore than one hundred years.Facades, legs and backs of furniture can be painted or decorated with forged elements.

The room can be a lot of furniture, this bookcases, sofas, cabinets, chests, massive dining tables, bedroom - large double bed, wardrobes with sliding mezzanines, ottomans, tables and cabinets.About them we will now describe below.

Farm sofas

Due to its soft colors furniture in the style of Provence creates an incredibly warm and welcoming atmosphere, and to give greater tenderness upholstery for sofas used with a variety of designs - flowers or herbs, or cell non-intrusive strip.

The form of the sofa can also be different, it can be a smooth straight sofa with solid armrests partially or completely covered with a cloth, and powerful furniture unusual round shape.Mandatory condition is the presence of a plurality of pads that not only look beautiful, but also to give comfort.

Beds in the style of Provence

The bedrooms of this style does not meet the twin beds, but the large size with elegant decoration.In the ensemble with natural wood and powerful legs, can be viewed items forging or pronounced monochrome patterns, as in the photo.

pillows, soft linens, and tables in the tone of the bed on each side - the essential elements of the bedroom decoration.

Dressers and cabinets

drawers and cabinets are always rough shape, with the presence of multiple drawers for convenience.Scuffed, and painted bright colors also dominate the furniture.

The cabinets can be mounted glass door, which appearance may resemble the interior, they are small, large, deep or open shelves for storing books.

using furniture in the style of Provence, a photo which will help you find the most interesting models and the best option for you, will give a fabulous glamor and sophistication to any room.Choosing the right furniture, well-designed details and soul invested in interior decoration will help to create an incredible pleasant, refined and comfortable atmosphere in the style of Provence.

Photos of furniture in the style of Provence

To make it easier to understand how to furnish a room, we offer you to get acquainted with photos of furniture in the style of Provence.