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August 12, 2017 18:06

Paneled doors .device features

most beautiful and more complex to manufacture - paneled doors.Sometimes their appearance resembles a two-way bar of chocolate, which have rectangular slices and panels.


  • structure and layout of the panel doors
  • Types of panels for wooden doors
    • Insulated panels for exterior entrance doors
    • Panels with figareyami for wooden interior doors
    • Wooden door with floating panels
  • assembly and gluing wooden framed doors

There are several types of panels and decorative purpose.Smooth panels with pull out kalevkami used both for input and interior doors.Doors and figareynymi floating panels should be protected from the weather, the doors with such panels are allowed in the entrance or to the glazed balcony.

for doors, chosen well and properly dried wood softwood or hardwood.The choice is very wide, from pine, beech, walnut to oak and mahogany.Depending on the type of wood it is determined by processing complexity and price of formed paneled interior doors.It is important that the board had a uniform monolithic structure, without knots, cracks, color variations and other visible defects.


structure and layout of the panel doors

Panels fill space between the binding and strapping wooden door.The edges of the panels are treated on the bevel, so that they are easily entered into the dowels (slots) strapping and binding.

installation , interior - dverey4

  1. for doors paneled pine - the most common material.Pine board Medovo has a nice yellow color, nice texture and is easy to work.Natural preservatives present in the texture of the wood contribute to the durability of the doors of pine boards.
  2. Strapping made of well dried boards at least 5 cm thick for the room paneled doors.For bindings use equal to or more than a thin board, or board, depending on the design panel doors.Well polished wood trim boards are connected to a single or double spike.As a rule, vertical boards lugs are made, and on short horizontal - spikes.
  3. On polished and marked boards made spike thickness of 16 mm, tongue and groove width of 12 mm.The spikes and eyelets zapilivajut electric jigsaw.The tongue is selected shpuntubelem, and make beaded.Construction is going on glue, aligned to the right angles and fixed studs.Additionally reinforced with screws or nails.

Types of panels for wooden doors


Panels made of fine cohesive boards or plywood, plywood.Sometimes, particle board, treated with curly edges of the perimeter.Sometimes, as decorations, use pads that are thrown on the glue and fixed with small nails.Various types of panel doors, a photo of which can always be found on the Internet, will allow to choose the right option according to your taste.

Insulated panels for exterior entrance doors

Pontoon panels do, as a rule, for insulation doors.Naplav may be either on one side or double-sided.

  1. door frame is made of thicker boards or beams, allowing to make a selection for the two parallel dowels.The free space is filled with insulation.To start one of the doors is going planes, then fit the insulation is best suited mineral wool, and then mounted paneled second plane.
  2. Sometimes, to give the aesthetic appearance or beauty, take the panels in a wooden baguette frame.Frames supply combs and thus inserted into the slots in the selected trim boards.Insulated single-sided panel doors, made polutortsevym method.On the front side of the door, the sample is placed on beaded frame.To install the panels enough to make the grooves or tongues depth of 15 - 20 mm.

Panels with figareyami for wooden interior doors

Figareya - a thickened portion of the panels, flat-out to the edge.From the close-knit pine boards, no more than 50 mm thick panels made with figareyami.The shape of the panels are square or rectangular with jointing edges on the perimeter.The edges of the edge processed zenzubel figareynym or plow.It is going skeleton frame with such panels in the longitudinal grooves in the carpenter's glue.

Wooden door with floating panels

  1. Pontoon figareynyh panels easier.On the door is full, the counting is done, and executed mounting studs.Panels are manufactured separately, about 2 mm less than the perimeter edges of the door trim.The gap prevents the deformation of the door during the shrinkage.
  2. lower edge of the input panel doors generally do power.In addition to the proximity of the lower edge of the front door entrance to the ground and the greater impact of natural phenomena on the part of the door (moisture, dirt, splashes of puddles, etc.), many have the habit - to open or hold the door with his foot.
  3. For this purpose, the lower part of the trim are made of boards or typesetting a cohesive beam of up to 25 - 30 cm tall.In addition, the lower part is sheathed by a thin sheet of copper, brass, stainless steel or other metal.

assembly and gluing wooden framed doors


His particular has assembly and splachivanie adhesive panel doors.Before gluing, all nodes are collected on a dry paneled door release and a little pushing.So that the construction was kept at the tips of spikes.Panels removed from the nest and on the perimeter coat with joiner's glue.Promazyvayut also open part of thorns and grooves in all available places.The door is exposed on a square, it is checked at the corners and diagonals, fit into rents, which is securely and firmly fixed until the adhesive dries.