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August 12, 2017 18:08

Which to choose a primer for the repair properties and specifications


  • 1 What is priming?
  • 2 Types primers, technical specifications, as dries
  • 3 The wash primer
What primer selected photos

The choice of building materials in the repair of apartments with their own hands.How to choose the right primer for walls and other surfaces?

Priming substrates before application of the plaster or other coating, is of great importance in the process of construction and interior decoration.The main purpose of the application of the primer compositions and their purpose is to improve the adhesion surface of the base, followed by, imposed on him the layers of decorative finish.Plaster, paint, tile adhesive, not deposited on the treated surface with a primer mixture can delaminate over time cracked or covered as brick, concrete and wood have high adsorptive surface properties.So quite naturally the question arises - how to choose a primer in the repair of apartments and for what kind of surfaces better suited?

What is priming?

on the treated surface priming mixtures easier to apply paint, decorative plaster, various adhesives and mastics, and are part of the primers antiseptic components protect the surface from the appearance of mold.Currently, there is a fairly large selection of primer mixtures, or as they are referred spetsgruntovok for various surfaces and for the various purposes in their properties and components included in their composition, they are divided into several categories.Depending on the type of room and what is planned to apply the coating onto the primed surface is necessary to choose an appropriate primer coating.

Wrong choice of primer mixture may entail additional costs for the repair of the premises, and the use of primers that are not designed to cover the internal surfaces of dwellings, may cause serious injury.Priming mixture is a liquid homogeneous mass, which consists of polymer components and various fillers and is only used as a first layer under the cover of other materials.Since the primers have no decorative features were never used in front decoration.That's understood why we need a primer, go ahead.

Types primers, technical specifications, as dries

Alkyd a mist .Intended primarily for coating of wood surfaces, for subsequent application to have a wide variety of finishing coatings, including coatings of sand-cement.Due to processing wood base alkyd primer surface of the wood gets exfoliated structure, thereby increasing its "adhesion" and then applied to the coated it.Complete drying time of alkyd primer at a temperature of 25 ° C is 10 - 15 hours.Alkyd primers are well suited for the treatment of residential surfaces.

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a mist Acrylic .It has a high penetration ability and is considered a universal primer.It is used for the treatment of almost all types of surfaces such as wood, concrete, plaster or chipboard, both old and fresh.Also it is perfect for treatment of porous or very loose (ie, old plaster) surfaces.Deep penetrating into the pores, acrylic primer increases the adhesion of the porous surface.The only exceptions are the metal surfaces, as after some time they may cause rust stains.The drying time of such primers is not more than 5 hours, so it is worth noting that acrylic primer is almost odorless.

Gliphtal a mist. intended for surface treatment in dry conditions, as well as for application to the metal surface as a first layer.Priming Gliphtal mixture completely dry at room temperature for one day.

perhlorvinil a mist. As acrylic primer may be applied to cover any surfaces in the POI including metal, however, should take into account that to use this primer in the form of internal living spaces, due to its constituent, it is impossible to increased toxicity of components.Dries perchlorovinyl primer no more than 1 hour.Polyvinyl acetate

a mist. Synthetic primer mixture consisting of latex or polyvinyl acetate dispersion.Normally used only for the preparation of surfaces for further coating polyvinyl acetate inks.Complete drying time of the primer of 15 to 30 minutes.

Phenolic a mist. used for priming both wooden and metal surfaces as the first layer.As perhlorvinil primer it is not recommended for use in domestic and residential areas.Phenolic primer dries on average from 10 to 15 hours.

Polystyrene primer. most commonly used for priming of wooden or plastered surfaces.However, this type of ground cover can not be used in residential areas, as they contain toxic solvents.Drying time primer, see the description for the application.

The wash primer

The wash primer photo If you get dirty and do not know it than wash primer or clear the instrument, in most cases, will help Mr Muscle Window, Silit for toilets and abrasive brush.If the soiled tiles and all else fails, you have to go to a specialized hardware store and look for modern means.You can even try this:

1) Hold the spot several hours the covered with wet rags.The primer is a little swollen, and easily separated

2) Use solvents - benzene, acetone, turpentine, 646, 647, toluene, ethyl acetate

3) If the glaze and acid-resistant - domestic acidic cleaners plumbing

4) Good concentrated vinegar - essences(only work in a gas mask or a professional painter's mask with good filters, and you can easily burn the lungs)

main thing - do not debug this procedure, and then it will be even more difficult to scrub when primer dries well.Now you know how to choose a primer for what it is, what are the types and specifications are as dry and wash it than when not handled with care and in contact with the surface.Stay with us!