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August 12, 2017 18:06

Adjustable plastic door fittings

Doors made of metal and are very popular not only as a balcony.They have long appeared in our bedrooms and halls.And no wonder - they are beautiful, light, easy to care for.For long life of small to very high quality metal structures it was, and still need the appropriate fittings for plastic doors.


as relates to the fittings?


Fittings is:

  • locks;
  • loop;
  • device, by which the movement takes place;
  • connection.


plastic door, though lighter than wood, but it may slightly sag, if this kind of accessories, like a noose, is not adjusted correctly.Besides using a door hinge is fixed.So that element is very important and must meet the following demands:

  1. well fulfill its function when the load does not exceed 120 kg;
  2. They should be provided with the likelihood of coordination parameters such as:
  • height;
  • clamp;
  • horizontal displacement.

hinges of high-strength alloys consist of:

  • Corps, which in turn consists of two parts:
    • RAMS, having a built-in pin by which the mount;
    • casement with a special tab.
  • coupling sleeve;
  • fasteners.

usually on the door of PVC has a number of loops, which corresponds to the conditions in which it operates.


  • Provides door lock in the desired position;
  • door with the stopper will save children's fingers from getting caught.

stop - to - door -and-white - patrol - 1533-2


  • ensures smooth movement of the door.Thanks to the groom she claps and never press down your fingers;
  • protect the door handle and the wall from damage, since the amplitude of the limit when the door is opened;
  • increase the service life of the loop.

closers on plastic doors, depending on the type of installation are:

  1. Upper;
  2. Lower;
  3. hidden.


  • spring, placed in an enclosure filled with a special oil;
  • has valves, by which regulates the speed with which the door is closed.



This hardware element for plastic door is an integral part of them.All existing pen can be divided into the following characteristics:

  • on the functions they can perform, and is 2 types:
    • stationary;
    • moving.They are called by lever.
  • for installation mean:
    • mortise;
    • overhead.
  • depending on how the opening:
    • whether from pressure;
    • either by turning the knob.

The metal doors are inserted locks:

  • mechanical;
  • electromechanical.

All of them can be a lot or odnozapornymi.

PVC door

adjustment of plastic doors accessories

If you notice that your new plastic door that something is not right, and it is still under warranty, it is best not touching anything, invite a specialist company that installs them.But if this is not the case, since the door was set on their own or guarantee period had to pass, then by the need to take control and fittings.


To adjust the fittings for plastic doors need to have:

  • two screwdrivers, one flat and one Phillips;
  • set consisting of hexagonal keys: on 2,2-5 mm;
  • pliers.

most common problem is with the balcony door.

fittings Adjustment for balcony plastic doors

once adjusted , plastic - balcony - door

balcony doors as well as windows, is responsible for maintaining the heat in the apartment, so if poorly regulated supplies, something that its function will not be executed.Post, most reasonable, it is necessary to determine the cause of the bad functioning of the door leading to the balcony.That's what we'll do:

      • first check the condition of the seal with the door open;
      • study, the places where they are on the sealing material traces of compression, and it will be in the side where the door has shifted;
      • proof that you do not suspect a shrinkage in vain, is the poor performance of the handle.Pay attention to how it works.If it is necessary to turn to put the extra effort and the handle anyway not fully rotated, the tongue can not be matched with the groove, it indicates shrinkage.

Put a door in the normal position

Suppose there is such a phenomenon: a door opening or closing limit catches.There is sagging under the weight of glass.Even if you are involved glazing glass, 4 mm thick, and two-chamber double-glazed window, then this is a decent weight, and if you do not reinsure ordered 4 and 6 mm, and then the door is required to sag.What to do?Of course, the act:

      • door opens;
      • remove the bezel blank, if any;
      • take hex key 4 mm and adjustable upper hinge, tightening the screw;
      • restore the normal vertical position of the door.In this case turn the screw clockwise;
      • close the door.

There is another option:

      • go to the bottom of the loop and frees it from the decorative cap.Upper screw will be available for adjustment;
      • adjustable screw at the upper end of the loop.The movement of the same: on the hour course;
      • perform check door travel.

Note: some types of door hardware, screws, by means of which the adjustment is made have not hexagon and star, and therefore the key need matching.

If near the balcony door is the battery, then under the influence of a constant heat, it can get lateral offset horizontally.The same is observed and at some mechanical deformation of the door.Work in this case have a lateral screw:

  • arming key and tighten the lateral adjustment screw;
  • leaf leaves toward the bottom of the loop;
  • if this action does not give a positive result, then repeat the procedure with the top loop.

On the need to adjust the density of the adjoining door to the frame, is the fact that the draft clearly felt.Actions:

  • have to adjust eccentric pins arranged on the door leaf;
  • using the key to rotate the eccentric until not provide normal clamp.


  • if the pin occupies in relation to the profile of a perpendicular position, the door will fit most;
  • position pins parallel profile - the least fit.


Note: need to adjust the clamp twice: before the onset of cold weather in the spring.And: winter clamp - denser, in the warm - weaker.If you turn the adjusting key-hour course, the clamp will increase, counter-clockwise turn - weakened.If a strong nip seal wear faster.

Repair Pen

This type of hardware for balcony plastic doors, repaired the handle and simply regulated.The worst thing that can happen to her - loosening.

  • screws on the handle is usually covered with decorative caps of plastic.They must be removed;
  • take a screwdriver and tighten the screws, eliminating backlash;
  • if it does not solve the problem, check the handle carefully: perhaps her hull cracked.There was nothing to help, but to buy a new pen.

If really need to replace the handle, then:

  • put pen horizontally;
  • unscrew fasteners;
  • new handle put on the same place.

not hurt to remember : door need to shift to the side opposite from where the flap constantly pushes the sealant.

best fittings for doors from PVC

to as little as possible had to use their knowledge of the adjustment fitting plastic windows, you need to choose products from well known and trusted manufacturers.This is how the German company ROTO, producing swing-out fittings Roto NT, for example.

Its features

  • Used special environmentally friendly coating RotoSil Nano - very resistant to corrosion;
  • availability of the guide on which the moving mechanisms;
  • not need additional security measures, as initially Roto NT has a class with anti Wk2 .;
  • has opened the lock, which makes it possible to keep the door open.Close it can not even a strong gust of wind;
  • through the mechanism of microcirculation, the door leaf can be folded in stages.

roto -2 - nt


Also Roto-quality accessories, and release such firms, which are also located in Germany, like:

  • G-U (Gretsch-Unitas GmbH);
  • AUBI;
  • Winkhaus;
  • Siegenia;
  • Maco.

fittings from Gretsch-Unitas GmbH allows the door to close tightly, and yet:

  • in the upper hinges provide space for the seal assembly.It fits exactly and is not clamped;
  • in the design of the lower part of the loop screw bushing, which provides a density of up to 0.15 cm pridavlivaniya

Winkhaus company, headquartered in Germany, has a branch in Poland -. A "Vinkhaus ROS."Production differs:

  • easy adjustment;
  • adjustable clamp runs around the perimeter of manually using the eccentric roller;
  • Winkhaus hardware is certified in Russia and meets state standards:
  1. 30777-2001;
  2. 538-88.