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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a fire door fire

Drawing attention to the security of your property, you should think not only about the protection from burglars, but also about how to protect themselves from fire.Many owners of armored door sure that their installation will protect the room from all the hassles.But it should be noted that the quality armored door have stock of fire resistance of about 10-20 minutes talking about the fire resistance of conventional steel doors, even non-existent.During a fire, the fire easily spread around the room, without encountering obstacles in its path.Therefore, it is important to take care that the front door was secure in terms of fire safety.


  • Fire doors and their features
  • application of fire doors
  • criteria that should be considered when choosing a fire door
  • Specifications fire doors
  • Manufacturers of fire doors

Fire doorsand their features

So, let's see what a fire are fire-resistant doors and how they differ from conventional metal.Fire doors are designed to protect against fire and smoke, from toxic products of combustion and the high temperature.The main task of fire-resistant doors - is the creation of barriers to fire and arrest its spread.

Fire fire doors provided by the fact that in its manufacture are used non-combustible materials and high-tech special fillers having refractory properties.Due to internal filler, steel fire door becomes not only fire, but also significantly improves sound and thermal insulation.


Often, the filler consists of mineral wool on the basis of silica or basalt fibers, they fill the entire inner space of the door.Silicon dioxide or silica is capable of holding up to 1200 degrees constant temperature and short-term up to 1700 degrees.Basalt fiber to keep the temperature as a function of the length of the thread.Some unscrupulous manufacturers use asbestos as a filler, which is a carcinogen, which adversely affects human health.

basic material for the manufacture of fire doors metal is tselnognutye steel profile.This is not surprising, since it is the steel has a melting point of 700 to 10000S.To steel began to burn, the flame temperature should reach over 2000 degrees.By the way, wood and synthetics begin to burn at a temperature of about 220 degrees.So stock the fire resistance of the metal fire doors missing and 120 minutes, depending on the class.For minimum protection of the property, prior to the arrival of representatives of the fire service is required door with fire-resistance rating at least 30 minutes.


application of fire doors

Before you choose and buy fire fire-resistant doors, you need to determine what exactly needs a door, in what areas you want to use it.In general, fire-resistant metal doors are installed in the premises, which are put forward special requirements of fire.For example, stores with combustive-lubricating materials, switchboard, crowded places, such as theaters, entertainment complexes, schools, etc.Also recommend fire-resistant metal doors set as an input in apartment or technical premises.


Since fire doors long vremyasohranyayut its stability, do not miss the room the smoke and fire, then people will have more chances to leave unharmed the building in flames.It is necessary to take into account the fact that with a significant heating of only one part of the fire-resistant metal doors, there is a risk of deformation of the web and jamming it into the door frame.Such cases are possible if the fire occurs in an explosion of flammable materials.To avoid such cases in the warehouses where explosives are stored, should be installed fire doors made of metal with additional insulating material.

criteria that should be considered when choosing a fire door

Price fire door is directly dependent on the degree of fire resistance.When choosing the doors should take into account factors such as the presence or absence in the room fire extinguishing system, the distance to the nearest fire station, the degree of fire and explosion, etc.We have to take into consideration the type of wall:

  • of brick;
  • plasterboard;
  • of reinforced concrete;
  • of the foam block.


the type of wall depends on the choice of the design of the door frame.Doorframe fire dveribyvaet both simple and more complex end.When choosing the doors need to take into account the fire resistance against the wall.It makes no sense to buy a door with a fire resistance greater than that of the wall as a wall to collapse long before the fire gets to the door.Another important factor - the aesthetic component.

Fire door could easily be the subject of decor, as are various colors and configurations of door handles and facial canvas.Note that refinishing fire doors also have fireproof properties.When selecting handles and other door hardware is better to pay attention to the ones that are made of refractory materials.Also qualitative fire doors must be equipped with loops on the bearings, since it provides a more smooth running even when heated doors and prevent jamming.

Basically, metal fire doors fitted with locks of special design, which allows in case of fire, the touch pen from the inside to open the door and get out of the room, the so-called "panic".These locks allow the door to open without effort the children, the elderly and the disabled.The system also allows you in case of emergency open the door by using the elbow.

choosing a door, you need to check on her certificate about its fire safety, which must be specified fire resistance at a certain temperature and the maximum temperature, which is able to withstand the door.Fire Safety Certificate shall be issued only to those doors that have been tested, as close to the real conditions of a fire.

To test the door is placed in a special chamber where it is heated to an open flame temperature.Then, with the aid of instruments, doors temperature measured on the reverse side.The door is heated to until it begins to lose its fire-resistant properties and disintegrate.There are several criteria for fire resistance assessment of doors:

  • first - time after which the door loses its ability to heat insulation,
  • second - the time after which on the surface of the canvas doors having cracks or holes,
  • third - time in which the design is fullyIt passes into disrepair.


After all the tests, fire-resistant metal doors receive appropriate labeling, indicating the level of fire resistance.The marking is put on the box and on the door leaf.High-quality fire door must have the same markings as on the door frame.Marking of doors and duplicated in the passport to them.

Specifications fire doors

According to the specifications, fire doors are classified by class of resistance to fire and are marked with Latin letters:

  • E - indicates the time at which the door will be safe;
  • I - the time at which the door will keep hot air;
  • W - the time at which the door will constrain the heat flow;
  • S - the time at which the door will hold back smoke and carbon monoxide.


Fire doors PDM consists of a frame and the canvas itself.In the frame loop, which serves as a casing, hinged door leaf.It is filled with refractory material, the number and order of placement which provides the required level of thermal insulation and fire resistance.Then you need to install termouplotnitelnoy tape around the perimeter of the door frame, which swells during a fire and hermetically fills the gaps without allowing smoke and combustion products to penetrate into the room.There are also double-leaf fire doors with fire resistance glazing and no.For greater resistance to fire, glazed door should take no more than 25% of the leaf area.

Manufacturers of fire doors

Since the fire safety issue is quite relevant, of the product involved in the production of a lot of companies, both abroad and in Russia.The technology is quite simple, but the quality of the finished product depends solely on the materials used for the manufacture of doors.Based on this, buy more expensive imported products makes no sense.The price difference is due to an overpayment for the brand and the cost of logistics.


By and large, every city has at least 3-4 local manufacturers.Therefore, we consider only those companies that have received the localization throughout the country and have proven themselves well.Among them:

  1. Serpukhov electromechanical plant - the largest enterprise in Russia, which is engaged in the production of various fire-fighting structures.Of the merits should be allocated more than 70 years of experience and use of the most advanced technologies.
  2. FOTOTEH - odnin of the few large manufacturers that specializes in the creation of translucent fire-resistant doors.
  3. ORMAN - as the previous company, engaged in the production of translucent structures.The drawback is that the assortment of products is much less.
  4. Module K - modern manufacturer of fire-resistant doors, which offers the customer a wide range of products.You can choose how to budget options, and luxury items, which in addition to the high fire resistance performance, have a refined appearance.

Price on fire doors starts at 8000 p.and up to several hundred thousand.It is worth noting that 40% of the cost, and sometimes even 60%, accounted for fittings and lock.If you wish to save, the best option - to buy these items separately and install them yourself or hire a specialist.