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August 12, 2017 18:05

Care Ficus Benjamin at home - Detailed instructions with video

ficus - Benjamin As a rule, most of us experience a constant lack of time, and therefore prefers to keep at home those plants that are characterized by durability and ruggedness.Ficus Benjamin is quite suitable even for inexperienced growers, as special care is required, and if you follow a few rules of care, it will thrive in any house, without causing any problems to owners.What you need to plant to feel comfortable and happy household, will be the subject of conversation.

Psychologists say that the memory is longer holds the first word (phrase).Therefore, the author considers it appropriate to start with what does not like Ficus benjamina.

  • direct sunlight and darkness.
  • permanent change in location, as well as regular turning of the pot.
  • waterlogged soil, stagnant water in the pan.
  • dramatically changing temperature.
  • Frost.
  • drafts, and at the same time, the stale, musty air.

Now we can talk about the specifics of caring for this wonderful plant.Feng Shui Experts say that it helps to gain clarity, focus, recharge your positive energy.That it turned out to be the case, the main thing - to organize the content of Ficus benjamina.Since its maintenance is really a minimum, the special difficulties in its cultivation in the home will not be.



When you select it you must follow a few recommendations:

  • It should be fixed, that is permanent, not temporary.Regular transfer of ficus from place to place will affect the plant is not the best way - the leaves will turn yellow and fall off.
  • Lighting should be good, but scattered.


optimum values ​​- from +18 to +24 ºC.


F- 2 enough if it will be at 65 ± 5%.But even with such a comfortable environment, it is desirable to organize ficus Benjamin water treatments.How often - it depends on the specifics of the room.The reason - the leaves of the plant (which is its lightweight) are quite large, and the dust settles on them, which seals the pores and makes it difficult to "breath".

What you can do:

  • Spray plant.In the flower shops there are special sprays (plastic container with a nozzle spray).Price low - in the range of 80 - 100 rubles.At the same time it washed off the dust from the ficus and humidified air in the room.
  • Wipe leaves (just gently) soft damp swab - wool, sponge.The process although a long, but more efficient.Frequency - once every 10 days (optimal).

What to consider when caring:

  • In a room with a ficus to raise the temperature should not use additional heating devices reflex type.They strongly dried air, so you have almost every day to expose the plant to water procedures.
  • Putting ficus near radiators (pipe) heating is also undesirable.This not only decrease the humidity within this area segment, but also increase in temperature.


Watering Ficus Benjamin

The need is determined by the ground state.If it is at the level of 2 - 3 cm from the top edge of the dry, the plant should be watered, but not abundant.Experienced growers recommend about half an hour (it is enough that the roots and the soil absorbed the required amount of moisture) remaining in the sump drain the water.Otherwise, it is likely rotting of the root system, which will lead to the destruction of ficus.

In addition, in a moist environment is quite intensively developing various infections to which the plant is very susceptible.It is much easier to transfer some time lack of moisture than the surplus.This is - one of the features of Ficus benjamina.

The quality of water is no special requirements.Like most plants - well defended (not less than 24 hours, if the tap water for chlorine volatilization) and warm (at room temperature).


as part of its spending, can ultimately be solved only by the owner himself.Much is determined by the chemical composition of the soil, which has been used for planting flowers.Watching his development, it can be concluded more often to make fertilizer (which we have done on their own), or vice versa - less.So should first focus on the general recommendation for ficus Benjamin:

  • period of "spring-summer-autumn" - about once every 7 - 10 days;
  • with the onset of cold weather, and before the arrival of the heat - at least once a month.


  • should not be constantly fed Ficus benjamina one and the same composition.It is advisable to alternate with organic fertilizers.
  • The young plant growth period in the soil, it is desirable to make regular trains with high nitrogen content.

ficus - Benjamin - 2

transplant (usually not more than once in 3 - 4 years)

She made only when necessary.How to define it?

  • The pallet visible tips of the roots.Consequently, they are already working closely in a flowerpot.
  • When watering the soil dries out quickly, and wetting intensity increases.


Experienced growers recommend to engage in the formation of "crown" of ficus in the first or second decade of February.Which branch cut, the owner decides.It all depends on what form the plant wants to give - Bansal, shtamb or another.

To give Ficus benjamina "presentation", in retail outlets often rub its leaves in any composition (eg polish).They shine and look good, respectively, is very impressive.Houses need to immediately wash everything.It is simple - put a pot in the bathroom and check (rub) every leaf.And then set the plant in the place reserved for him.

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