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August 12, 2017 18:07

Review performance halogen lamps

device halogen lamp has a lot to do with the incandescent lamp, which is mounted in almost every residential building.This consists of a lamp bulb, tungsten filament electrodes and a group of contacts, as shown in the picture.

product device

main structural differences galogenok incandescent lamps is as follows:

  • inside the bulb are a pair of bromine and iodine, instead of inert gas (or vacuum);
  • bulb manufacturing material - quartz.

These two differences significantly prolong the working hours of the product and its efficiency (this is discussed later).

  • Feature
  • Species
  • Marking
  • advantage
  • Disadvantages
  • Scope


main technical characteristics of halogen lamps:

  • rangepower range from 1 W to 20 kW;
  • nominal voltage can be 6/12/24/110/240 B (depending on the application);
  • heating a tungsten filament temperature of about 3000 degrees;
  • luminous efficacy - of 15 to 22 lm / W 1;
  • cap size - 17 mm (E17, «mignon") and 27 mm (E27 standard);
  • lifespan is between 2000-4000 hours in normal operation (with a smooth turn on the mark may reach a record 12,000 hours).
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Today, there are 4 basic types of halogen lamps:

  1. Linear
  2. With outer bulb
  3. With Reflector
  4. Capsule

consider brieflyeach product type, as well as the pros and cons of each option.

Linear halogen lamps were made in the last century (in the 60s).They have a special structure - an elongated cylindrical shape with two caps.Power up to 20 kW, so they are used both in the home and industrial use (spotlight).lights data has the advantage of high strength properties and brightness.The disadvantage is the increased power consumption.

The linear form

Linear Halogen lamp with double bulb (external) does not differ from the classic version, but if you look closely, inside a glass envelope you can see another small bulb, as shown in the photo.The outer bulb is used to protect against accidental contact galogenki human and mechanical damage.Today there is a wide range of lamps, with external bulb: matt, milky, decorative forms, etc.Cap size can be standard (E27) and reduced (E14).

Lamp with outer bulb

To make luminous flux directed, the bulb is covered with aluminum reflector or infrared.As a result of illumination it becomes more effective sinceall of the light is directed to the desired area of ​​the room.Most of these fulfillment options are used when installing a hidden ceiling lighting (spotlights),

There are many types of halogen lamps with reflector: with protective glass, without it, etc.two-pin socket type is represented by the contact group of different size (the distance between the contacts can be from 3 to 10 mm).

light Reflector

With Reflector

Capsule models have a small size and relatively low luminous efficiency.The most common capsule halogen bulbs are used only for decorative purposes, for example, to illuminate the furniture.

Capsule form


As in the previous version, socket may have several sizes: from 3 to 9 mm between contacts.


Marking halogen lamps for the CIS countries is as follows:

  • first letter - Bulb material of manufacture ( "K" means quartz);
  • second letter - the name of the gas in the bulb (if "D" - halogen, if the "I" - iodine);
  • third letter - structural features ( "M" - small-sized);
  • the first group of figures - the operating voltage in volts and hyphenated nominal wattage;
  • last digit - number rework product (unlike the base model).
Explanation factory marking

Explanation marking


advantage of halogen lamps is as follows:

  • small size;
  • relatively long life (2 times longer than incandescent lamps);
  • moderate consumption of electricity;
  • have high mechanical strength and heat resistance due to the execution of the quartz envelope;
  • increased luminous efficiency;
  • light output can be adjusted;
  • low cost;
  • wide range of products of various applications.


Deficiencies in multiple halogen bulbs:

  • strictly forbidden to touch the light bulb hands, asThis can significantly reduce the service life;
  • products fail when voltage drops, so their work is necessary to invest in the purchase of the overvoltage protection device;
  • halogen bulb is heated to high temperatures, so you need to take care in advance of the fire at installation works.


Scope galogenok very diverse.Products are widely used in automotive lighting, decorative lighting, street lighting, as well as photo and video shooting.Very often they are used during the installation of lighting in the apartment and the house.bulbs may also be used as the heating element and the microwave appliance.

Here we reviewed the main advantages, disadvantages and the technical characteristics of halogen lamps.We hope that the article you've found all the answers to the emerging questions.If not, please contact our experts in the "Q & A" category!

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