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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to make a hole in ceramic tile

How to make a hole in ceramic tile photo

to perform some maintenance work, such as installation of attachments to the walls made of ceramic tile, tile in the most need to make holes.When using a drill with a conventional drill tile surface is easy to split.

to make a hole in ceramic tile need:

- electric drill;
- drill with diamond coating;
- Ballerina;
- hacksaw with tungsten blade;
- core cutter for ceramics;
- sharpening stone;
- compass and pencil.

Mark enamel tile center of the future holes.To drill on the tile does not slip, stick to place the intended aperture masking tape or make a small depression in the tile using a drill with a sharp tip of the spear.Press the right hand drill with drill-stuck a spear to the intended point.This does not apply excessive force, otherwise the tiles can be cracked at this stage.The left side of the bit, turn the drill chuck.

Draw on the tile surface with a pencil and a compass circle your desired diameter.One of the following ways to make a hole in the tile.When this drill tile exclusively at right angles from the front side.

Method 1

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Set drill core cutter diameter or desired Ballerina.Select with the adjustment of cutters Ballerina hole diameter.Drill out the hole.Note that in this method tiles becomes very hot and may crack.To cool the tile surface during drilling moisten it with water.The use of water will also help to extend the life of cutting tools.Not recommended to place water near the power tool.

Method 2

an electric drill hole diameter of 12 mm.Use a drill with a diamond dusting.Insert the tungsten saw blade in the drilled hole and fix its ends to the hacksaw.Saw a hole of the desired diameter, directing hacksaw strictly on the drawn line.

Remove the tiles with adhesive tape and wipe it with a cloth.If necessary to make the edges of the hole smooth surface treat them abrasive bar.

Useful tips

Do not use a high-speed drill for drilling.This increases the likelihood of cracking the tile.

to keep separate a loose tile, manufacture plywood box size slightly larger than the size of the tiles insulate the corners in the box and fill it with water.Before drilling holes tiles drown in the water.