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August 12, 2017 18:05

Wooden fence with his hands

In our time, people, unfortunately, have become somewhat afraid of wooden fences because of their fragility.But with proper treatment, a wooden fence, too, can last for a long time.And this fence looks much more aesthetic, more comfortable, easier to be installed with their own hands and is more environmentally friendly than for example a fence made of profiled sheet.


  1. Fence from a tree with his hands
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  4. Photo fences made of wood
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On ourOnline you can see the photos and video examples, the construction of fences made of wood, just know what kinds there are such barriers, and how easy it is to make such a fence with their hands.

In order to create a wooden fence you will need the following materials : Planed boards, supporting columns, galvanized nails and screws, concrete pouring of the foundation and the pillars on which to base your fence.

Fence from a tree with his hands

The most common type of fence is - shtaketny or as it is called fence, consisting of planks mounted on a horizontal crossbar, as in the photo.

First you need to make markings on the perimeter enclosing the site.In those places where there is a need to fasten the fence to drive the pegs between which the pull cord.The supporting metal poles should be located on the same line, and the distance between them to be equal to the length of the tree run.

next step is the installation of the fence of wood - drilling wells depth of about 1-1.5 meters (depth of soil freezing) under the support.

After vertical metal poles set into the prepared hole, fixing spacers, and on top of the supporting pillars to pull the rope to control the horizontality runs.

From the cross bars and the fence is necessary to make the future a wooden fence panel.To this end, the bars should nail the right amount of the fence, skipping shtaketinu in the beginning, after making it figured cutting.

Next you need to attach the edge beams, fence panel to the supporting poles.To this end, the metal support poles welded or bolted corner.By the corner, respectively, are mounted on the transverse crossbar screws.After that is not nailed to attach the first board.The pits for columns must be filled with concrete mortar.It is also necessary to treat the wooden parts of the fence antiseptic and weld primed.

checkerboard Wooden fence

next type of wooden fence - a fence chess.Compared with the picket fence, he looks somewhat decorative.A significant advantage of the chess fence, is that the installation and assembly of the fence you decide to do to your gaps and gaps in the fence.

To install such a fence made of wood stands, as well as when installing the fence enclosing the perimeter of the area to prepare - to set the supporting pillars, how to do it is described above.When bearings are installed, you should start to strengthen the beam.For this purpose, the support pillars can cut grooves into which will enter the beam or, when the metal poles to weld them, the corners of which will be based on those same beams.Depending on what kind of situation, "checkerboard" you choose - vertical or horizontal, it is necessary to establish rail beams in the vertical position, they are mounted horizontally, and accordingly, in case you decide to install a horizontal "checkerboard", the beam must be put upright.

next step after installing the rails, mounting plates themselves, they are arranged in staggered rows, one on each side, they can be nailed or attached with screws.It is worth noting that you must be sure to clearly mark the place, which will be attached to the board, as it is not equal to the distance between the bars will be significant to spoil the appearance.

fence wood staircase

Also popular are fences made of wood such as "ladder / herringbone".How to make a wooden fence "ladder" with his own hands?

It's simple.For this purpose, as is the case with previous types of fences installed support.And fix on their outer and inner sides of the decorative wooden laths, which will serve as a guide.Typically, a channel, sinceit is easiest to install the board at an angle.Fence boards should be laid in the gaps between the guide beams.You decide how to lay diagonally or horizontally.Do not forget to place spacers between the boards that had no ventilation and boards rot.And, of course, also have to cover the wooden fence, made with his own hands, antiseptic.

wooden fence, so you can decorate every way in its sole discretion - to add to the composition of metal rods, decorative covers for columns, add a fence navershnikami (caps-saving, wood fences from rainwater).

Photo fences made of wood

See photos of wooden fences, made with his own hands:

Video installation wooden fence

Video Installation of a wooden fence picketwith his own hands: