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August 12, 2017 18:06

coupe doors with their hands

compartment doors with their hands is not easy to establish - a similar problem can be safely attributed to the category of high complexity.However, "difficult" does not mean "impossible", if well understand the structure in its mechanisms and if the installation is not carried out slowly, thoroughly extinct desired settings and performing consistently all the required operations.

coupe doors with their hands

compartment doors with their hands

clear that need to have on hand all the necessary tools and has a good stable skills to work with them.If all of these conditions seem not extremely high, it is possible to take up an independent manufacturing and installation of door-coupe.

choosing a particular design of this door, the owner of the property would have to start to know about its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons sliding door designs

Article Contents

  • 1 Pros and Cons sliding door designs
  • 2 Species sliding doors
    • 2.1 Suspended door coupe
    • 2.2 Suspended cassette door coupe
    • 2.3 doors with upper and lower guide
  • 3 Materials and tools for installation of door-coupe
    • 3.1 Tools
    • 3.2 Materials and parts
  • 4 Making leaf
  • 5 installation suspended structure
    • 5.1 Video: installation of interior door coupe

sliding doors in an apartment or house, especially in rooms with small squares aremany advantages:

Sliding Doors saves space premises

Sliding Doors saves space premises

  • This saves space and the ability to use it for another purpose.
  • This design is visually increases the size of the wall.
  • lack of thresholds can also be attributed to the merits - it is very important, if the house has small children, the elderly or the disabled - suffering from disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
  • becomes possible to split one room into two zones - true for one-room apartment where the room serves multiple purposes.
  • Such doors at the correct assembly - a very simple and easy to operate ;
  • sliding doors can make a mean in a model apartment layout personality, affect the aesthetics of the interior transformation.

have this structure and its disadvantages, which are also important to know:

  • Since the closing of the sliding doors between its cloth and a box in the door opening remain gaps room is fully soundproofed .
  • If the door is installed in the kitchen, it could not fully retain the smells in the room.
  • Installation of such doors should be carefully verified, otherwise it may follow skewed.Sash can pereklinilo, and it will not be opened and closed ;
  • If you select a door, consisting of two wings, the installation it will be much more difficult, as the halves must be perfectly fit each other ;
  • Even the most simple sliding door coupe has a relatively high cost.

Species sliding doors

As all known, door coupe or sliding door different from the traditional in that their webs do not swing open on its hinges, and run along the wall on special guides.Such designs are divided into three subtypes - suspended, suspended cassette and with doors top and bottom rail.Let's look at them more closely to find out where and when a door is optimal:

Suspended door coupe

Suspended door - most popular option, as they are very simple to assemble and does not require the dismantling of thewalls.

Suspended door coupe

Suspended door coupe

These doors are hung on a special structure, which is fixed on the ceiling or on the wall.Cloth door goes to the guide rail. fixing and guide members may be open or decorate their camouflage duct.

door leaf in this design is in a suspended position at a distance of several centimeters from the wall and the floor.Therefore, on the side on which the web is impossible to be put against the wall none of the pieces of furniture.

An exemplary diagram of the device suspended door coupe

exemplary diagram of a device hanging door coupe

to masking box design of suspension has not spoiled the interior of the room, you immediately think of its design and location.Thus the housing can be closed only rails on which will go door leaf, or mount it on the wall to wall .The second option would be particularly advantageous if the design will be installed on the ceiling.More one option might be mounting boxes around the perimeter of the room.In this case, it can be a disguise for curtain rods curtains.Naturally, such a consolidation would be appropriate only if the height of the window and door openings is on one level.

second option hanging doors is not very different from the first to the structure.The only difference is that the guide rail is not attached to the wall or ceiling, and directly on the door opening .

Suspended cassette door coupe

This species differs from the false doors that system with the guide hidden in the thickness of the wall.Accordingly, the door leaf will go into the wall, into a kind of tape, arranged by size leaf.

Door coupe , cassette-type

door coupe, cassette-type

Installation of this design can be made in various ways:

  • When building the house - directly in the construction of partition walls between rooms.
  • When the device easy partitions of metal profiles and drywall.
  • By gouging in the wall niches required size and depth, and after installing the door design - closing its gypsum boards.
  • Installation ordinary hanging the door, then closing it and , and all plasterboard wall "screen."In this case, have to sacrifice room space, as constructed wall and left for a door clearance stolen from a total area of ​​about 150 mm.
Створки такой двери "прячутся" в толще стены

sash doors of such "hidden" in the thickness of the wall

Similar vie qq correct sliding design will cost much more expensive than conventional suspended doors, because the installation is almost, respectively construction of a new wall.

However, should pay tribute to the fact that the aesthetics and comfort of this type of doors « at times » above all other constructions.If properly conducted installation, the service life of its practically unlimited time.

Such doors - the most comfortable of all the

Such doors - the most comfortable of all

to the wall in which the door is hidden, you can close to put any piece of furniture as well as the he absolutely will not interfere with the movement of the web.Professionally Decorated doors and its frame can be made in different styles and from different materials, so there is always the possibility to choose the appropriate option for the interior.

doors with upper and lower guide

In this embodiment, the web-door coupe is not in limbo, and goes to the floor mounted rail.

This design is more complicated to install as have perfectly fit the upper and lower mounting.But it is much more reliable and more stable than the system is suspended only from above.The door leaf is moved on rails by means of rollers, which in this case are fixed from above and from below.

Guides arranged above and below

guides are located above and below

By cons doors with lower guide rail, is the fact that the profile have punt into the floor, creating a special long and narrow groove for it.In addition, there are still one "Achilles heel» - recessed guide profile may be collected dust, dirt, debris - they are able to slow down, slow down the free movement of the door leaf. Therefore, establishing such a structure, you need to bude reflux Carefully follow the perfect purity of the runners.

Despite on on reliability this option, it is still often used not for interior sliding doors, and in the same name cabinets.

What I would sliding door system is chosen, it can have one door leaf, two, or even more.The choice of this criterion will depend on the width of the opening , which will set the door, and on the willingness of the landlord.

Materials and tools for installation door coupe


The work always begins with the preparation of the necessary tools

work always begins with the preparation of the necessary tools

For the manufacture and installation of such a door structure will require tools that help to holdwork quickly and accurately.Thus, the hand should be the following:

  • electric jigsaw and circular saw - they are necessary for cutting the bar and metal rails.
  • joiner Set of hand tools - hammer (mallet), screwdriver , chisel, plane and etc .
  • screwdriver will be needed for accurate screwing screws and other fasteners elements . when mounting accessories.
  • Electric drill with a set of sve pA to I work with wood and for making holes for fitting screws in the profiles.
  • Plummet and building level, tape measure, pencil, square.
  • to bring ready-made wooden structures to perfect smoothness, can be useful vibration and eccentric sander.

Materials and parts

To assemble the door is necessary: ​​

  • One or two door leaf.By purchasing them, it is necessary to know their weight, as this parameter will need to select and mount fitting.The door leaf is selected depending on the selected design.Typical dimensions of paintings doors towards aperture will be given in the table below:

- if selected hinged design, the fabric should be higher opening the door;

- if installed cassette door coupe, the blade must be below opening ;

- when installing doors on two tracks, the web should be more opening in an open variant and as much less, if it is performed in the cassette version, ie .go to the wall.

An exemplary diagram of the door hanger

approximate scheme hanger doors

  • A metal rail (rail), if the door is suspended and two - lower and upper, if videos on the web will be fixed on both sides.The rails must have a length equal to twice the width of the web.If the two webs, respectively, and the guide must be greater than the width of four times.
  • beam 50 size × 50 mm and a length equal to the prepared rail.
  • Rollers & fasteners for them, chosen by the thickness and weight of the door.
Rollers and guides must comply with weight and size of the door leaf

rollers and guides must comply with weight and size of the door leaf

  • Two casing, one of which is mounted on the side, and the second - close hinged upper structure, or instead of them set masking box.Casings can be mounted on the sides so that the web during opening and closing will be included in one of them.
  • One or two door closer, which will bring the door to the desired location on the rail.
  • Door Handle - one or two.
  • Anchoring for installation in the timber wall.
  • Self.
  • for fixing casings can be used fine nails.

name Thumbnail
Screws with a press washer for hanging plate 4 × 40 Screws 3
Screws for fixing floor guide profile 4 × 15 Screws 2
Screws for fixing the profile of 4 × 60 Screws 1
Screws for mounting the lower guide profile 3 × 30 Screws
Handle door coupe Door handle
rubber seal rubber insulation
№13 wrench and Allen №5 Keys for editing
Lower stopper The lower stopper
Anchoring Anchoring .
Floor guide profile Lower guide
Roller suspension Roller
Closers Closers

As the most popular in the installation are false doors, the dimensions are exactly for this design, although they can come up and for a system with two rails.

correspondence table openings and paintings hanging door coupe with a sash:

door coupe size (width, height in mm) size doorway (width, height in mm) External dimension door unit with frames (width, height in mm) height mounting laying beams from the finished floor in mm Length laying timber in mm
Without framing with frame
600 × 2000 540 × 1975 565 × 1975 704 × 2042 2047 1300
700 × 2000 640 × 1975 665 × 1975 804 × 2042 2047 1500
800 × 2000 740 × 1975 765 × 1975 904 × 2042 2047 1700
900 × 2000 840 × 1975 865 × 1975 1004 × 2042 2047 1900
600 × 2100 540 × 2075 565 × 2075 704 × 2142 2147 1300
700 ×2100 640 × 2075 665 × 2075 804 × 2142 2147 1500
800 × 2100 740 × 2075 765 × 2075 904 × 2142 2147 1700
900 × 2100 840 × 2075 865 × 2075 1004 × 2142 2147 1900
600 × 2200 540 × 2175 565 × 2175 704 × 2242 2247 1300
700 × 2200 640 × 2175 665 × 2175 804 × 2242 2247 1500
800 × 2200 740 × 2175 765 ×2175 904 × 2242 2247 1700
900 × 2200 840 × 2175 865 × 2175 1004 × 2242 2247 1900

Table door sizes-Buy two wings:

door coupe size (width, height in mm) size doorway (width, height in mm) External dimension door unit with frames (width, heightin mm) height mounting laying beams from the finished floor in mm Length laying timber in mm
Without framing With frame
600 + 600 × 2000 1143 × 1975 1165 × 1975 1304 × 2042 2047 2500
700 + 700 × 2000 1343 × 1975 1365 × 1975 1504 × 2042 2047