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August 12, 2017 18:06

Restoration of bathtubs with their hands

The top layer of enamel from the steel and cast iron bathtubs wears over time.On the surface there are unpleasant stains, cracks, chips, yellowness.Of course, a bath can be discarded, and instead install a new one, but the restoration will extend the life of your plumbing and allow to save the family budget.

Restoration of bathtubs with their hands

Restoration of bathtubs with their hands


Article Contents

  • 1 Restoration.Methods
  • 2 Preparing the bath to the enamel or spray acrylic
  • 3 Topcoat application
  • 4 Restoration stakrilom or tank bath
    • 4.1 Video - Restoration of liquid acrylic bath method of "filling»
  • 5 «Bath in a bath" or acrylic insert
    • 5.1 Video - Installation of acrylic liner.Restoration of bathtubs with their hands
  • 6 How to patch up chipped or small restoration damages bath
    • 6.1 Video - Restoration of chips

restoration can be carried out by various methods, including:

  • applicationtwo-component enamel. two components - a hardener and enamel itself.The mixture was applied to the surface as a conventional dye;
  • pouring acrylic bath (stakrilom). After polishing and careful degreasing bath is filled with acrylic.Within 2 days updated plumbing is completely ready for use;
  • installation "in the bath tub." This method consists in the installation of acrylic liner, completely identical to the old tub.The liner is attached with glue or foam and allows for a long time to use the bathroom restored.

Preparation for enamelling baths or spray acrylic

Old bath

old bath

Although these methods and has its own characteristics, the preparation procedure is completely identical.You must remove the old layer of enamel and achieve maximum adhesion to the next coat iron / steel.

necessary to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • cleaning powder;
  • solvent;
  • paper emery cloth (eg, P24);
  • quick-polyester putty car;
  • polyethylene, paper and masking tape;
  • vacuum cleaner (or a wide soft brush);
  • grinders + grinding wheels;
  • cloth clean, lint-free;
  • hair dryer building;
  • screwdriver.

Step 1. Clean the entire surface of the bath brush and an abrasive agent (powder).

Cleaning bath

baths Cleaning

Step 2. Take nazhdachku and we clean the bath as long as there will be risk of abrasive.When grinding wash detergent is not necessary.Instead, you can use the Angle nazhdachki machine with a special nozzle.This will greatly simplify the work and speed up the process of preparation.

bath resurfacing

Grinding bath





Step 3. After grinding wash off all the good crumb and soap film.Bath etched using oxalic acid.Neutralizing the acid with soda.

Step 4. We fill the bath with hot water until the flanges.We are waiting for about 10 minutes, open the drain to the glass of water, then wipe dry with a cloth bath.You can warm up construction vessel hairdryer.As soon as the moisture evaporates and the bath will be more prepared for restoration.

Drying and warming

Drying and warming

Step 5. examine bath for major defects, potholes.Apply automotive putty, and after it is dry, grind fine sandpaper.The dust remove the vacuum cleaner / soft brush, then thoroughly degreased with solvent the entire surface of the plumbing and wipe lint-free cloth.

Step 6. unscrew the shower hose.Spout taps and wrap in plastic, so that the water drops do not fall into the bath during operation.

Spout taps and wrap in plastic

spout and taps, wrap in plastic

Step 7. Armed with a screwdriver, dismantle the drain grate and siphon under the bath.By opening drain substitute dishes, which are dripping with acrylic or enamel.

scheme strapping.1 - overflow pipe;2 - drain pipe;3 - metal wedge support;4 - Outdoor siphon;5- bell sewer;6 - a metal strip grounding

Driving siphon device in the bathroom

scheme siphon device in the bathroom

Step 8. masking tape to seal all surfaces that are adjacent to the restored vessel.Paul, standing next to a washing machine, sink cover with polyethylene or old newspapers.

Getting the restoration process.

Topcoat application

enameled can be not only a bath, but the shower tray made of steel and iron, sink, kitchen sink.Refurbish the entire surface of the plumbing, as well as some parts, if necessary.

This method of restoration is short-lived, but quite economical.Painted bath will serve you for a couple of years, and then again have to think about the painting or its replacement.

Note!Enamel has a pungent chemical smell, so that all work can be done only in the personal protective equipment for the respiratory system.

Step 1. Open enamel and hardener.Pour them in a convenient bowl, knead with a mixer until smooth (see the exact proportions. On the package).

paint Mixing

Mixing paint

Step 2. brush start to apply the enamel, making the first horizontal, then vertical strokes.Carefully paint over the entire bath.

Staining bath

staining bath

Tip!For out of the brush bristles have not climbed, soak it in water for one day!

Step 3. Without waiting for first coat has dried, apply a second.Smudges gently stretch the brush.

Staining bath

staining bath

Step 4. bottom container stained again.

Bath is ready for operation after about 5 days.Up to this point, it is desirable not to include water and avoid dirt on the painted surface.

Restoration stakrilom tub or tank

Such a two-component mixture is quite convenient in application, is not pungent odor and has a high strength characteristics.Stakril spreads itself formed monolithic smooth film on the surface of the bath.This stakril dries too quickly, which means that work can be done without haste and bustle.

The inlet acrylic

The inlet acrylic

Step 1. Knead mixer stakril in a convenient container.

Step 2. Adding stakril of common dishes in a small cup and pour on the top edge of the bath.Once the stream reaches the middle of the wall, begin to move the glass around the perimeter, periodically pouring the mixture into a glass.

Infusion stakril

Infusion stakril

Infusion stakril

Infusion stakril

Step 3 .Repeat the process starting from the middle of pouring the walls.Save the mixture is not necessary, the excess will merge into a container under the hole, and will cover an even and smooth.

If bubbles form on the surface, they can be smoothed using a plastic spatula or brush.

polymerization process takes up to 4 days.Precise instructions on proportions and the drying time indicated on the packaging stakril.

The inlet acrylic

The inlet acrylic

curing enamel Time stakril Ekolor Temperature
36 hours +25 degrees C
42 hours +20 degrees C
48 hours +17 degrees C

When the surface is completely hardens, it is possible to remove the film, paper, tape, install a siphon (old or new, to the discretion of the owner) and enjoy a renovated bathroom with their hands.

Video - Restoration of the bath liquid acrylic by "filling»

«Bath in a bath" or acrylic insert

Acrylic liners

Acrylic liners

If you do not want a few days to carry out hygienic procedures, using a basin orTaking a bath is a way to insert the acrylic liner will fit you perfectly.The process of self-restoration in this way takes less than three hours, and you can use the bathroom the next day.

In addition, the liner made of durable sanitary acrylic significantly reduces the thermal conductivity of the bath, as a consequence of the water cools down very slowly.

For best results, it is important not only to choose the appropriate liner size, but also to properly distribute the adhesive composition (foam and the company "Henkel" sealant).

measurements bath

measurements bath

measurements bath

Step 1. Armed with a screwdriver and grinder, dismantle elements of the strapping.

Removing the strapping

strapping Dismantling

Step 2. Prepare a bath for the installation of the liner.We clean the entire surface with sandpaper grinder, remove the debris with a vacuum cleaner and produce degreasing.Wipe the water drops dry.This measure is necessary to improve the adhesion of the adhesive foam fixtures.

Step 3. Inserts are transported from a technological edge that before installing neatly clipped grinder.

Step 4. Once the edge is cut, insert the liner into the tub and produce markup for technological holes.To do this, a marker draw a circle, thrusting his hand under the bath and encircling the hole drain and overflow.

Acrylic insert into the bath

Acrylic insert into the bath

Step 5. By marking produce Porting technological holes.

Step 6. Apply two-component foam and sealant.Insert the sealant bottle into the gun and distribute it around the drain hole and overflow.Next, take the foam was introduced via syringe into the bottle a special composition, which does not give her too swell.From bottom to top we put the foam strips to the bottom wall, skirting the restored vessel.

foam Application

foam application

Step 7. Insert the acrylic liner in the bath, gently presses his hands, lining.Remove the excess sealant and foam.

Installation of the liner

Setting liner

Step 8. siphon make installation (piping).

Step 9. Fill the bathtub with water to foam, freezing, not supplanted lightweight liner.The next day, you can drain the water and use an updated bathroom.

Fill the bathtub with water and leave for a day

We fill the bathtub with water and leave for a day

In his spare time can be set under the restored bath decorative screen, as well as protective bumpers on the edges in contact with the walls.

Before starting the hygiene, do not forget to remove the protective film from the liner.

Video - Installation of acrylic liner.Restoration of bathtubs with their hands

How to patch up chipped or small damage restoration baths

Sometimes on the surface there are small chips, cracks of the fallen heavy objects, scratches.And in this case there is no need to make a complete restoration, it is sufficient in the proper sequence to conduct minor repairs.

Previously, such defects are eliminated by mixing the adhesive with tooth powder or epoxy coating the peeling and prisypaya her porcelain dust.But such methods are extremely unreliable, and from them should be abandoned.

Skol on the cast iron bath

chipped iron bath

Skol on the cast iron bath

chipped iron bath

Step One. Cooking stone chip repairing.To start put on peeling rust converter, waits, wash off makeup water.Then clean the powder peeling or washing up liquid.Washed with water and wipe dry.

Step Two. using acetone or other solvents, degreasing the defective portion.Dried and heated surface hairdryer.

Step Three.Using automotive putty, we coat peeling.We wait until dry and produce sanding with sandpaper.

Step Four. We cover two-seat putty acrylic or automotive enamel.

Kit also ready for a bath can be used for restoration, which includes acrylic paint, hardener, several sheets nazhdachki, epoxy putty, wax and detailed instructions.The approximate cost of this kit is from 900 to 1300 rubles.

Repair Kit


Video - Restoration of chips