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August 12, 2017 18:06

Decorating the walls with plastic panels

PVC panels are practical and durable material, and therefore widely used in decorating the walls.They are suitable for any premises, and a variety of textures, shapes and colors allows you to make the interior not only comfortable, but also very stylish.fastening technology is quite simple, so finishing the walls with plastic panels - a great option for the novice master.

Decorating the walls with plastic panels

Decorating the walls with plastic panels

Selection panels for finishing

Article Contents

  • 1 Selection panels for finishing
  • 2 preparatory stage
    • 2.1 Preliminary calculations
    • 2.2 methods of fastening slats
    • 2.3 Tools and materials needed
    • 2.4 Preparing walls
  • 3 installation of plastic panels
    • 3.1 Step 1: Partitioning walls
    • 3.2 Step 2: Mounting battens
    • 3.3 Step 3. Attaching the slats
    • 3.4 Step 4: Install moldings
    • 3.5 Video - Decorating the walls with plastic panels

assortment of plastic panels so big that inexperienced buyer it is very difficult to understand.To avoid mistakes, you should pre-acquainted with the characteristics of this material and its varieties.Treat is only certified material, because of poor quality panels do not have the necessary strength and quickly burn out.

The range of plastic wall panels

assortment of plastic wall panels

main advantages of panels made of plastic:

  • increased moisture resistance;
  • ease of installation;
  • fire safety;
  • hygiene;
  • long service life;
  • resistance to microorganisms.

    Bathroom , trim plastic panels

    Bathroom, plastic panels finishing

downside of this material is low impact, so the transportation and installation handle panels should be cautious.Depending on the coating, the panel is divided into matte and glossy, and the technology of drawing - in the film and printed.

PVC panels in the bathroom - it

PVC panels in the bathroom - it's beautiful and stylish

Standard sizes:

  • width from 200 to 350 mm;
  • length from 2700 to 3000 mm;
  • thickness of 8 to 10 mm.


strength of the material depends not only on the thickness of the walls, but also on the number of stiffeners located inside the panel.To test how durable the material, you need to press your finger on the surface - if the plastic sag, the panel will serve for long.

Glossy plastic panels

Glossy plastic panels

addition, not worth buying panel if:

  • deformed or damaged stiffeners;
  • picture on the front of the line is fuzzy, blurry areas or blurred edges;
  • coverage differs in tone;
  • there are scratches on the surface;
  • panel sizes do not match.
    Wall panels

    Wall panels

    PVC wall panels

    PVC wall panels

    PVC wall panels

    Wall Panels PVC

Comparative table of the characteristics of PVC panels (for comparison drawn with plastic panels covering the type of flexographic printing, a width of 0.25 mand a length of 3m)

display / panel PVC panel TM Decomax The average Chinese panel average European panel
thickness of the front surface, mm 2,5 15 2,0
number of ribs, pieces 29 20 29
condition ribs straight without strain equal, there is a shallow strain smooth, withoutdeformations
Weight PVC panel, kg / sq 2,2 1,7 2,0
appearance Surface smooth, without manifestations of stiffeners coating smooth, butwith pronounced openings ribs, there is little deformation Surface smooth, without manifestations ribs
Raw after a small pressing board adopts its original appearance, which indicates a low content of chalk after a brief pressing of the panel is deformed, thatshows a high content of chalk after a small pressing board adopts its original appearance, which indicates a low content of chalk

preparatory stage

Facing PVC panels

cladding panels PVC

Preliminary calculations

should begin with calculationsthe amount of coating material, so as not to have to pay more, or go to the store for more party.Panels can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, depending on the willingness of the owners of the apartment.With vertical mounting of the number of panels is calculated as follows: measure the perimeter of the room length, width rob openings and is divided by the width of one panel.To this is added the number of lamellae 2-3 in reserve.

case of horizontal mounting area of ​​the room is measured net of door and window openings and is divided into a bar area.There must be a reserve of not less than 10%, as increased consumption of material cutting.Additionally, you need to calculate the number of racks for crates and fasteners.First wall height divided by lathing step, which is typically 0.5 m, and multiplied by the perimeter of the room.The resulting number is the length of the rods in linear meters.By measuring the height of the angles and multiplying it by the number of them, we get the total yardage angular profiles;this number must be added the perimeter of the window and door openings.

methods of fastening slats

How to mount PVC battens on the wall

How to mount PVC battens on the walls

Fix the panel to the wall in three ways - using glue, screws and klyaymerami.The first method is suitable for very flat and smooth walls;use a special glue for PVC versatile "Moment-assembly" or "liquid nails".

Installation of the panels on the glue

Mounting panels glue

The use of this method makes it easier and cheaper installation process because there is no need to strengthen the crate.Disadvantages: impossible to replace a damaged panel in the subsequent repair is difficult to remove the coating from the wall.

Methods of installation of PVC wall panels

installation PVC panels on the walls Methods

Installation of PVC panels with their own hands

installation PVC panels with their hands

Fastening screws - secure and easy option that does not require a perfectly flat surface.For screwing screws necessarily need a screwdriver, otherwise the installation process will be delayed for a long time.Disadvantages of the method: by screws best suited wooden frame, so additional time is spent on timber sawing and handling of its antiseptic.

How to strengthen the plastic panels

How to attach plastic panels

The third option is the best.Klyaymery easily and quickly attached to the crate and securely fix the panel on a wall.Crate assembled from metal profiles, cover assembly is done effortlessly.Damaged lamella easily replaced with a new, dismantling finishes also does not take much time.

Installation of PVC panels

installation PVC panels

Tools and materials needed

In the process, everything should be on hand, so the mounting material and tools prepared in advance.You will need:

  • finely toothed hacksaw;
  • pencil and tape measure;
  • level;
  • square;
  • plastic panels;
  • slats or plastic profile;
  • dowel-nails, screws or klyaymery;
  • screwdriver;
  • punch;
  • antiseptic composition;
  • sealant;
  • ceiling moldings.

Preparing walls

before paneling the walls need cleaned of old pavement, repaired every single slot, align the visible defects and treat the surface antifungal agent.This under the plastic will not accumulate dust and mold to grow, which negatively affects the microclimate in the premises.If the installation will be performed on the frame, in addition to level the surface is not necessary.

installation of plastic panels

Interior finishing PVC panels

Interior finishing PVC panels

Step 1: Partitioning walls

Attach crate should be strictly on the level, it will help to avoid distortions.To vymeryat each rail should make marks on the wall.The bottom row of crates must be placed at 1-2 cm above the floor, so the wall with a pencil mark the point at this altitude, and then use the level spend a horizontal line around the perimeter.Exactly the same line a line under the ceiling or on the edge of the trim, if the walls are sheathed not the full height.Next on the bottom line, measure up to 40-50 cm, put the Light, and so on until the top.Through beacons carried out strictly parallel lines on the perimeter walls.Layout is ready.

panels must be fastened to the furring perpendicular, so the horizontal frame is sheathed with vertical, and vice versa.To make a layout for the vertical battens, the first line is carried out in a corner of the ceiling to the floor using a plumb line.Then mark a second angle, and then spend the rest of the line in increments of 50 cm.

Step 2: Mounting battens

Installation of wood crates

Mounting batten wood

Installation of wood crates

Mounting batten wood

If crates used wood,all you need to advance rail primed antiseptic.Along the lines of marking punch drill holes for dowels at a distance of 50 cm and then applied slats, dub horizontally and fixed to the wall.Where the walls are uneven, a crate stacked wooden wedges.If the wall is posted, it should be hidden under trim.To make this measurement, drill holes in the wall and fix the wires with clamps so that they do not protrude beyond the plane of crates.

Setting the frame

frame Installation

Mounting bracket

Mounting bracket

Mounting bracket

Mounting bracket

Mounting wall panels with metal profiles

Installation of wall panels with metal profiles

Step 3. Attaching the slats

first lamella is set in the far cornerfrom the entrance, which is considered the most prominent.

Installation of the first panel

Installing the first panel

Make measurements, cut the panel along the length with a hacksaw if necessary.One edge of the panel inserted in the side molding is applied to its corner and with its rear side secured to the crate.

The panels of the angle

mount panels on the angle

second lamella is inserted into the fixing groove of the first, densely press joints and fixed to the frame rails.

Installing trim strips

Installing trim strips

Installing trim strips

Installing trim strips

The circuit boards assembly

Driving panel installation

To maximize sealing joints, before inserting the side edges slightly smeared with silicone.All of the following elements are mounted in the same way.

Fastening slats

Fastening slats

Fastening slats

Fastening slats

Under the switches and sockets in the panels with a sharp knife cut the hole, and after the closing of these areas with plastic boxes.Last lamella often requires cutting width, so her first try on the wall, is scheduled cutting line with a pencil and cut off the excess with a hacksaw.

How to mount PVC panels

How to mount PVC panel

Step 4: Install moldings

After installing all the elements surface should look monolithic and smooth, without cracks at the seams and around the perimeter.To do this, all the corners, joints and connections closed with special plastic moldings.Their design allows the panels gently insert edges on both sides, so that the angles look much more attractive.

Installing moldings

Installing moldings

Finally perimeter ceiling mounted decorative molding, and plastic moldings are fixed on the floor perimeter.This wall decoration PVC panels is completed.With careful operation panel for a long time do not lose their appeal and do not require maintenance.

Video - Decorating the walls with plastic panels